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Modern life is killing our children: Cancer rate in young people up 40 per cent in 16 years

[Una nuova analisi di statistiche del Governo Britannico effettuata dai ricercatori della organizzazione di beneficenza “Children with Cancer UK” ha rilevato che il numero di giovani con diagnosi di cancro  è aumentato del 40 per cento negli ultimi 16 anni, e senza dubbio fattori ambientali sono da ritenersi responsabili.
Tra questi, ci sono i Campi Elettromagnetici.]

3 September 2016 – “The Telegraph”/Science, by 

A polluted London road 
Air pollution, obesity and a rise in electrical and magnetic fields is blamed for the surge in childhood cancer

Modern life is killing children with the number of youngsters diagnosed with cancer rising 40 per cent in the past 16 years because of air pollution, pesticides, poor diets and radiation, scientists have warned.
New analysis of government statistics by researchers at the charity Children with Cancer UK found that there are now 1,300 more cancer cases a year compared with 1998, the first time all data sets were published.

The rise is most apparent in teenagers and young adults aged between 15 and 24, where the incident rate has risen from around 10 cases in 100,000 to nearly 16.

Researchers say that although some of the rise can be explained by improvements in cancer diagnoses and more screening, the majority is probably caused by environmental factors.

Dr Denis Henshaw, Professor of Human Radiation Effects at Bristol University, the scientific adviser for Children with Cancer UK, said air pollution was by far the biggest culprit, accounting for around 40 per cent of the rise, but other elements of modern lifestyles are also to blame.

Among these are obesity, pesticides and solvents inhaled during pregnancy, circadian rhythm disruption through too much bright light at night, radiation from x-rays and CT scans, smoking during and after pregnancy, magnetic fields from power lines,  gadgets in homes, and potentially,  radiation from mobile phones.

Two girls play with an iPad
Children are surrounded by electrical fields, warn scientists

“When you look at cancers such as childhood leukaemia there is no doubt that environmental factors are playing a big role,” said Dr Henshaw. “We were shocked to see the figures, and it’s modern lifestyle I’m afraid.

“Many items on the list of environmental causes are now known to be carcinogenic, such as air pollution and pesticides and solvents. There has been good research to suggest a mother’s diet can damage DNA in cord blood. Light at night we know is very disruptive for the body, which is why shift workers have such bad health.

“Burnt barbecues, the electric fields of power lines, the electricity supply in your home. Hairdryers. It’s all of these things coming together, and it seems to be teenagers and young people that are most affected.

“What’s worrying is it is very hard to avoid a lot of these things. How can you avoid air pollution? It sometimes feels like we are fighting a losing battle.”

More than 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in Britain, and cancer is the leading cause of death in children aged one to 14.

Diagnoses of colon cancer among children and young people has risen 200 per cent since 1998, while thyroid cancer has doubled. Ovarian and cervical cancers have also risen by 70 per cent and 50 per cent respectively.

The charity estimates that the rise in cases now costs the NHS an extra £130 million a year compared with 16 years ago.

But experts believe many cancers could be prevented with lifestyle changes such as allowing children to attend nursery to boost their immune system, not painting children’s rooms with oil-based paints, avoiding night shift work and processed meats in pregnancy.

The figures were released ahead of the Children with Cancer UK conference which is taking place in London this week.

Other cancer experts said they had also noticed a rise in cancer diagnoses but warned it was too early to draw firm conclusions on the causes.

The jury is out on whether phones can cause cancer but scientist fear it could be contributing to a rise in cases 
The jury is out on whether phones can cause cancer but scientist fear it could be contributing to a rise in cases

Nicola Smith, Cancer Research UK’s senior health information officer, said: “Any rise in childhood cancers is worrying but it’s important to remember that less than one per cent of cancer cases in the UK occur in children.

“It’s not yet clear exactly what causes cancer in childhood and research has not shown a link with environmental factors like air pollution and diet during pregnancy. There are some factors which can increase the risk of childhood cancer like inherited genetic conditions and exposure to radiation – but these are usually not avoidable and no one should feel blamed for a child getting cancer.

“Evidence has shown that there are lots of things adults can do to reduce cancer risk and it’s always a good idea to set up healthy habits as a family, like eating healthily, being active and enjoying the sun safely.”

Kate Lee, chief executive of children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent, said that a child cancer diagnosis places a huge emotional and financial burden on the whole family.

“Over the last year CLIC Sargent provided support for more than 7,100 families, more than ever before, but we know that we can still only reach two out of three of those children and young people diagnosed with cancer,” she added.

“As more young cancer patients are diagnosed every year, we know each of those families will need support and are working hard to one day be able to provide those services for every young patient.”

Despite the increase, around 80 per cent of child cancer patients now survive for at least five years. But the aggressive treatments they have as children can have a major impact on their future health, even if they survive.

Tomorrow, Children with Cancer UK launches a five-point plan calling on the Government and the science and medical community to ensure that all children diagnosed with cancer in the UK have access to precision medicine by 2020.



LOCANDINE INFORMATIVE “Dai voce al tuo cervello!”

Agosto 2016 – “Comitato Lecce Via Cavo”, Lecce


Prevista la massima diffusione delle LOCANDINE INFORMATIVE attraverso l’affissione negli AMBULATORI PEDIATRICI presenti sul territorio.

L’iniziativa nasce dalla collaborazione tra COMITATO “LECCE VIA CAVO”, CODACONS, CODICI, CSV SALENTO e ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA ELETTROSENSIBILI ed a Giugno 2016 aveva già avuto il patrocinio anche dell’ ORDINE DEI FARMACISTI della Provincia di Lecce, con diffusione nelle farmacie, studi medici ed esercizi commerciali.

La locandina suggerisce alcuni COMPORTAMENTI PER RIDURRE LA PROPRIA ESPOSIZIONE ALLE RADIOFREQUENZE, tra cui: evitare lunghe chiamate con il cellulare, spegnere il wifi quando non è in uso (specie la notte), usare linee cablate a casa o sul lavoro;
PARTICOLARE ATTENZIONE ALLA PROTEZIONE DEI BAMBINI, che sono più vulnerabili: consigliato RIDURRE la loro esposizione alle radiazioni wireless (CELLULARI, CORDLESS, TABLET, WIFI) e PROMUOVERE RETI CABLATE NELLE SCUOLE al posto delle antenne wifi.

Sulla locandina campeggia la scritta “Dai voce al tuo cervello”, slogan scelto dopo che le radiofrequenze utilizzate dalla tecnologia senza fili sono state classificate nel 2011, dall’Agenzia Internazionale per la Ricerca sul Cancro (IARC) dell’Organizzazione Mondiale per la Salute (OMS), come “possibile cancerogeno per l’uomo”.
Da allora sono emerse nuove evidenze scientifiche che correlano l’esposizione alle radiofrequenze con l’insorgenza di tumori maligni al cervello, disordini neurologici , danni al dna, diminuzione dell’udito, sintomi di elettrosensibilità, alterazioni del ritmo cardiaco, insonnia, cali di memoria, disturbi cognitivi.



An urgent message for all humanity: electromagnetic radiation is damaging our babies, brains, bodies and planet

by Olga Sheean

The following letter (sent to the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on 15 June 2016) has generated an overwhelming response from people all over the world. Many of them have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), but some of them are discovering this information for the first time and are alarmed by how much it has been distorted, downplayed and denied by those elected to protect our well-being. They have shared their own personal stories and some of them have also written to Robertson, as well as their own elected officials, expressing their concerns and calling for this issue to be urgently addressed.

The letter has gone viral, reaching thousands of people. It has been shared on social media, distributed on various networks, sent out in newsletters and its content re-purposed for other cities.

The information contained in this document applies to most developed countries, since Wi-Fi, cell phones and cordless phones are everywhere, saturating our environment with rapidly rising levels of radiation that’s affecting more and more people every day. I encourage you to share it as widely as you can, even if you are not personally (or knowingly) affected.

The more people I speak to about this, the more I (and they) realize that we’re all affected, in some way—some so severely that they can no longer function normally. I receive letters every day from those who are desperate for a solution and a safe place to live. I hear horror stories—a teenager committing suicide because she’s been forced to sit beside a Wi-Fi router at school, even though it makes her seriously ill; adults who have taken their own lives because there is nowhere for them to lead a normal life; and a 10-year-old boy who can no longer go to school as the Wi-Fi causes blinding headaches and makes him vomit. (For a list of symptoms of electromagnetic intolerance, see page 13.)

As much as 50% of the population in many developed countries will be affected by electromagnetic radiation by 2017.

The questions on pages 20 & 21 raise some key issues that politicians, decision-makers and Internet service-providers have an obligation to answer—but will be unable to, since the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation is now so vast and is escalating so rapidly that there is no way to measure, monitor or contain it.

As of 3 July 2016, I had not yet received a reply from Robertson or Trudeau, but I will be following up with them personally, sharing the many stories and messages I’ve received and alerting them to the growing public awareness of what’s really going on. Change will come as a result of your involvement. There is a tipping point for everything—your tolerance for the rising radiation, as well as the pressure we can collectively bring to bear on those tasked to protect our health, safety, human rights and natural environment.

We’re all in this together.



L’ANSES lance une consultation publique sur l’hypersensibilité

[Al via in Francia una consultazione pubblica sulla Elettrosensibilità, alla luce delle sempre più innegabili evidenze della reale esistenza della malattia e dei danni da Radiofrequenze/Microonde…]

28 luglio 2016 – “lequotidiendumedecin.fr”, par Damien Coulomb

L’Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail (ANSES) invite à une consultation publique de son rapport prédéfinitif sur l’électrosensibilité intitulé « hypersensibilité électromagnétique ou intolérance environnementale idiopathique attribuée aux champs électromagnétiques ».

La sensibilité aux ondes électromagnétiques est un sujet qui revient régulièrement sur le métier des experts de l’ANSES qui avaient remis un premier rapport « Radiofréquence et santé » en octobre 2013, suivi d’un autre, plus récent, mettant en avant un possible effet des radiofréquences sur la cognition des enfants.

Suite à son rapport de 2013, dans lequel l’agence estimait que la littérature ne permettait pas de trancher clairement le débat de la nocivité supposée attribuée aux radiofréquences, l’ANSES a été saisie par des associations d’hypersensibles pour approfondir son travail sur la question du syndrome de l’hypersensibilité aux ondes électromagnétiques.

Le rapport prédéfinitif ne propose en l’état ni synthèse ni conclusions ou recommandations qui seront rédigées après la consultation publique. Les auteurs tentent cependant de classifier les différents troubles attribués aux ondes électromagnétiques, et notent qu’aucun test biologique n’est apparu comme pouvant entrer dans la constitution d’un ensemble de critères diagnostiques. D’un point de vue épidémiologique, le rapport estime à 5 % en moyenne la prévalence des personnes se déclarant hypersensibles aux champs électromagnétiques. Le rapport explore aussi les explications médicales des syndromes d’électrosensibilité.



‘Wi-fi, cellulari & co’: i rischi dell’elettromagnetismo sulla nostra salute

12 luglio 2016 – “www.casalenews.it”

Interessanti spunti di riflessione nella serata organizzata da Mammeincerchio, L’Albero di Valentina e Passi di vita

Chi era presente venerdì scorso all’Auditorium Santa Chiara per l’incontro su “Wifi, cellulari & co” ha capito che ‘indossare’ un telefonino (perché tale è l’intimità raggiunta con questo strumento di comunicazione) può provocare danni alla salute, anche se il mondo scientifico non lo ha ancora dimostrato.

Nell’incontro organizzato da Mamme in cerchio, Albero di Valentina e Passi di vita Onlus, avente per oggetto proprio l’informazione sui rischi provocati dalla prolungata esposizione a onde elettromagnetiche,  autorevoli esperti si sono espressi e confrontati sull’entità e sulla peculiarità delle conseguenze di tale esposizione.

Ha aperto la serata l’epidemiologo Corrado Magnani, che ha richiamato i risultati degli studi scientifici ufficiali, per i quali non ci sono evidenze di una pericolosità delle onde elettromagnetiche ai livelli di esposizione attualmente consentiti, benché le correlazioni con gravi malattie siano in fase di approfondimento.

Terminato il suo intervento, si è voltata pagina: il dottor Orio, vice-presidente dell’Associazione Elettrosensibili, ha riconosciuto i risultati divulgati dalla ricerca scientifica, ma ha dato conto di evidenze medico-sanitarie rilevanti: a fronte della diffusione rapidissima di cellulari e tecnologie wi-fi, i danni al sistema neurologico di bambini e adulti sono aumentati,  e con loro disturbi all’apparato riproduttivo maschile.

Eloquenti le immagini mostrate: le parti a contatto con il telefonino subiscono l’aggressione di onde elettromagnetiche in una forma inedita fino ad oggi.

Sono poi emersi altri aspetti – oggetto di studi indipendenti – che rafforzano l’idea di dover essere prudenti quando ci affidiamo alla connessione wireless, perché, come il professor Magnani ha suggerito,  si tratta di una tecnologia entrata nelle nostre case prima di averne sperimentato e ‘pesato’ gli effetti.

Effetti nefasti, li conoscono bene gli elettrosensibili: persone che – con intensità diverse – registrano l’impossibilità di maneggiare apparecchi come cellulari, computer, microonde.

Alcuni erano presenti all’incontro e hanno portato testimonianze toccanti. È verosimile aspettarsi un aumento di elettrosensibili, e ci si augura che la tecnologia migliori la schermatura degli apparecchi e che la vocazione per il wi-fi venga soppiantata da sistemi più inequivocabilmente sicuri per la salute.

Una serie di consigli dispensati dal professor Sergio Crippa ha, a questo proposito, semplificato la materia: accorgimenti casalinghi praticabili e utili.

Il materiale raccolto dalle associazioni promotrici, che hanno avuto il sostegno e il patrocinio del Comune di Casale e dell’Ordine dei Farmacisti di Alessandria, per la serietà con cui è stata impostata la serata e per la capacità di coinvolgere personalità di prim’ordine, è a disposizione di chi volesse approfondire il tema e per chi – in attesa di evidenze scientifiche (per le quali occorre tempo, quale che sia l’esito) – volesse divulgare l’invito alla prudenza nell’utilizzo del wi-fi. Internet e cellulari si’, ma non a discapito della salute.

Associazioni Mamme in Cerchio – L’Albero di Valentina – Passi di vita onlus



“CELLULARI, WIFI & Co”, 8 luglio 2016 – serata informativa


Venerdì 8 luglio 2016
dalle ore 21:00

Auditorium Santa Chiara
via F. Cane, 31 – Casale Monferrato (AL)

Serata informativa sull’uso consapevole di cellulari, wifi, ecc.,
e i rischi potenziali per la salute.

Organizzata dalle associazioni
Mamme in Cerchio, L’Albero di Valentina, Passi di Vita Onlus,
con il patrocinio
del Comune di Casale  Monferrato e dell’Ordine dei Farmacisti della provincia di Alessandria.

con la partecipazione
del Dr. Paolo Orio e del Dr. Sergio Crippa
Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili

[Per maggiori dettagli, vedere la locandina qui sotto.
Cliccare sulla immagine per ingrandirla.]


Una presentazione della serata su “Il Monferrato”, di Marco Bertoncini.

[Cliccare sulla immagine per ingrandirla.]


The Radiation risks of 4G Technology and Smartphones

20 June 2016 – “radiationprotectionservices.com”

Radiatin risks of 4G technology & smartphones

Over 15.8 million LTE devices were shipped to India in the first quarter of 2016 (January – March 2016). The next big telecom revolution is knocking on the doors. The 4th generation technology – commonly referred to as 4G is expected to be a great enabler in transforming, digitizing our daily lives, adding manifold degrees of efficiencies. However, as always, there is a flip side of 4G in terms of health issues. We try to elaborate this in this post.

4G, the technology, is several times more potent health hazard than any of the preceding technologies in terms of GSM/ CDMA or 3G. Most of the big operators are going to operate 4G in the bands of 1800/2300 MHz – which is not a very efficient band for 4G. This will mean more antennas and higher capex, or coverage drop areas.  Both these factors actually intensify the exposure risks. More high power towers need to be erected to serve the demand at 1800/2300 MHz thereby increasing incident EMR – else erecting, too few number of towers could be counterproductive – as it would result in increasing the 4G smartphone radiation. Reducing the number of towers weakens signals, resulting in per station higher output – and higher 4G smartphone radiation. Also because of the lower carpet area coverage, 4G towers will have a propensity to stay closer to the colonies and habitations – something that has received a lot of resistance in parts of the country (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Noida etc).

From the devices perspective, in order to make their smartphones hyper-capable in terms of receiving the full bandwidth of 4G spectrum, smartphone manufacturers are equipping these phones with multiple numbers of antennas inside the same device. This feature called MiMo (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), connect to a 4G station in multiple strands to add on to the download or upload capability of the device. This only increases the density of EMR around the smartphone. Given that a lot of media time is getting to be spent on a smartphone, this increases the exposure risk manifold. By the same logic, when the same device is taken into a zero network area, all the antennas exert as much pressure to seek 4G signals making the phone a hotbed of EMR. This, in turn, leads to battery drainage and multiple battery chargings and dischargings have their own signature of EMFs which is also an identified health hazard.

Under no circumstance do we, Brightsandz decry telecommunication or cell towers or 4G phones. All we are keen about it is for people to be aware of the risks associated with these new technologies. 60% of exposure avoidance is about changing lifestyle habits – and then there are device solutions such as anti-radiation phone pouches or anti-radiation Air-tubes, Bluetooth Air Tubes. If you perceive a risk in your neighbourhood due to a new installation of cell phone tower, please get your home, premise, society audited. It is key to understand the exposure and the risks thereof and take an educated basis the same.

Brightsandz is engaged in radiation home audits and radiation solutions. You can get in touch with us if you have any queries – or you want to get your premises checked for radiation linked issues.



6 reasons of increasing exposure to microwaves from LTE technology

[Le drammatiche conclusioni sulla tecnologia 4G/LTE di un esperto in Microonde, Georgiy Ostroumov, supportate da 6 motivazioni scientifiche valide ed inconfutabili.

La traduzione in Italiano segue la versione originale.]

9 June 2016 – “Mobilfunk Newsletter – EMF Omega News”,  by Georgiy Ostroumov


You can read that fourth generation technology is several times more of a health hazard than any of its predecessors(http://mobiledevices.about.com/od/carrierfaq/a/3g-Vs-4g-Mobile-Networks-The-Health-Factor.htm).

In my article briefly is explained how LTE technology can lead to essential increasing of exposure to microwave radiation.

1. The first fundamental rule. The wider frequency bandwidth of a signal, the greater power must come into receiver for normal work.
As to LTE technology, it leads to growing of radiated power of a transmitter and/or diminishing of a distance between the receiver and the transmitter, in relation to previous technologies.     LTE technology uses the bandwidth up to 100 MHz whereas e.g. GSM technology uses the bandwidth 0.2 MHz.
2. The second fundamental rule. The higher frequency of the signal, the less power comes into the receiver. Thus, LTE technology with operating frequency 2600 MHz often demands more power density from the transmitter in compared with GSM technology.
3. The higher frequency of the signal, the less power which comes through walls into a house and respectively into the receiver, which placed in the house.  Thus, power density from the transmitter must be increased at high frequency (2600 MHz).
4. LTE technology (advanced) can use simultaneously several LTE base stations for one user. It means that the exposure to microwaves can essentially grow from the former.
5. LTE mobile terminal can radiate with the greatest power longer than 2G or 3G mobile terminal can radiate.  It matters especially for users.
6. LTE mobile phone can simultaneously radiate LTE and 3G (or 2G) signals, while 3G/2G mobile phone can radiate only one signal (3G or 2G).
Some of these reasons (1-4) demand that an operator establish powerful LTE base stations    (2600 MHz) very closely(cell radius < 1km). For typical LTE base station (radiated power-40 W, antenna gain-18 dB), at a distance of 1 km power density can be 200 µW/m2.
The Council of Europe has suggested only 100 µW/m2 as a limit of long-term exposure to microwaves.
Thus, nowadays it is difficult to find appropriate place for living, especially in a town. In many cases housing is worth protecting. Game, without protection, is over.
Georgiy Ostroumov, Ph.D., microwaves, Finland


Potete leggere che la tecnologia di quarta generazione è diverse volte più rischiosa per la salute di tutte quelle che la hanno preceduta(http://mobiledevices.about.com/od/carrierfaq/a/3g-Vs-4g-Mobile-Networks-The-Health-Factor.htm).

Nel mio articolo è brevemente spiegato come la tecnologia LTE può portare ad un sostanziale aumento della esposizione alle radiazioni a microonde.
1. La prima regola fondamentale. Maggiore è l’ampiezza della larghezza di banda di un segnale, maggiore potenza deve arrivare nel ricevitore per un lavoro normale.
Per quanto riguarda la tecnologia LTE, porta alla crescita della potenza irradiata da un trasmettitore e/o ad una diminuzione della distanza tra il ricevitore e il trasmettitore, rispetto alle tecnologie precedenti.
La tecnologia LTE utilizza la larghezza di banda fino a 100 MHz, mentre ad esempio tecnologia GSM utilizza la larghezza di banda di 0,2 MHz.
2. La seconda regola fondamentale. Più elevata è la frequenza del segnale, meno potenza arriva nel ricevitore. Pertanto, la tecnologia LTE con frequenza di funzionamento di 2600 MHz [2,6 GHz] spesso richiede più densità di potenza dal trasmettitore rispetto alla tecnologia GSM.
3. Più alta è la frequenza del segnale, meno potenza entra attraverso le pareti in una casa e, rispettivamente, nel ricevitore posizionato in casa. Pertanto, la densità di potenza dal trasmettitore deve essere aumentata alle alte frequenze (2600 MHz).
4. La tecnologia LTE (avanzata) può utilizzare contemporaneamente diverse stazioni radio base LTE per un utente. Ciò significa che l’esposizione alle microonde può essenzialmente crescere per quest’ultimo.
5. Il terminale mobile LTE può irradiare con enorme potenza più a lungo di quanto i terminali 2G o 3G possono fare. È importante soprattutto per gli utilizzatori.
6. Il telefono cellulare LTE può contemporaneamente irradiare segnali LTE e 3G (o 2G), mentre il telefono cellulare 3G/2G può emettere un solo segnale (3G o 2G).

Alcune di queste ragioni (1-4) richiedono che un operatore installi stazioni radio base LTE potenti (2600 MHz) molto vicine (raggio cella <1 km). Per una stazione radio base LTE tipica (potenza irradiata -40 W, guadagno dell’antenna -18 dB), a una distanza di 1 km la densità di potenza può essere di 200 µW/m2.
Il Consiglio d’Europa ha indicato solo 100 µW/m2 come limite di esposizione alle microonde nel lungo termine.

Così, oggi è difficile trovare un luogo appropriato ove vivere, soprattutto in una città. In molti casi vale la pena di proteggere l’alloggio. Senza protezione, il gioco è finito.

Georgiy Ostroumov, Ph.D., microonde, Finlandia



3G Vs. 4G Mobile Networks: The Health Factor

[4G: connessioni più veloci che però irradiano maggiormente il corpo e causano quindi maggiori danni alla salute.
Ne vale la pena?]

Are 4G LTE Mobile Networks More of a Health Hazard?

4 January 2016 – “mobiledevices.about.com”

There was a time when 3G mobile networks were most sought-after by mobile users. But that has now given way to the much more advanced, 4G LTE network. Tremendously powerful and featuring faster bandwidth, this network provides lightning-fast service to mobile Internet users. However, just like everything else, this is also not without its downsides. The latest allegation is that the fourth generation technology is several times more of a health hazard than any of its predecessors.

Activists have been reiterating for long that cellphone towers and the use of smartphoneand mobile Internet could pose a serious threat to our health and wellness. According to them, mobile phone companies and carriers are well aware of the potential pitfalls the latest technology poses, but are keeping silent due to fear of hurting their own profit margins.

Instead, they merely highlight the great advantages these gadgets would be able to bestow on our lives and the conveniences they offer.

Is this accusation actually true? Are mobile users availing the latest technology at the cost of their health? In this article, we bring you an analysis of 4G technology, from the health point of view.

More Exposure to Radiation

When cellphones had just entered the market, they were predominantly used to make calls while on the move and type out text messages. But all that changed in just a few years’ time. While 3G made it possible to browse the Internet on mobile devices, the following generation – 4G – has made it possible for users to stream rich media content right on their smartphones and tablets.

While this obviously is beneficial for people who are in transit most of the time, the negative side is that this technology uses more bandwidth than 2G or 3G networks, which also means, more exposure to radiation. For 4G to work efficiently, several more high-power towers have to be erected and networked with each other.
This is believed to emit much more radiation than before, which could in turn cause severe health issues at a later time.

Series of Antennae

In order to make the latest handsets capable of receiving the full bandwidth power of 4G networks, smartphone manufacturers are equipping them with a series of antennae in one handset. According to health experts, his further intensifies the risks of being exposed to more radiation; hence increasing the possibility of carcinogenic and other attacks.

Reported Issues Caused by Cellphone Towers

Though no conclusive evidence has been drawn up as yet, several people living or working long hours in the vicinity of cellphone towers have complained about the sudden emergence of mysterious headaches, attacks of nausea, blurry vision and even a variety of tumors. Physicians studying these cases have noticed that these numbers have been on the rise over the past few years, with just the regular 3G and Wi-Fi networks and could potentially get much worse with the proliferation of 4G towers.

What Mobile Carriers Have to Say

Leading mobile carriers, which provide 4G LTE networks, are quick to speak up in their own defense. Pointing out that there is no concrete medical evidence to prove that the existence of cellular stations are hazardous, they claim to have undertaken long trials prior to offering the technology; also firmly stating that their network strictly adheres to all international safety standards.

Furthermore, many carriers are of the view that erecting fewer cellphone towers would actually prove to be counterproductive, as they would only result in increasing the radiation which users are exposed to. Reducing the number of towers would weaken signals, which would result in each station emitting higher output, which could actually prove to be much more dangerous in the long run.

In Conclusion

Advancing technology is always both a boon and bane – the case is no different with mobile networking. While 4G bestows many more conveniences on us than 3G ever could, it comes with potentially very dangerous health issues as well. In any case, with no conclusive medical evidence to prove anything at all, we continue to wait and watch as the battle rages on.