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Governments, Authorities Ignore 60+ Years of Dangers of Wi-Fi

[Uno scenario raccapricciante, una terribile minaccia incombente, e nessuno ne sta venendo adeguatamente informato.


“Virtually the entire global population will be irradiated 24/7/365 by 2020 whether they like it or not by pulsed, non-thermal microwave on the same frequency as microwave ovens-2.4 Gigahertz,” said Flynn.


“Praticamente l’intera popolazione mondiale, che lo voglia o no, sarà irradiata 24 ore su 24, 365 giorni all’anno, entro il 2020 da microonde  pulsate non-termogenetiche nella stessa frequenza dei forni a microonde-2,4 gigahertz”, ha detto Flynn.

Difficile restare indifferenti.]

28 March 2016 – “”, by 

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau

Retired Canadian Army captain Jerry Flynn, who spent 22 years in its “Electronic Warfare” unit, is beseeching Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canadian Medical Assn. president Dr. Chris Simpson to stop “suppressing the truth” about the dangers of Wi-Fi, Cellphones, computers, cell towers and other forms of radiation.The Canadian government is “blind to the decades-old corruption that is ongoing within the Minister of Health’s radiation protection bureau,” he said. “Tragically, for all persons living in Canada, our provincial governments have shown themselves to be willfully silent to those of us who have made many attempts to alert them over the years.”

Flynn also called on the Obama Administration to change its policy of ignoring the Wi-Fi threat.

“These are unprecedented, unbelievable times in America’s history,” he said.  One can only presume that President Obama himself, and his entire administration, are deliberately being kept ignorant of the systemic corruption that is ongoing within the U.S. regulatory family of agencies, most notably the Federal Communications Commission and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and its International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety.

“Enabling this corruption, the remaining few media conglomerates choose to remain largely silent. If Americans are to survive this unprecedented Crime Against Humanity, they must wake up and act – before it is too late!”

Flynn Rapped Wireless Utility Meters

Flynn spoke about the dangers of wireless utility “smart” meters at a “National Day of Action” Oct. 4, 2012.

Also rapped on the knuckles is the “sinfully silent news media” in both Canada and the U.S. Exposes of the hazards of radiation are “all over the TV news at least in Europe and Australia,” he said. ABC-TV Australia broadcast “Wi-Fried” on Feb. 16, 2016, detailing health hazards of Wi-Fi, cellphones, etc.

Flynn notes that a handful of companies control much of the media in the U.S. and that five tech companies are planning to envelope the earth in Wi-Fi:

• Google plans 200,000 Wi-Fi balloons at 62,500 feet.
• Space X plans 4,000 satellites 750 miles high.
• OneWeb will hoist 648 satellites 500-590 miles high.
• Facebook plans satellites, drones and lasers.
• Outernet plans low orbit microsatellites.

Globe in Wi-Fry Frying Pan

“Virtually the entire global population will be irradiated 24/7/365 by 2020 whether they like it or not by pulsed, non-thermal microwave on the same frequency as microwave ovens-2.4 Gigahertz,” said Flynn.

The Federal Communications Commission on March 17 gave Google approval to float the balloons in all 50 states. Flynn notes that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler chaired the CTIA-Wireless Assn. from 1992-2004 and is the only person ever named to the Cable TV and Wireless Halls of Fame.

The passage of the Telecommunications Act in 1996 made it illegal for any community to consider health or the environment in regulating cell towers, said Flynn.

In 1995, he noted, just as the Environmental and Protection Agency was about to introduce national exposure limits that would protect the public from non-thermal electromagnetic radiation, the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations cut the EPA’s budget saying it should not be “engaged in electromagnetic activities.”

The responsibility was then transferred to the FCC whose independence is open to question, said Flynn who calls the FCC “corrupt” and “lacking in EMF scientists.”

Norm Alster has authored Captured Agency: How the FCC Is Dominated by the Industries it Presumes to Regulate.

Life on Earth Threatened—Flynn

“It is preposterous but tragically true,” said Flynn, “that scientists and informed people around the world fear that today’s ongoing pandemic corruption, suppression of the truth, deception and lies, aided by the sinfully silent news media—unless it can somehow be stopped—will bring about the demise of mankind and all life on earth as we know it.”

Wi-Fil health advocates are looking for public figures that can take up their cause. An ally may be John Travolta, who insists that hotels he stays in cover the windows of his room with aluminum foil and dark curtains. The wording was found in a rider in Travolta’s contract with hotels by the U.K.’s Daily Mail and reported March 27.

Goop, the website of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, explored whether “Cellphones and Wi-Fi Signals Are Toxic.”

Dr. David Carpenter, one of three panelists, said, “The strong evidence is that cellphone use results in brain cancer.” Devra Davis and Ann Louise Gittleman said they were convinced that the ubiquitous radiation poses dangers, especially to children.

Flynn Notes Threat to Children

Flynn published a statement March 25 titled, “Imprisoning Children and Teachers in Microwaved Classrooms Is a Crime Beyond Belief.”

He said that “Time is running out for Americans to wake up and realize that their children are being unintentionally but seriously harmed by technologically-ignorant, irresponsible authorities who, sadly, have allowed themselves to be co-opted by the wireless and telecom industry and electric utilities whose sole concern is profit – even at the expense of an unsuspecting and defenseless public’s health and well-being!”

Said Flynn:

“Renowned scientists such as Dr. Neil Cherry, Dr. Sam Milham, Dr. Robert O. Becker and others have long said that anyman-made radio frequency radiation, no matter how weak the signal, is hazardous to humans and all forms of life – especially ‘pulsed’ M/W radiation!

Microwave ovens cook food and heat liquids on the M/W frequency of 2.4 GHz While M/W ovens emit very high powered radiation, they do so for relatively short periods of time before they shut OFF. Note: The form of radiation emitted by M/W ovens is ‘continuous wave,’ which is less harmful to humans and all living things than is a Wi-Fi router’s ‘pulsed’ radiation.

“Inconceivably, precious children and their teachers are forced – every moment they are at school – to sit in classrooms with powerful industrial-grade Wi-Fi routers above their heads that emit the more dangerous ‘pulsed’ form of M/W radiation on frequencieswhich the US Military knows are lethal to all human organs and organ systems: 2.4 GHz or both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz! W-Fi routers emit their pulsed non-thermal radiation in all directions constantly, 24/7/365, blanketing entire areas ranging in distance from just hundreds of feet out to encompass a school’s entire property!

Wi-Fi Health Effects Cumulative

“Non-industry scientists know that the harmful biological and health effects of low-level pulsed radiation are cumulative. It is not a question of IF a student or teacher will be harmed, but how much accumulated radiation over how many months and/or years can their individual bodies endure before they succumb to serious illness?

“Since its inception in 1948, the World Health Organization has experienced almost constant turmoil and challenges. No longer enjoying secure funding from governments, it now relies on voluntary contributions from governments and other sources. Currently, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [Bill is the founder of Microsoft] is one of the biggest contributors to WHO! Radiation regulatory agencies, electric power utilities, and the wireless/telecom industries have meticulously studied, learned from and improved upon the extremely successful, deceitful tactics employed by the tobacco industry for so many profitable decades.

Flynn spent two years at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive radio intelligence-gathering stations, where he supervised some 200+ specially-trained radio operators who conducted research.

He said the U.S. military has long known that the most harmful radio/microwave frequencies to man are those within the band 900 MHz to 5 GHz (900 million to 5 billion Herz), for they penetrate all organs and organ systems of the body, thus putting all human organ systems at risk. “This is precisely why these frequencies are used in M/W weapons of war!” he said.



Health Canada’s Worst-Ever Crime Against Humanity!


Canadians are being lied to about ‘Microwave Sickness’, now called “Electro-Hypersensitivity” (EHS), first identified in 1932 and is now a growing, world-wide problem.


Ai Canadesi si sta mentendo riguardo alla ‘Malattia da Microonde’, adesso chiamata “Elettro-Ipersensibilità” (EHS), identificata per la prima volta nel 1932 e oggi un problema crescente a livello mondiale.

All’articolo di cui all’oggetto, segue una serie di altri articoli in merito al crescente problema dell’Elettrosmog.]

26 March 2016 – “Omega News”, by James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn

March 18, 2016

Doctors and Nurses Can Stop Health Canada’s Worst-Ever Crime Against Humanity

Time is running out for Canada’s senior medical authorities to wake up and realize the very real harm which they – like Canada’s Prime Minister, his Health Minister, every member of his government and the entire general public – are continuously exposed to from today’s endless sources of man-made radiation (See below). This unthinkably cruel crime against an entire country would be impossible were it not for a sinfully silent news media oligopoly!

Canadians are being lied to about the alleged ‘safety’ of “low-intensity, pulsed, non-thermal, non-ionizing radio frequency (RF) radiation”, which is emitted by all of today’s consumer wireless products as well as ‘Smart’ meters and ‘Smart’ appliances. See Attachment, Part One.

Canadians are being lied to about the alleged ‘safety’ of today’s extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, i.e., the harmful electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) which are always present in anything in which 60 Hz alternating current (A/C) electricity flows, such as in high voltage transmission and residential distribution lines, substations, power transformers, ‘Smart’ meters, ‘Smart’ appliances, household electricity, appliances, etc. See Attachment, Part Two. [1]

Canadians are being lied to about ‘Microwave Sickness,’ now called “Electro-Hypersensitivity” (EHS), first identified in 1932 and is now a growing, world-wide problem. [2] [3]

Since its inception in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) has experienced almost constant turmoil and challenges. No longer enjoying secure funding from governments, it now relies on voluntary contributions from governments and other sources. Currently, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the biggest voluntary contributors to the WHO! [4]
Radiation regulatory agencies, electric power utilities, and the wireless/telecom industries have meticulously studied, learned from and improved upon the extremely successful, deceitful tactics employed by the tobacco industry for so many profitable decades.

These are unprecedented times in Canada’s history. Our own Prime Minister and his Minister of Health (herself a medical doctor) – are seemingly unaware of the historic corruption that is ongoing within the Minister of Health’s own radiation protection bureau (see attachments). Tragically for all Canadians, provincial governments have shown themselves to be willfully silent to those of us who have made many attempts to alert them over the years. Despite the existence of an ever-growing mountain of compelling
peer-reviewed evidence amassed from scientists around the world over many decades, Canada’s news media remains largely sinfully silent. For this reason, it falls to Canada’s doctors and nurses to use their national organizations to personally notify the Prime Minister, himself, and his Minister of Health of this unthinkably despicable crime against humanity!

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Ret’d)
5181 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, BC, V0R 1G0

[1] Currents of Death, by Paul Brodeur, pp 312.




Public Safety – The Greatest threat in Canada’s History!

Dear Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament,

My credibility can easily be established. I’m a retired Canadian Electronic
Warfare and Signals Intelligence captain – SIN 612 227 207  (See my BIO in
the attachments).  I am trying my utmost to bring to your attention – and
that of Prime Minister Trudeau, himself – the unprecedented corruption that
is ongoing within Health Canada’s “radiation protection bureau” and their
colleagues in Industry Canada, both of whom serve – and have for decades –
a different master than the democratically-elected Government of Canada and
its people. (A virtual mountain of unassailable evidence is in both

One only has to view the “International EMF (Electric and Magnetic Field)
Scientists Appeal”  [1] which, at last count, has been signed by 220 of the
world’s top scientists from 41 countries. These non-industry, world-class
scientists urge the Secretary General of the United Nations, all UN-member
states, and the Director General of the WHO to: “Protect humans and wildlife
from the dangers of EMFs and wireless technology.” Your own Dr. Hedy Fry and
Murray Rankin can both speak about Health Canada not protecting Canadians
from radiation. But this issue is far more serious than that; it is a
diabolical threat not just to Canadians but to all mankind!


James Gerald (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)



Note – See the two attached Word documents (Jerry Flynn to Government) for much further technical information about the dangers of wireless radiation.




Teachers concerned over WiFi health risks

Teachers in the city of Kingston Ontario say they want the WiFi in schools turned off due to health concerns.

Two teachers unions in Kingston Ontario say WiFi radiation is on the same cancer watch-list as DDT and car exhaust and that “there is increasing evidence that WiFi in the classroom is not safe”.




During the Limestone District School Board meeting last week, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Association President Andrea Loken made a presentation to trustees regarding concerns surrounding Wi-Fi, or radio frequency electromagnetic fields, in schools.




Schools, Unions and PTA Actions

List of precautionary actions being taken.




Berkeley First in Nation to Implement – Cell Phone Right to Know


Berkeley, CA is the first city in the nation to implement a cell phone safe distance information ordinance, otherwise known as the Cell Phone Right to Know.  This ordinance mandates that retailers must hand out information to the consumer at the point of sale which is currently hidden deep in the manual or in the phone concerning carrying or using the phone while on the body.

Other cities, such as San Francisco, enacted similar laws but never implemented them because of industry lawsuits.

Berkeley has been sued by the CTIA (they are being represented by Theodore Olsen) but Berkeley’s ordinance has withstood 2 court hearings.  Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Lawrence Lessig and Dean of Yale’s Law School Robert Post are defending Berkeley pro bono. The CTIA tried stopping implementation but was unsuccessful. The CTIA has appealed.

For more information as to what the law entails please contact me or Dr. Joel Moskowitz

at j…

Thank you.

Ellie Marks

California Brain Tumor Association





India – Supreme Court to assess health hazards of cell phone towers

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to assess the impact of cell phone towers on the health of people in the vicinity by asking PIL petitioners to produce scientific evidence in support of their contention that radiation from such towers was harmful.


A Bench headed by Chief Justice T.S. Thakur noted that retired judge P.N. Gupta, who died of cancer, had written a book that his health problem was due to remaining on cell phone calls for long hours on a regular basis.



Weak Magnetic Fields Can Promote Cancer

Weak RF fields may indeed be able to promote cancer, according to two leading members of the EMF/RF research community. Frank Barnes and Ben Greenebaum are offering theoretical arguments to explain how low-level RF radiation can alter the growth rates of cancer cells. They present their ideas in an article which has just appeared in the IEEE Power Electronics Magazine.

“Stuff is going on,” Barnes told Microwave News. “We can see changes with very small fields.” He granted that some may interpret what he is saying as “heresy.”



As Pepco Threatens to Turn the Lights Off, Chevy Chase Woman’s Nearly Two-Year Fight Against Smart Meter Fee Could End

“They’re basically asking me to pay for not having something that I don’t want,” Vollmer said Thursday. “I think if Pepco were an ethical service provider, they could just waive the fee for me and anyone else who conscientiously objects. The fees are simply coercive, exorbitant, punitive and unfair.”


On Thursday, Vollmer indicated she wasn’t willing to lose her electricity. But the retired attorney and former congressional candidate, known for her activism in the Town of Chevy Chase, has admitted to going to extreme lengths before.



Smart meter scheme could be IT disaster, says IoD

27 March 2015  –  The risks involved with “the largest UK government-run IT project in history” were “staggering”, a report said.




Estate Agent Today Country house sales may be tougher as phone mast controls ease

The sale of country houses – already tough as buyers increasingly want to live on the edge of market towns and urban areas according to some agents – may become still tougher thanks to a relaxation in planning controls over mobile telephone




Residents reject uMgeni Park cell tower

Joe Campanini, whose property lies next to the one appointed for the tower, added that his four-year-old son’s bedroom would be 12 metres away from the proposed tower.




Smart Meter Moratorium
The League of United Latin American Citizens document on smart meters.




Smithville, TX Awareness Sparks Smart Meter Backlash

No mention was made of the health effects of microwaves in the mailer, but the audience was passionately interested and the presenters delivered detailed information on current medical research and EMF exposure guidelines as they relate to the safety of exposure to smart meters. When moderator Jim Keller notified Sheila Hemphill that her time was up, a person in the audience yelled, “let her speak! People were riveted to the presentations and hungry for more information on the topic. Several people shared specific concerns about health impacts from wireless technologies, including the interference problems with pacemakers.



Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Renowned New York City Physician, Talks About Health Risks from Electromagnetic Fields

Video interview


EMF Refugee



Fresh Concerns About Cell Tower Radiation

I appreciate fast and dependable internet service as much as the next guy and would love to have access to a fiber optics system. I think, however, that the government-protected rollout of wireless broadband across the country will eventually prove to be the wrong road taken toward 21st Century communications.






We live in a wired (wireless) world, ignoring potential threats from our devices

Phone owners assume – wrongly – that their devices already adhere to strong safety guidelines, not realizing that the current regulatory landscape is a sham.






Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space
See the attached Guards press release





Swedish party calls for removal of smart phones, tablets from pre-schools

This newspaper article – from last Friday – deals with a political demand from the right wing party, Moderaterna, in Olofström, Blekinge, to remove smart phones and tablets from the pre-schools in the municipality. I spoke recently in Ronneby, very close to Olofström.

Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden



Informant: Martin Weatherall

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Canadians Leading Battle vs. Wi-Fi Pollution

25 March 2016 – “”, by 


Wi-Fi pollution is “Canada’s worst crime ever against humanity” but scientists, doctors and the “sinfully silent news media” are failing to warn the public, says WF health advocate Jerry Flynn.

Flynn, retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 years in its “Electronic Warfare” unit, said scientists have known for more than 50 years that wireless products are not safe.

Programs on the hazards of cellphone radiation are “all over the TV news at least in Europe and Australia” but media ownership in North America, which is in the hands of “a few multinational corporations,” are mostly ignoring the subject, he said.

Worldwide Wi-Fi Planned

Five companies are planning to envelope the earth in Wi-Fi, he said–Google, which plans 200,000 Wi-Fi balloons at 62,500 feet; Space X, 4,000 satellites, 750 miles high; OneWeb, 648 satellites 500-590 miles high; Facebook, satellites, drones and lasers, and Outernet, low orbit microsatellites.

“Virtually the entire global population will be irradiated by 24/7/365 by 2020 whether they like it or not by pulsed, non-thermal microwave on the same frequency as microwave ovens–2.4 Gigahertz,” said Flynn.

The “world’s first Wi-Fi conference” is set for April 19-21 in Tysons Corner, Va. Thousands are expected to attend “Wi-Fi Now 2016.” Main sponsors are Samsung, Oracle and WiFIForward. More than 40 other sponsors are listed. Speakers are from Time Warner, T-Mobile, Google Access and other major companies.

More than 7,000 attended the annual International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas from March 21-25. There were more than 370 exhibits and nearly 200 speakers. The slogan of the wireless industry is “Everything Wireless.” It has been held since 1977.

Said Flynn: “It is preposterous but tragically true that scientists and informed people around the world fear that today’s ongoing pandemic corruption, suppression of the truth, deception and lies, aided by a sinfully silent news media—unless it somehow can be stopped—will bring about the demise of mankind and all life on earth as we know it!”

Flynn said Canada’s only hope rests with the Canadian Medical Assn. and its provincial chapters.

“The corrupt authorities now in Health Canada, Industry Canada and elsewhere must be routed and held legally accountable. It simply boggles the mind that such a thing could possibly be happening in Canada—all because governments everywhere refuse to learn from the previous tobacco, asbestos, Thalidomide, etc., debacles!” he said.

Flynn said, “Canadians are being lied to about the alleged ‘safety’ of low-intensity, pulsed, non-thermal, non-ionizing radio frequency radiation which is emitted by all of today’s consumer wireless products as well as wireless ‘Smart’ utility meters and appliances.”

Flynn said the Canadian government is “blind to the decades-old corruption that is ongoing within the Minister of Health’s radiation protection bureau. Tragically for all persons living in Canada, our provincial governments have show themselves to be willfully silent to those of us who have made many attempts to alert them over the years.”

EMF Dangers Known Since 1950’s

“Despite an ever-growing mountain of compelling, peer-reviewed evidence amassed from scientists around the world since the 1950s, Canada’s news media chooses to remain largely silent,” he added.

“For that reason, it behooves Canada’s doctors and nurses to use their national organizations to notify the Prime Minister and Minister of Health, personally, of this outrageously evil crime against humanity!”

Sources of dangerous EMF, said Flynn, include wireless electric and gas utility monitors, cellphone towers, cordless phones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX zones, GPS, tablet and laptop computers, TV games, remote control units for TV and other purposes, baby monitors and “Smart” appliances.

The mysteries of the electromagnetic spectrum are such that few people understand it, Flynn said. Governments and media are needed to step in and fill the void.

The Soviets, Flynn noted, irradiated the U.S. Embassy in Moscow from 1953-1976 for 6-8 hours a day using frequencies between 600 megahertz and 950 megahertz emitting power 1,000 times weaker than most of today’s international “safe” standards. Despite the low dosage, two ambassadors died of brain tumors, a third contracted leukemia-like symptoms and died, and at least 16 female staffers developed breast cancer. Many other staffers had various illness, said Flynn.

Cellphones use frequencies in the 900 MHz range and wireless utility meters are at the 910 MHz level. “Scientists note that harmful effects of EMF are cumulative and can take from 10 to 40 years before an illness becomes apparent,” said Flynn.
Environmental Group Tracks EMF in 20 Nations

The Environmental Health Trust has published an 18-page report detailing efforts to curtail electromagnetic radiation in 20 nations.

Covered are policies relating to exposure of children to Wi-Fi and other sources of radiation; cellphone tower emission standards; mandatory radiation labeling; publicizing of Wi-Fi “hotspots”; publication of cell antennae maps for the country; informing schools of the health dangers of EMF; advertising bans in some countries, and passing “Cellphone Right to Know” legislation.



We live in a wired world, ignoring potential threats from our devices

[“Phone owners assume – wrongly – that their devices already adhere to strong safety guidelines, not realizing that the current regulatory landscape is a sham.”

“I proprietari dei telefoni ritengono – a torto – che i loro dispositivi già aderiscano a linee guida di sicurezza efficaci, senza rendersi conto che l’attuale panorama normativo è una farsa.”]

20 March 2016 – “”, by MARINA SCHAUFFLER

Our cellphones, Wi-Fi, laptops, tablets may damage our brains.

When the topic of cellphone safety arises, common responses harken back to grade school – stopping just short of the fingers-over-ears intonation “I can’t HEAR you!”

Our addiction to these captivating devices is not the only reason we remain uninformed. The science is complex, with plenty of troubling findings but enough uncertainty to rationalize the mantra of “more research needed.”

Phone owners assume – wrongly – that their devices already adhere to strong safety guidelines, not realizing that the current regulatory landscape is a sham.

Hardest of all, cellphones are part of an elephant that dominates not just the room but the planet. In a few short decades, we’ve wired our world and most of us now live in a thicket of ElectroMagnetic Frequency  or Radiation.

This non-ionizing “microwave” radiation comes not just from cellphones and cordless phones, but from laptops, tablets, hard drives, Wi-Fi, radio and cell antennae, baby monitors, so-called “smart” meters, and other hardware of modern life. All forms of EMR “have observable effects on biological systems,” writes Martin Blank, Ph.D., a biophysicist at Columbia University, in his book “Overpowered.”

In May 2015, a group of 190 leading scientists from around the world issued an appeal requesting that the United Nations and the World Health Organization develop “more protective guidelines” for wireless radiation (see These researchers, who collectively have published more than 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on EMF, have found evidence of reproductive and learning impairments as well as neurological, hormonal and cardiological disruptions.

What gets most press is the threat of increased tumors – several kinds of brain tumors and ones associated with the salivary glands. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that heavy cellphone use over a decade or more can increase risk of these cancers.

Microwave radiation is notoriously uneven and can produce hotspots of intense exposure. That is why microwave ovens have turntables. But as Devra Davis, notes, “we can’t rotate our brains while we are on the cellphone.”

Few health studies to date reflect today’s intensity of cellphone use or the varied exposures to wireless radiation. One cellular phone study that the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer relied on in labeling wireless radiation a “Class 2B Possible Carcinogen” considered “high exposure” 30 minutes a day over a period of more than 10 years. By today’s measures, where many users log up to 480 hours a month, that “high” seems absurdly low.

EMR impacts on young people have not been researched much, even though scientists have demonstrated that children’s brains can absorb twice as much radiation – because they have thinner skulls and bone marrow and higher fluid content. Many schools now have Wi-Fi routers that expose children to elevated EMR throughout the day.

With EMR – as with tobacco, pesticides and flame retardants – the strong hand of industry has skewed both science and policy. “They buy silence. They buy apathy. They buy politicians,” says Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsom in the documentary “Mobilize.” He might have added, “They buy scientists,” as a vast number of the studies finding no health threats have been industry-funded.

There’s a revolving door between regulatory agencies and industry. Tom Wheeler, now chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), served for eight years as president and CEO of the cell industry trade group, the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association.

Lobbying efforts in Washington have won the industry regulatory carte blanche – such as a rider in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (Section 704) that prohibits citizens and local governments from stopping placement of a cell tower “on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions.” That decision rests only with the FCC. Now cell antennae are everywhere – atop churches, apartment buildings, nursing homes, and hospitals as well as on school grounds.

The FCC has not updated its maximum exposure guidelines for cellphones in two decades, despite requests from groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control issued a warning on its website in June 2014 urging “caution in cellphone use,” only to erase it – without explanation – two months later.

Typically, with a new technology that could pose serious health threats, government should operate under the Precautionary Principle – requiring proof of safety. That is not happening: it is caveat emptor – buyer (and user) beware.

The EMR elephant will not go away, but devices, buildings and communities could and should be better designed to minimize exposure. Until that happens, it’s only prudent to treat wireless devices with caution. We’re participating in a vast global experiment, and to date there’s been no informed consent.

Marina Schauffler, Ph.D., is a writer who runs Natural Choices (


Weather radars and health problems

17 March 2016 – “Omega News”, by Georgiy Ostroumov, Ph.D., microwaves, Finland

Weather radars send directional pulses of microwave radiation, on the order of a microsecond long. Between each pulse, the radar serves as a receiver as it listens for return signals from particles in the air. The duration of the “listen” cycle is on the order of a millisecond, which is a thousand times longer than the pulse duration.

The radar uses a series of typical angles (elevation angles of an antenna). After each scanning rotation, antenna elevation is changed. This scenario will be repeated on many angles to scan all the volume of air around the radar within the maximum range. Usually, this scanning strategy is completed within 5 to 10 minutes to have data within 15 km above ground and 250 km distance of the radar. The radars use angles ranging from 0.3 to 25 degrees.
Due to such angles (about 0.3 degrees) the radiation of the radar can easily penetrate into many living houses. Unfortunately in many cases there are no reasons to elevate antenna beam over the living houses because static obstacles often cannot disturb work of the radar. It is very bad that a big town may be the “static obstacle” too.
On the contrary, rotating blades of wind turbines often lead to essential mistakes for the radar. The wind turbines having appeared in Kotka (Finland), the antenna beam of the radar was elevated. At least power density(exposure) was reduced from 300 mW/m2 to 20 mW/m2 at fixed measurement place.
I have a friend who suffers even from weak microwave radiation. In this connection she is forced to live far from typical sources of the radiation. Some times ago she said that she began suffering from some new source of the radiation. When she moved to live into low place her negative symptoms disappeared. Unfortunately this place was not suitable for living especially in winter.
About the same time the newest weather radar started working. Distance of the radar to her home was about 100 km. She wanted to know whether the radar was cause for her suffering. Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK) answered that maximum exposure of the radiation from the radar was 0.3 % of the national limit ( limit of the ICNIRP). This response was unable to help her. Thus she had to leave home to another place (often only, a caravan in winter forest).
Whether exposure of the radiation from the radar can lead to health problems if person lives at distance about 100 km to the radar ? To answer this question we need a reliable limit for long-term exposure of the radiation. I think that nowadays only the limit1(0.1) mW/m2 for long-term  exposure worth using ((Resolution 1815, Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe,
I could not help calculating.
If radiation power of the radar is 250 kW(peak) and antenna gain is 40 dB,  the power density can be 20 mW/m2 at 100 km to the radar. Thus, the radiation might be detrimental, even if the distance is over 100 km from the radar!
How about 0.3 % ? It means “only” 30000 mW/m2. Here is no mistake in my calculation. The ICNIRP has permitted special limit for the radiation from the radar in thousand times as much as usual limit!
I suppose the most typical symptom from such radar can be tinnitus because the duration of the “listen” cycle is on the order of a millisecond.
Thus, if a country is using a network of these radars, health problems are possible for whole population of the country.
Georgiy Ostroumov, Ph.D., microwaves, Finland


Electrosensitivity: as experienced by an electrosensitive person and assessed by scientists

by Franz Adlkofer

Electrosensitivity experienced by an electrosensitive person

On February 13, 2013, the body of Carsten Häublein a former pastor from Ammertal, was recovered from the river Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). From the available evidence, it was concluded that he had taken his own life. After seven years of suffering whenever he was exposed to mobile communication radiation (RFEMF), he obviously had lost the courage to continue this way of life. Half a year before he died, on September 13, 2012, I received a mail from him at 2:46 a.m. in which he described his state of health as follows:

My formerly radiation-free home in the North of Schleswig-Holstein, where I took shelter after fleeing from Bavaria and where I became free of symptoms and again socially acceptable, has turned into a buzzing, whizzing, and burning inferno precisely at the same time when the horror “LTE” was introduced nation-wide …

I only hold out by lying for about 3-4 hours each day in a tub filled with salt water, afterwards covering myself with piles of emergency blankets and winding a canopy around my head – just enough not to suffocate. Then I find several, a few hours of sleep …

The brutal nocturnal charge, which I do not get rid off during the day in any other place but in the water, causes an increasing intolerance of also this PC, the stove, the phone, the car’s electrics, and so on – something I did not experience at all until July this year. To write a letter like this one I am perhaps able every other two days. For some people this is a sort of death sentence.

Yet, I still seem to be able to regenerate: After each swim in the salt containing river Schlei and after each bath in the tub I feel free from symptoms. This is the proof for me that all the wild turbulences are of exogenous nature, owed to a noxious state hostile to life which from the outside attacks and tortures my body. The wellbeing, though, does not last very long …

A second mail followed a few hours later:

Dear Prof. Franz Adlkofer,
Carsten Häublein is writing – but this time not with a substantial message but in very deep distress because of new EMF stress. If you can arrange it, please call me – xxxxx. Whatever we exchange, please treat it with absolute discretion – many greetings
Carsten Häublein

Both mails give evidence that the pastor Häublein must have been in an emotional state marked by despair, bitterness, and hopelessness. His enemies, who from the beginning thought of him as a mentally ill person, will probably feel fully supported in their view by the description of his suffering, and they will not even wonder at all what made him so very ill. But the answer clearly lies in his move from South to North Germany. Between 2006 and 2009, he was ill in the radiation-exposed Ammertal, he then felt well again in 2009 after moving to a radiation-free spot at the Baltic Sea. When the radiation finally reached his new home in 2012, his illness not only returned, but was worse than before. With his long ordeal and his reoccurrances when confronted with new exposures, he proved that his electrosensitivity was caused by electromagnetic fields.

Since 2006, pastor Häublein was strongly committed to have electrosensitivity regarded as an environmental illness. He did not want and could not approve that German politicians responsible for taking care of the health of the people, would sit back and watch how a minority of people are deprived of their right to health. As science obviously could not help him and the many other persons concerned, he intended to have a court decision on this matter and he wanted to hear my opinion. I believe it is in his interest that on the occasion of the third anniversary of his death I write this report.

I told pastor Häublein that in my opinion a court action to have electrosensitivity recognized as an environmental disease would be doomed to fail. The judge would refer to the safety limits of RF-EMF, which the German Commission on Radiological Protection (SSK) and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) – opposite to my view – claim to reliably protect the people against any health risk. It could also to be added that the radiation emitted by base stations and other radiating devices fall well below the safety limits. The prospects of convincing a judge that the BfS hardly knows anything about the biological effects of mobile communication radiation and, therefore, uses the “expertise” of “experts” from the mobile communication industry are certainly rather poor. Furthermore, should indeed a courageous judge be found who believes that the plaintiff’s personal history and the causes behind his illness may be true, he would probably be set right latest in the second instance.

Electrosensitivity assessed by scientists

The Häublein case is an example of a tragedy in Europe, where thousands of people suffering from the aftereffects of electrosensitivity are classified as psychologically peculiar or even mentally disturbed. The sole reason of this claim is to deny RF-EMF being the cause of this suffering. The German SSK made a statement on this issue in 2011 in an especially perfidious way:

Thus, looking at the international literature altogether the conclusion can be drawn despite the different definition of target groups and recruitments that “electrosensitivity” in the sense of being causally connected to EMF exposition most probably does not exist. Further research therefore should be carried out in a subject area outside EMF research.

The way the issue of electrosensitivity is dealt with arouses the suspicion that the ignoring of any effects is based on an arrangement between industry and politics.

Scientists, who are selected for this kind of research by industry and politics because they know a lot about psychology and psychiatry, but often nothing about RF-EMF, try to find out – endowed with ample funds – if there are any differences in behaviour and sensitivity between non-electrosensitive and electrosensitive people. With the statistical evaluation of experimental or questionnaire data, they come to the conclusion that the electrosensitive persons suffer significantly more from somatoform disorders, without finding an adequate physical cause for the symptoms described. Unanimously, the researchers then state that the suffering of these people can be very severe due to these somatoform disorders and that this has to be taken seriously. Yet, unanimously they are of the opinion that the research results obtained cannot confirm RF-EMF being a cause of the electrosensitivity. Thus, the way for the so-called risk communication is paved for which the mobile communication industry has a special group of “experts” on stand-by. Regularly, it informs the public that based on the available investigations it is scientifically proven that electrosensitivity occurs quite independently from RF-EMF exposure and that, too, it has nothing to do with it, because, they believe that below the safety limits there are no relevant biological effects causing a health risk.

In his report on the BioEM2015 (1) , Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski states that all studies concerning the question of electrosensitivity, which are quoted as proof against electromagnetic fields causing health disorders, are from their approach inadequate to justify this conclusion. He talks of a standstill in science because for years it has been limited to the questions “how do you feel” and “what do you feel” instead of impartially searching with molecular-biological techniques for the physiological differences between electrosensitive and healthy persons. The biggest obstacle to advancing knowledge in this field, according to Leszczynski, is that scientists obviously lack ideas for new research approaches. What he hides is the fact that industry and government, the only ones having the necessary funds, do not support the research approach he proposes. His professional experience is the best proof that this assumption is correct: His research division at the national STUK in Finland was closed in 2012 and he lost his job apparently because he had started to turn to this neglected research area (2) .

The reason that there is no real explanation for electrosensitivity caused by mobile communication radiation is not at all a proof against the assumption that electrosensitivity is a special form of the radiation illness known for a long time. The argument also turns into air because there are other diseases with a pathogenesis only partly or not at all understood, but without anyone doubting their existence. Pastor Häublein – by the way not the only one – claims that the symptoms of electrosensitivity disappeared all the sudden after moving to a radiation-free place, but returned all the sudden when the place was connected to radio network via LTE. Furthermore, he has shown himself that protection from the external radiation is possible under certain conditions. If this is true, and we do not have any reason to doubt, any further proof of the causality of an interaction would not be necessary – quite independently from knowing the mechanisms.

In the meantime it is well known that radiation effects exist also below the safety limits, which industry and politics categorically ruled out so far. Further proof was recently provided by Professor Alexander Lerchl from the private Jacobs University Bremen, a former member of SSK – even if just by accident. For many years, Alexander Lerchl ensured the harmlessness of RF-EMF with exclusively negative results. Recently, however, he was forced to confirm – based on the outcome of a study financed by industry and politics and carried out by his research group – something which he had vehemently denied before: RF-EMF in form of UMTS can increase tumour growth in mice below the safety limits (3) . By the way, the mechanism of this process is still a mystery just as the one of electrosensitivity. Tumour promotion is with a high probability accompanied by tumour initiation. The genotoxic potential of RF-EMF as demonstrated in laboratory studies and the outcome of several epidemiological studies speak in favour of this assumption. Altogether, the conclusion can be drawn that biological organisms of any nature, be it single cells, animals or humans, may be at risk in some way due to RFEMF exposure. If this is possible, inevitably the question arises why it should not be responsible for the symptoms of electrosensitivity also.

Dariusz Leszczynski criticizes in his report on the BioEM2015 that during the conference a vast number of bioelectromagnetic topics were dealt with, yet biological effects on humans were sparsely presented. However, without such investigations it is nearly impossible to prove that electromagnetic fields cause physiological changes in human organisms that are relevant for the development of diseases. He suspects that this kind of research is more or less blocked by decision-makers in politics and industry who may be afraid of the possibly awkward consequences from the results. That Dariusz Leszcynski’s suspicion is more than justified reflects the dealing with the REFLEX-Study, a research project designed as required by him. In this study financed by the European Union and coordinated by me we found genotoxic effects of RF-EMF far below the safety limits. To get rid of these results, in 2008, Alexander Lerchl – who no doubt acted in the interest of the industry – suddenly claimed that the REFLEX results would be faked. With this kind of emergency brake, he obviously intended to prevent the support for the REFLEX link-up study on which the decision of the European Union was pending. He adhered to this allegation for years until finally in 2015 the Hamburg District Court forced him to recant and convicted him of defamation and libel.


As it currently appears, politicians responsible for the health of people seem to rank the business of the mobile communication industry higher than they rank the protection of the people suffering from electrosensitivity. This is illustrated especially by the government-funded pseudo-research in this area, the pseudo-results of which make it possible to play down the relevance of electrosensitivity for the health of people. Upon the invitation by members of the EU Parliament, a hearing took place on January 12, 2016, which dealt with electrosensitivity. The outcome remains to be seen. In preparation of the hearing the Initiative Citizens of the World called attention to the International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal signed by 218 scientists from 40 countries in 2015 which states among others:

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.

Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.

Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.

In the meantime there are first signs that the policy of playing down the environmental radiation exposure as harmless may slowly come to an end. A court in Toulouse, France, considered it proven based on medical certificates that Ms Marine R. just as pastor Häublein is suffering from gnawing aches in head and spine and sleep disorders near base stations, smartphones, and even TVs. Therefore, it classified the plaintiff 85% severely handicapped and awarded her with a monthly pension of 800 € for three years. In order to avoid any exposure to electromagnetic fields Ms Marine R. now lives in an old stone house in the Pyrenees near the Spanish border without electricity and running water, and of course without mobile phones.
Let us hope that courageous judges will be found not only in France who understand the basis for electrosensitivity, who question the rationale for the safety limits and who provide justice to electrosensitive people.


Pandora – Foundation for independent research 2016


Israeli TV Warns of Wi-Fi Dangers in Schools

7 March 2016 – “”, by 

Israel’s Channel 1 national TV program aired a 17-minute segment Feb. 24 examining charges that electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and other sources poses a danger to citizens, especially children.

Also covered is the radiation from cell towers, wireless utility meters, Wi-Fi routers and computers.

The program is in Hebrew but English subtitles are provided.

Teachers, parents, technicians and government officials are among those interviewed.  Views of those who have become hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation are obtained.

The topic has yet to gain traction with the bulk of Israeli media, say some of the participants.

Amir Borenstein posted the tape on YouTube.



Cellphones Are a Potential Cancer Risk: Here’s Why

23 March 2016 – “”, by Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell
Lloyd Burrell

Cellphones are hazardous because they use a low level radio frequency that modifies the tissues of the body. When held close to the head, brain tumors are a significant outcome.

Radio frequency is a type of non-ionizing radiation (does not knock electrons off atoms or molecules) that our bodies can easily absorb. It modifies the tissues of our bodies, especially areas that are most exposed to a cellphone.

Human cells exposed to radio frequency develop “stress” proteins, according to research by Prof. Martin Blank, Ph.D., Columbia University’s Dept. of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics. Such proteins are used for protection, meaning the cell is saying radio frequency is bad and the cell has to do something about it, he says.

This link shows people of all ages including children pressing cellphones to their ears.

Prof. Blank described his findings in 2009 in a 16-page presentation to the State of Virginia which was considering an application of the Allegheny, Va., Transmission Corp. for certification of electric cable facilities. He provided 40 exhibits, 181 publication papers, 22 book reviews and 26 European scientific articles in support of his findings.

39 Nations Combine on EMF Appeal

More recently, 190 independent scientists from 39 nations, members of EMF met in May 2015 and drafted an “International EMF Scientist Appeal” based on 2,000 research studies.

EMFscientist.orgTheir governments, the United Nations and World Health Organization were asked to alarm the public and develop stricter regulations on cellphone use. The U.K, France, Zambia and Russia are already cautioning citizens against allowing their children to use cellphones. Bans on ads that market cellphones to children have also been implemented.  The meeting published the statement below:

“We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices.

“These include–but are not limited to–radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF).

Science Shows Impact on Living Organisms

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.

“These findings justify our appeal to the UN and all member States in the world to encourage WHO to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures, and educating the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development. By not taking action, WHO is failing to fulfill its role as the preeminent international public health agency.”

6.9 Billion Cellphones

World Health OrganizationWHO in 2014 noted there are 6.9 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide while at the same time cancer is on the rise across the globe with 14 million new diagnoses made in 2012 alone.

It’s estimated that 1,685,210 new cancer diagnoses would be made in the United States in 2016. With the rampant increase of cellphone usage and cancer, scientists everywhere have been carrying out studies to explore any link between cellphone use and cancer.

Australian Study Found Link

When cellphones are held close to the head, brain tumors are significant outcome. A 2009 Australian study found a correlation between cellphone use and glioma and acoustic neuroma, two types of brain tumors.

Men who carry their mobile phones in their pocket also have an increased chance of testicular cancer and cancer of the breast is a possible outcome for women who carry their phones in their bras. Cancers of  the lymph node, oral, skin, thyroid, pituitary, blood and the eye have been linked to cellphone use. It can induce memory loss, gene mutation, neurological disorders, sleep disorders, infertility and disintegration of the central nervous system.

CDC - Interphone Study of Cell PhonesMainstream media hardly tells us about the ramifications of our cellphone habits. On the other hand, the National Cancer Institute and WHO both have recognized how cancer can be an outcome when we use our cellphones excessively.

Precautions to Take

According to the National Cancer Institute, factors taken into account when carrying out studies are how many calls per week or month do individuals make/receive; age and the year when individuals first began using a cellphone, and average length of a call. The more time spent in phone calls per day, the higher the risk of cancer.

While complete avoidance is the best solution, one can practice prudence when using cellphones to reduce the risk of developing cancer or any other electromagnetic frequency-related ailments.

• Text or video-call to keep your cellphone at a safe distance from the body.
• Use earphones (no Bluetooth headsets) or put your phone on speaker mode.
• Avoid carrying your phone in your pocket or bra. Put it in a bag instead.
• Switch from cellphone to a landline if it’s going to be a long call. Or meet face-to-face.
• Don’t use your cellphone when it is charging.
• Unplug cordless phones at night or when not using.

* * *

Lloyd Burrell is the founder of His website offers solutions to the “growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies.” He offers a free EMF Health Report. 



Stu Ridley’s mum tells Parliament of her fears of a brain tumour link to mobile phones

[She told the committee: “I’m interested in the cause.”

“I’m seriously concerned that there may be a link to mobile phones.”


(Lei) ha detto al comitato: “Mi interessa la causa.”

“Sono seriamente preoccupata del fatto che ci possa essere un collegamento con i telefoni cellulari.”]

15 March 2016 – “”, by 

Celia Ridley wants to know cause of killer tumours as committee calls on Government for more research funding into brain tumours

Stu Ridley with his mother Celia Ridley by Claire McKie-Reid
Stu Ridley with his mother Celia Ridley by Claire McKie-Reid

Stu Ridley’s mother has told Parliament she fears her son’s death from an incurable brain tumour may be “the tip of an iceberg”.

She raised her concerns about a possible link to killer tumours when she addressed the Petitions Committee during an event streamed live on Monday.

Celia Ridley had been invited down to the House of Commons from the family farm inNorthumberland to hear the committee make its first report into funding for brain tumour research.

Wearing a Stay Strong Stu T-shirt, after the campaign which has raised £250,000 for charity in her late son’s name, she joined an audience of grieving families, sufferers and medics as committee chair Helen Jones MP called upon the Government to address years of under-funding for research into what is the biggest cancer killer in the young.

Celia spoke of Stu, who died last July less than six months from his diagnosis, after the 25-year-old’s photograph was one of those shown on a giant screen in memory of victims of the disease.

She told the committee: “I’m interested in the cause.

“I’m seriously concerned that there may be a link to mobile phones.”

She said that as well as a phone and TV mast on the fell near their house where Stu had lived all his life, her son even slept with a mobile phone under his pillow during the lambing season.

Stu Ridley with brothers Stephen Ridley and Kevin Ridley
Stu Ridley with brothers Stephen Ridley and Kevin Ridley

She feared that as a late developer, his brain may have been more susceptible to potential dangers.

“We didn’t allow him to have a mobile phone until he was a teenager as there was talk of a potential risk even then.

Brain tumours are on the rise and she added: “There were 30 new cases in the North East and the Lake District in June alone.

“And there have been five brain tumour cases within three and a half miles of the TV mast on the fell.

“I’m concerned Stu was the tip of an iceberg.”

Hexham MP Guy Opperman was also at the meeting and spoke of his own successful battle against a brain tumour.

He said the committee’s recommendations were “wonderful” but urged the committee to be specific in spelling out what it wants the Government to do. He also said it is essential that fund-raising charities combine their efforts for maximum effect.

The next step is for the Government to discuss the committee’s findings.


Welsh Newton woman voices concerns about phone masts after she developed severe skin rash

[Lesioni eritematose (rash) per esposizione alle Microonde emesse da un ripetitore di telefonia mobile.

Non si tratta di Effetto Nocebo o paranoia, ma di qualcosa di tangibile che, tra l’altro, è noto da decenni e colpisce anche soggetti non dichiaratamente Elettrosensibili (i quali, quindi, non hanno alcun tipo di condizionamento psicologico).

Per quanto ancora si continueranno ad ignorare queste evidenze?

Nell’articolo che segue, la giornalista ha pensato bene di non includere le foto delle lesioni cutanee oggetto di discussione.
Purtroppo spesso, se non quasi sempre, accade che i giornalisti che trattano di Elettrosensibilità dopo aver intervistato un malato, tralascino informazioni importanti o commettano errori grossolani nell’uso della terminologia o peggio scrivano cose diverse da quelle che sono state dette loro…

Per chi volesse leggere la storia della sig.ra Boughton direttamente dalla fonte e vedere le foto delle sue lesioni cutanee, il seguente è l’indirizzo del suo sito web:]

21 March 2016 – “”, by Rebecca Cain



A WOMAN believes a severe rash which covered her upper body was caused by radiation from a mobile phone mast.

Diana Hilary Boughton has decided to speak out about her concerns over mobile phone masts after David Cameron vowed to relax planning policy to make it easier for operators to put up masts.

The Welsh Newton resident said she suffers from electrosensitivity- a condition suffered by people who in varying degrees are made ill by connection to electricity.

Some medical professionals believe the condition is psychological.

But Ms Broughton said she is used to people being sceptical about her condition, which she said was made worse when she came within close proximity of a mast in Llangrove.

She said: “It must be one of the few illnesses were it is considered acceptable to tell the sufferer that they are ‘imagining it’ or ‘making it up’ – simply because the effects are not visible to the onlooker.”

She said she has suffered from electrosensitivity for over 15 years, with symptoms such as head pains, tinnitus and pain in her jaw.

But when she started a new relationship with a man in Llangrove she noticed her symptoms would get worse when she stayed at his house, even though all electrical devices had been unplugged.

Her skin continued to get itchier whenever she stayed at his house, and it then developed into a severe rash with burn-like lesions. Ms Boughton then noticed a mobile phone mast 200 metres away.

Her GP prescribed anti-histamines but it became worse and when the lesions spread to the inside of her mouth and throat she attended A&E at Hereford County Hospital and was given an emergency appointment with a dermatologist.

Following various examinations and tests, including skin biopsies, the usual causes were ruled out, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome and Lupus erythematosus.

She was told the rash could have been caused by a medication she was taking called Humira.

But she said although she believes this weakened her immune system it does not explain why the symptoms were site specific.

Ms Boughton added: “I briefly discussed the possibility of radiation burns from the mast with the dermatology specialists in Hereford Hospital and they said that they honestly didn’t know if they could be radiation burns because they’ve never seen them before.”