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Health Canada’s Worst-Ever Crime Against Humanity!


Canadians are being lied to about ‘Microwave Sickness’, now called “Electro-Hypersensitivity” (EHS), first identified in 1932 and is now a growing, world-wide problem.


Ai Canadesi si sta mentendo riguardo alla ‘Malattia da Microonde’, adesso chiamata “Elettro-Ipersensibilità” (EHS), identificata per la prima volta nel 1932 e oggi un problema crescente a livello mondiale.

All’articolo di cui all’oggetto, segue una serie di altri articoli in merito al crescente problema dell’Elettrosmog.]

26 March 2016 – “Omega News”, by James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn

March 18, 2016

Doctors and Nurses Can Stop Health Canada’s Worst-Ever Crime Against Humanity

Time is running out for Canada’s senior medical authorities to wake up and realize the very real harm which they – like Canada’s Prime Minister, his Health Minister, every member of his government and the entire general public – are continuously exposed to from today’s endless sources of man-made radiation (See below). This unthinkably cruel crime against an entire country would be impossible were it not for a sinfully silent news media oligopoly!

Canadians are being lied to about the alleged ‘safety’ of “low-intensity, pulsed, non-thermal, non-ionizing radio frequency (RF) radiation”, which is emitted by all of today’s consumer wireless products as well as ‘Smart’ meters and ‘Smart’ appliances. See Attachment, Part One.

Canadians are being lied to about the alleged ‘safety’ of today’s extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, i.e., the harmful electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) which are always present in anything in which 60 Hz alternating current (A/C) electricity flows, such as in high voltage transmission and residential distribution lines, substations, power transformers, ‘Smart’ meters, ‘Smart’ appliances, household electricity, appliances, etc. See Attachment, Part Two. [1]

Canadians are being lied to about ‘Microwave Sickness,’ now called “Electro-Hypersensitivity” (EHS), first identified in 1932 and is now a growing, world-wide problem. [2] [3]

Since its inception in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) has experienced almost constant turmoil and challenges. No longer enjoying secure funding from governments, it now relies on voluntary contributions from governments and other sources. Currently, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the biggest voluntary contributors to the WHO! [4]
Radiation regulatory agencies, electric power utilities, and the wireless/telecom industries have meticulously studied, learned from and improved upon the extremely successful, deceitful tactics employed by the tobacco industry for so many profitable decades.

These are unprecedented times in Canada’s history. Our own Prime Minister and his Minister of Health (herself a medical doctor) – are seemingly unaware of the historic corruption that is ongoing within the Minister of Health’s own radiation protection bureau (see attachments). Tragically for all Canadians, provincial governments have shown themselves to be willfully silent to those of us who have made many attempts to alert them over the years. Despite the existence of an ever-growing mountain of compelling
peer-reviewed evidence amassed from scientists around the world over many decades, Canada’s news media remains largely sinfully silent. For this reason, it falls to Canada’s doctors and nurses to use their national organizations to personally notify the Prime Minister, himself, and his Minister of Health of this unthinkably despicable crime against humanity!

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Ret’d)
5181 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, BC, V0R 1G0

[1] Currents of Death, by Paul Brodeur, pp 312.
[2] http://electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/eileen-oconnor-eesc/
[4] https://www.chathamhouse.org/sites/files/chathamhouse/public/Research/Global%20Health/0213_who.pdf  




Public Safety – The Greatest threat in Canada’s History!

Dear Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament,

My credibility can easily be established. I’m a retired Canadian Electronic
Warfare and Signals Intelligence captain – SIN 612 227 207  (See my BIO in
the attachments).  I am trying my utmost to bring to your attention – and
that of Prime Minister Trudeau, himself – the unprecedented corruption that
is ongoing within Health Canada’s “radiation protection bureau” and their
colleagues in Industry Canada, both of whom serve – and have for decades –
a different master than the democratically-elected Government of Canada and
its people. (A virtual mountain of unassailable evidence is in both

One only has to view the “International EMF (Electric and Magnetic Field)
Scientists Appeal”  [1] which, at last count, has been signed by 220 of the
world’s top scientists from 41 countries. These non-industry, world-class
scientists urge the Secretary General of the United Nations, all UN-member
states, and the Director General of the WHO to: “Protect humans and wildlife
from the dangers of EMFs and wireless technology.” Your own Dr. Hedy Fry and
Murray Rankin can both speak about Health Canada not protecting Canadians
from radiation. But this issue is far more serious than that; it is a
diabolical threat not just to Canadians but to all mankind!


James Gerald (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)



Note – See the two attached Word documents (Jerry Flynn to Government) for much further technical information about the dangers of wireless radiation.




Teachers concerned over WiFi health risks

Teachers in the city of Kingston Ontario say they want the WiFi in schools turned off due to health concerns.

Two teachers unions in Kingston Ontario say WiFi radiation is on the same cancer watch-list as DDT and car exhaust and that “there is increasing evidence that WiFi in the classroom is not safe”.









During the Limestone District School Board meeting last week, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Association President Andrea Loken made a presentation to trustees regarding concerns surrounding Wi-Fi, or radio frequency electromagnetic fields, in schools.





Schools, Unions and PTA Actions

List of precautionary actions being taken.






Berkeley First in Nation to Implement – Cell Phone Right to Know


Berkeley, CA is the first city in the nation to implement a cell phone safe distance information ordinance, otherwise known as the Cell Phone Right to Know.  This ordinance mandates that retailers must hand out information to the consumer at the point of sale which is currently hidden deep in the manual or in the phone concerning carrying or using the phone while on the body.

Other cities, such as San Francisco, enacted similar laws but never implemented them because of industry lawsuits.

Berkeley has been sued by the CTIA (they are being represented by Theodore Olsen) but Berkeley’s ordinance has withstood 2 court hearings.  Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Lawrence Lessig and Dean of Yale’s Law School Robert Post are defending Berkeley pro bono. The CTIA tried stopping implementation but was unsuccessful. The CTIA has appealed.

For more information as to what the law entails please contact me or Dr. Joel Moskowitz

at j…@berkeley.edu

Thank you.

Ellie Marks

California Brain Tumor Association





India – Supreme Court to assess health hazards of cell phone towers

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to assess the impact of cell phone towers on the health of people in the vicinity by asking PIL petitioners to produce scientific evidence in support of their contention that radiation from such towers was harmful.


A Bench headed by Chief Justice T.S. Thakur noted that retired judge P.N. Gupta, who died of cancer, had written a book that his health problem was due to remaining on cell phone calls for long hours on a regular basis.





Weak Magnetic Fields Can Promote Cancer

Weak RF fields may indeed be able to promote cancer, according to two leading members of the EMF/RF research community. Frank Barnes and Ben Greenebaum are offering theoretical arguments to explain how low-level RF radiation can alter the growth rates of cancer cells. They present their ideas in an article which has just appeared in the IEEE Power Electronics Magazine.

“Stuff is going on,” Barnes told Microwave News. “We can see changes with very small fields.” He granted that some may interpret what he is saying as “heresy.”




As Pepco Threatens to Turn the Lights Off, Chevy Chase Woman’s Nearly Two-Year Fight Against Smart Meter Fee Could End

“They’re basically asking me to pay for not having something that I don’t want,” Vollmer said Thursday. “I think if Pepco were an ethical service provider, they could just waive the fee for me and anyone else who conscientiously objects. The fees are simply coercive, exorbitant, punitive and unfair.”


On Thursday, Vollmer indicated she wasn’t willing to lose her electricity. But the retired attorney and former congressional candidate, known for her activism in the Town of Chevy Chase, has admitted to going to extreme lengths before.





Smart meter scheme could be IT disaster, says IoD

27 March 2015  –  The risks involved with “the largest UK government-run IT project in history” were “staggering”, a report said.






Estate Agent Today Country house sales may be tougher as phone mast controls ease

The sale of country houses – already tough as buyers increasingly want to live on the edge of market towns and urban areas according to some agents – may become still tougher thanks to a relaxation in planning controls over mobile telephone




Residents reject uMgeni Park cell tower

Joe Campanini, whose property lies next to the one appointed for the tower, added that his four-year-old son’s bedroom would be 12 metres away from the proposed tower.




Smart Meter Moratorium
The League of United Latin American Citizens document on smart meters.




Smithville, TX Awareness Sparks Smart Meter Backlash

No mention was made of the health effects of microwaves in the mailer, but the audience was passionately interested and the presenters delivered detailed information on current medical research and EMF exposure guidelines as they relate to the safety of exposure to smart meters. When moderator Jim Keller notified Sheila Hemphill that her time was up, a person in the audience yelled, “let her speak! People were riveted to the presentations and hungry for more information on the topic. Several people shared specific concerns about health impacts from wireless technologies, including the interference problems with pacemakers.




Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Renowned New York City Physician, Talks About Health Risks from Electromagnetic Fields

Video interview




EMF Refugee



Fresh Concerns About Cell Tower Radiation

I appreciate fast and dependable internet service as much as the next guy and would love to have access to a fiber optics system. I think, however, that the government-protected rollout of wireless broadband across the country will eventually prove to be the wrong road taken toward 21st Century communications.








We live in a wired (wireless) world, ignoring potential threats from our devices

Phone owners assume – wrongly – that their devices already adhere to strong safety guidelines, not realizing that the current regulatory landscape is a sham.








Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space
See the attached Guards press release





Swedish party calls for removal of smart phones, tablets from pre-schools

This newspaper article – from last Friday – deals with a political demand from the right wing party, Moderaterna, in Olofström, Blekinge, to remove smart phones and tablets from the pre-schools in the municipality. I spoke recently in Ronneby, very close to Olofström.


Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden



Informant: Martin Weatherall

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