Convegno 10 marzo 2017

Convegno Campi elettromagnetici e salute

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Sostegno film: Sensibile!

Sostieni con la campagna Crowfounding il primo documentario prodotto in Italia sulla realtà dell’MCS e dell’elettrosensibilità. E’ un’occasione storica da non perdere!


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  1. Please if you speak English,

    I am Electro hypersensitive and am no longer able to work. I was thinking about moving to Puglia or Abruzzo because these areas are where I can afford to buy a detached house with a little land. In England I live in a terraced property and am desperate to move because I only live in my Kitchen and bathroom. but could never afford a detached house in the UK. As a former nurse I only have a tiny pension so I thought these areas would be cheaper to live also.

    I know electro hypersensitivity is a huge problem every where in Europe, but I am also affected by my neighbours domestic appliances, and already live a very isolated life, hence why I am looking for a detached home in a rural location. Added to my problem is that computer use causes me a lot of pain so I am unable to find out much information myself. Do you have any information you can share with me about the better areas in Italy to think about moving to? Italy I believe has lower radiation exposure levels that the UK.

    I would be very grateful for any information that you can share with me, sorry for writing in English but my Italian is not very goof yet.


    Jo Smith

    • Hello, Jo.

      I perfectly understand what you are going through, because many Italian EHS people are currently living the way you do (and I am one of them).
      The sensitization may also occur at lower radiation exposure levels like the ones in Italy and this is why our living condition isn’t any better. But there are good chances that a lower radiation environment (where in addition different MW frequencies are used) will allow you to more easily deal with your disease.

      At the moment the Italian EHS People Association is unable to find good solutions for EHS people (because, as you wrote in your message, EHS is a huge problem anywhere), but we’ll do our best to arrange something for you. We’ll try to help you breaking down the language barrier and we’ll put you in touch with anyone able to fulfil your requests.

      To preserve your privacy, it’s better if we discuss about this via e-mail. I know it may be hard for you due to your problems with the pc, but there is no other option.
      So, please, send us an e-mail to the following address and we’ll write you back:



  2. Jo,

    There is some housing for retired nurses in Sussex where detached bungalows are provided. This type of property might be relatively easy to insulate against EMF. I don’t know if this is any help to you ?

    Best wishes,


  3. I am also British, I have found the most helpful measures are to stay in a traditional cottage with thick stone walls, and to avoid areas with 4G coverage. I have felt quite well in Devon (SW England).

    • Jo didn’t contact us any further.
      The message above is the only one we got.
      I hope she will read what you wrote over here, I don’t know how to get in touch with her.

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