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Geneva: Electrosensitive Persons at the University Hospital (HUG)

[L’Ospedale Universitario di Ginevra (HUG) 
ha capito l’importanza di creare degli ambienti non inquinati da CEM, per consentire ai pazienti affetti da Elettrosensibilità di accedere alle cure ospedaliere.
Al momento la cosa è preclusa agli Elettrosensibili gravi  in Italia, i quali, si trovassero nella necessità di dover ricorrere a trattamenti in ambito ospedaliero, sarebbero sostanzialmente condannati a morte.]

2 April 2016 – “mieuxprevenir.blogspot.it”

Professor Arnaud Perrier and Séverine Lalive Raemy believe that part of being attentive to the needs of all patients includes providing better care for handicapped persons.

Electrosensitive persons at Geneva’s university hospital (HUG)
Comment on “They want to ‘promote proper care’ at HUG”

by Meris Michaels, Readers’ Mail, Tribune de Genève, 2 April 2016
If one wants to “promote care” of handicapped persons at HUG, places free of electromagnetic (EM) waves should be created to treat electrosensitive persons (estimated to be 5% of the population). These persons, sensitive to the radiation emitted by Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies, cannot be treated at hospitals because this type of radiation saturates treatment rooms and even patient rooms. Everyone could become electrosensitive.

In the January 2016 magazine published by CSS Insurance, the president of Doctors for the Protection of the Environment, Dr. Peter Källin, states: “More and more evidence suggests that electromagnetic pollution, even below the limit values, is harmful to health.” Dr. Källin criticizes the fact that the population is often insufficiently informed about the way to use these new means of communication in order to reduce electromagnetic pollution.

His advice: disconnect, switch off, distance oneself. In Sweden, where electrohypersensitivity is recognized as a functional impairment, hospitals equipped with treatment rooms shielded from waves exist for persons suffering from this intolerance.

The raising of awareness of all caregivers in the medical profession regarding the harmful effects of radiation, including the specific needs of electrosensitive persons, should be a part of their training.



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