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Some Effects of Weak Magnetic Fields on Biological Systems: Radiofrequency fields can change radical concentrations and cancer cell growth rates

Published in: IEEE Power Electronics Magazine  (Volume:3 ,  Issue: 1 ), DOI: 10.1109/MPEL.2015.2508699

by F. Barnes and B. Greenenbaum


Article history
Date of Publication: March 2016
Date of Current Version: 3 March 2016


Concerns have been raised about the possible biological effects of nonionizing radiation since at least the late 1950s with respect to radar, other radio, and microwave sources. More recent concerns have arisen about the potential effects of low-intensity fields, including lowfrequency fields from the electric power generating, transmission, and distribution system and the devices it energizes, as well as intermediate, radio-frequency (RF), and higher-frequency radiation from devices such as cell phones, broadcast antennas, Wi-Fi, security monitors, and so forth. These are concerns about the direct effects of radiation on humans or other organisms. They are distinct from the electromagnetic compatibility issues that concern interference by the fields from one device with the function of another, though human health can be indirectly affected by electromagnetic interference with the function of medical devices, including hospital equipment or pacemakers.

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