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Why men should NEVER put their phone in their pocket: Study shows how prolonged exposure to radiation steadily destroys sperm


Una recente revisione di 21 studi (che presto pubblicheremo sul nostro sito) ha trovato un legame tra emissioni dei cellulari e conta degli spermatozoi.
E’ risultato che l’esposizione prolungata alle radiazioni distrugge lo sperma in modo permanente.

La sanità pubblica pare riluttante a dire che i telefonini sicuramente danneggiano gli spermatozoi – non vi è attualmente alcun modo per dimostrare esattamente come le radiazioni e il numero di spermatozoi siano legati – ma gli esperti avvertono che questa revisione fornisce prove abbastanza convincenti del perché gli uomini non dovrebbero tenere i loro telefoni cellulari in tasca!

Non possiamo e non dobbiamo aspettare di conoscere nel dettaglio i meccanismi patogenetici del danno da Microonde per iniziare a prendere precauzioni, in quanto potrebbe essere troppo tardi!

Per questo motivo, ci permettiamo di dire che la stessa cosa deve valere per le donne, le quali non dovrebbero tenere dispositivi Wireless vicino alle loro gonadi e soprattutto vicino alla loro pancia quando sono gravide.

Gli effetti dei danni, che purtroppo si stanno verificando inesorabilmente ogni giorno, ancora non si vedono, ma fra qualche anno il conto da pagare sarà elevatissimo.]

9 September 2016 – “www.dailymail.co.uk”, by MIA DE GRAAF FOR DAILYMAIL.COM

  • New review of 21 studies found link between phones and sperm count
  • Public health are hesitant to say phones definitely harm sperm – there is currently no way to prove exactly how radiation and sperm count are tied
  • But experts warn this review provides compelling enough evidence that men should not keep their cell phones in their pockets 

Despite all the fears about cell phones and radiation, most of us still put our phones in our jean pockets.

It’s easy, convenient, and any bad effects are impossible to see.

But a new study warns there is conclusive evidence that men in particular need to find another storage spot.

A systemic review of 21 research papers on radiation shows phones placed close to a man’s genitals for a prolonged period of time steadily drive down sperm count.

Danger: A review of years of evidence shows men are putting themselves at risk by storing their phones in their front pockets
Danger: A review of years of evidence shows men are putting themselves at risk by storing their phones in their front pockets

And among the studies, many suggest surviving sperm could be DMA-damaged.

The biological phenomenon is currently under fierce debate since scientists have no way to explain how non-ionizing radiation influences the body.

Without that link, many public health investigators are hesitant to say definitively that cell phones harm sperm.

However, a new review by a team at Australia’s University of Newcastle has collated years of evidence in an attempt to both emphasize the trend, and to identify potential causes.

And since 14 per cent of the world struggle to conceive – with male infertility involved 40 per cent of the time – they warn a small detail such as where one stores their phone could be crucial.

‘While this subject remains a topic of active debate, this review has considered the growing body of evidence suggesting a possible role for RF-EMR [radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation] induced damage of the male germ line,’ the authors write.

‘In a majority of studies, this damage has been characterized by loss of sperm motility and viability as well as the induction of ROS generation and DNA damage.’

The authors reviewed 27 studies. Twenty-one of them showed a causal link between cell phone radiation and sperm damage.

Ten studies were examined including 1,492 human sperm samples.

Exposure to mobile phones was found to be associated with a significant eight per cent reduction in sperm motility and nine per cent reduction in sperm viability.

The data are hardly surprising, the authors say, given the 'unique vulnerability of the highly specialized sperm cell'
The data are hardly surprising, the authors say, given the ‘unique vulnerability of the highly specialized sperm cell’

The effects on sperm concentration were more equivocal.

The results were consistent across experimental laboratory studies and correlational observational studies.

The data are hardly surprising, the authors say, given the ‘unique vulnerability of the highly specialized sperm cell’.

But by continuing to store phones in pockets, the male population is ignoring ‘the future health burden that may be created if conception proceeds with defective, DNA-damaged spermatozoa’.

Dr Joel Moskowitz, of UC Berkeley’s public health school, explained to Daily Mail Online that this review is a pivotal step towards broader global understanding about the dangers of our phones.

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phone radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen.

It was the first major recognition that cell phones could have a detrimental effect on our bodies.

However, while studies have shown a correlation between sperm count depletion and cell phone radiation, there is a lack of research and concrete findings into the link between the two.

Regardless, Dr Moskowitz warned, the University of Newcastle review is clear evidence that ‘men should not store their cellphones near their genitals’.

‘In this line of research more intense cellphone radiation leads to more sperm damage,’ he added.




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