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Appeal by French doctors and healthcare professionals “For the recognition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)” – PDF

[In calce alla pagina potete trovare la versione PDF del recente Appello dei medici ed operatori sanitari Francesi “per il riconoscimento della Ipersensibilità Elettromagnetica (EHS)”, che potete convenientemente stampare e mostrare all’occorrenza.]

Appeal by French doctors and healthcare professionals “For the recognition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)”

We, doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals,

Given the appeal of Freiburg launched in 2002 by doctors and healthcare professionals, we have observed during our consultations, the terrific increase of serious and chronic illnesses among our patients, such as:

Detected symptoms following the use of mobile phone:

– Pains and/or heat at ear level
– Sensitivity disorders with Dysesthesia cases (numbing, burning and tingling) that can be felt at face, hair or arm levels.

Progressively and then permanently:

– headaches, associated with pains and stiffness in the neck
– Tinnitus and hyperacusis
– Visual disturbances
– Sensitivity anomalies linked to feelings of discomfort
– Skin lesions with burning feeling and itching.
– Muscle disorders (myalgia, spasms, fasciculation) as well as articular disorders
– Cognitive disorders

At a second stage:

– Onset of acute cognitive disorders (attention deficit and amnesia)
– Digestive and urinary disorders
– Insomnia, chronic fatigue and potentially depressive tendency.

Eventually, in the absent of a proper treatment, irreversible anatomical lesions can be observed.

Regarding children: Headaches, sleeping disorders as well as dyslexia, attention deficit, memory loss and behaviour disorders

Given that we are well aware of the social environment and the habits of our patients, we often observe time and space correlations between the onset of these aforementioned disorders and the exposure or the increase of the exposure to electromagnetic waves in cases such as:

– The building-up of mobile telephony base stations close to the living or working places
– Intensive use of mobile phone
– The use of cordless telephone systems at home or at work

The Brussels International Scientific Declaration on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, signed in May 2015 by various scientists and healthcare professionals from all over the world, specifies that biological markers have been observed on patients suffering from EHS, markers which enable to identify the existence of debilitating pathologies.
It is high time the French health authorities recognise these pathologies.

In France, the Toulouse court in charge of disability related disputes ruled that woman was unable to work due to the debilitating effect of mobile and wifi waves. It is a first step but political will is still missing.
Even if there still is a scientific controversy on this issue, everything has to be done to look after these patients. These patients do exist and their suffering should be alleviated. Political efforts have to be made in order to inform the public opinion on the health impacts of electromagnetic waves.

We, therefore, solemnly call on the French State and more particularly on the Minister for Health, Marisol Touraine, to consider the impact of electromagnetic waves as a first concern for public health and do to her possible to take into account the problems the aforementioned patients have to cope with.

To be consequent with the precautionary principle, we called on our government to take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially for children in schools.

In-depth and independent researches should be carried out and “white zones” (EHS sanctuaries) should be granted to people suffering from EHS.

Moreover, the decisions made by several departmental handicapped homes (MDPH) to recognise EHS as a disability should be followed by all other MDPH on the French territory.


As doctor or health professional, if you wish to sign this appeal, you can send us an e-mail via:


Laurence Abeille Michèle Rivasi
Députée Députée européenne

Documento PDF:

EHS French MD appeal

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