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George Washington University Lecture on Science and Policy – June 9, 2015 – “Ongoing Research from the Indian Medical Research Council on Cell Phones and Health”

9 giugno 2015 –  “ehtrust.org”

A Review of epidemiology and toxicology: Dr. R.S Sharma, Dr. Devra Davis and special guest Dr. George Carlo
George Washington University
The Milken Institute School of Public Health
Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Dr. R.S. Sharma, Indian government Senior Deputy Director General & Scientist of the Indian Council of Medical Research, reviews the research showing genetic damage and health effects from wireless exposures which are informing India’s new telecommunications policy. He describes how the government is supporting efforts to reduce exposures. Slides from Dr Sharma’s presentation can be found here.

Dr. Devra Davis, PhD MPH, former Clinton Presidential appointee, founding Director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the National Academy of Sciences described current research on wireless exposures to children and what people can do to protect themselves.

Dr. George Carlo attended the lecture and came up on the podium to answer questions in the Q and A session (on the video at 1 hour 18 minutes ). Dr. Carlo is a lawyer and epidemiologist who chaired the 28 million dollar Wireless Technology Research Program that revealed cell phones could impact DNA repair and cause serious biological effects. He discusses the program and describes next steps for communities concerned about wifi in schools and cell towers on schools.



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