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The Scams of EMF Protection by shields and pendants

[Alcune considerazioni del veterano di guerra ed esperto in comunicazioni militari George Parker riguardo a molti dei prodotti per la difesa dai Campi Elettromagnetici (CEM) presenti sul mercato (chip, diodi, neutralizzatori, pendenti, amuleti, ecc.).

E’ fondamentale capire che proteggersi dai CEM non è cosa facile, in quanto sono altamente pervasivi ed invasivi! Conseguentemente, non esistono soluzioni spicciole al problema!

Chi propone soluzioni spicciole cerca solo di sfruttare le paure delle persone per fare business, vendendo prodotti inutili allo scopo.

Purtroppo, in questo particolare periodo nel quale sempre più persone stanno prendendo coscienza della pericolosità dei CEM senza però avere le adeguate conoscenze per capire a fondo il problema e valutarne dunque le adeguate soluzioni, sono in molti a cadere nella trappola.

George Parker segnala anche un articolo scritto dall’esperto di Campi Elettromagnetici ed Elettrosensibilità Lloyd Burrel in merito alla questione, il cui link potete trovare verso la fine della trattazione.]

By George Parker

George Parker (2)

“I wear my heart my sleeve and call a spade a spade, and involved in military communications for many years, and qualify myself as an ex-military microwave expert; I am sure that all you will get from me is the truth that will set you free.

I know and everyone else knows that there is no new age, snake oil gimmick, such as shields, pendants, diodes, neutralisers, discs, and amulets that will give your protection from electrical magnetic fields (ELF) and microwave non-ionised radiation (MWNIR), which are mainly referred to as EMFs (electromagnetic fields). There is another product hitting the market offering protection against all these nasty wireless radiation and will cover you in a cone of natural frequencies keeping you safe and healthy.

EHS has become the curse of humanity and many suffer extremely from MWNIR and ELF, but sadly, literally hundreds of professed experts selling their snake oil wares, such as EMF prevention products come clambering out of the woodwork, claiming they can stop the suffering of EHS sufferers from MWNIR and ELF, which is nothing more than new age whiz-bang technology that is praying on the sick!

All the companies will assure the reader that their products works; it has been researched and scientifically proven by their clever marketing that’s supposedly “backed-up” by qualified researchers. Sadly, they omit to ignore all the scientific research and government documents telling a different story of the dangers and health risks of long-term and prolonged exposure to MWNIR and ELF, and the damage it can do to a person’s body. If all these protection products worked, I am sure the military and government would close them down very quickly.

To sell any gadget, there has to be research, because without it they wouldn’t sell, and to make them sell they make their products attractive. One product from one supplier was pulled apart, contained nothing more than pretty coloured plastic and bits of copper wire, sometimes curled.

These companies find the right researcher, because they pay to have their research done, to get a desired result, and then they follow-up these unfounded researches with so-called “personal testimonials” from people, who sing their praises. Their Sales Departments will constantly emphasise these testimonials of good reports, but we never hear of the bad reports and complete failures that the product doesn’t work.

I’ve always advised intentional purchasers, such as EHS sufferers, of these gadgets to ask themself:

(1) Which and what people say they work?

(2) Do you know anyone that says they work?

(3) When reading testimonials, ask: “How real are these testimonies?”

Unscrupulous companies will print anything to get your attention, and use false testimonials or pay people to give positive testimony, and we see it all the time on the multitude of companies who flaunt the universal laws of morality.

We all know about the placebo effect and sufferers will pay much money for these devices, on the testimony of the clever marketing of these companies. First off, their products are always expensive, and the sufferers manifest a strong belief that they will work, and because they believe they work, then sometimes they may. But in reality they don’t. The placebo effect is the beneficial effect of a fake “EMF protection device”, which is derived from expectations that a person may have about a gadget working for them.

There are many honest people who have reported apparent improved health when they first bought the gadget, and I’ve been there myself, but over time my health deteriorated much quicker, and so did all the other people. There is no “golden bullet” or “quick fix” for the penetrating and destructive MWNIR and ELF emitted from the wireless technology and electrical appliances and products of the 21st Century. It appears that most don’t realise that MWNIR and ELF is classified “2B Carcinogenic”, and past medical research has shown that exposure to MWNIR caused neurological, cardiovascular and haemodynamic disturbances.

All of these EMF Protectors have one thing in common and there’s virtually no way of knowing for sure if they work, but proof is in the pudding when you dismantle one and see what is inside of them. You can’t measure them with any form of EMF meter. When a particular product was pulled apart there were nothing than bits of coloured plastic and a few pieces of wire. Any company will gladly take advantage of the frustration and gullibility of an EHS sufferer, by selling their wares and giving their assurance that it works, when there is no guarantee.

EHS sufferers know that to gain EMF protection is diagnosed by taking measurable readings with specific measuring devices, such as an ELF and MWNIR metre. We buy a meter that reads electrical magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation that displays electrical mg (milligauss) and v/m, and wireless readings of dBm, mW/m2, and v/m. When these metres show specific readings in our area, we take action to reduce these exposures by shielding oneself using specific proven shielding metals and cloth, and clothing to protect oneself from MWNIR and ELF that is coming through the walls and ceilings of their home from the wireless technology and electrical appliances and power lines.

Even the specific filters that claim to reduce the electrical fields of dirty electricity causes other problems that most are not aware of. These gadgets may also emit untested and unnatural emissions, and then it can also cause other health problems.

You cannot emulate a natural frequency, because natural frequencies are not stable and wanders around a lot. A manmade frequency of MWNIR is like a knife, and cuts through human flesh, and reflects in all directions of any reflecting layer.

All EHS sufferers I have spoken to who have tried these products all said that they did nothing, and they passed them onto other EHS sufferers to see if it helps them, and it didn’t help them either. My contacts who are highly qualified people and they all said: “They don’t work!”

Here is an example of one such paid review:
“I’m Electrosensitive, so I’ve been researching this subject for a number of years. I’ve also tried a lot of the devices out there, and agree that many of them can’t be measured for effectiveness. However, I did find that Earth-calm products do work really well for me. All my symptoms got better almost immediately–some it took a few months–but I’m functioning now like a “normal” person, for the first time in years.”

Wow, this person is acting like a “normal person” after hanging a piece of metal around their neck that is full of coloured plastic and a few pieces of wire. It’s obvious they are not EHS.

The trials and tribulations of people suffering from EHS are enough of a burden without them being preyed upon by companies or new age whackos, who market “EMF protection devices”, such as: neutralising chips, diodes, pendants, clocks or shields; and there is one bloke out there peddling a computer software that will stop the MWNIR and ELF symptoms.

The people who “invented” these devices are either naive and self-deluded, or dishonest; take your choice. The research or “experimental proof” they present is an elaborate fabrication, is conducted without proper controls or is grossly misinterpreted and the researcher is paid for the right result. There is no good scientific evidence that any of the devices work, nor would they be expected to work, since at best the mentality of their “inventors” appears to approach that of a child who shows you they have assembled a working radio from a string of beads.

One inventor claimed that his device turned electrons into neutrons, which of course is impossible and nonsense. In the case of EMF, their imagination doesn’t create reality. And the only reality they will prove is their financial profit and sadly more sensitisation to EMF for the EHS sufferer.

These devices are scams that are not believable to anyone unless their judgement is biased by wishful thinking. My knowledge and understanding of science and my personal background in the workings of ELF and MWNIR, my intuition and my common sense all tell me that that the only way any of these devices could work is via a placebo effect and nothing more.

Here is another EHS expert who is well known and respected amongst the EHS sufferers, and I would have much faith in Lloyd:


When these companies decide to give a 90-day guarantee of refunding all monies if a customer isn’t satisfied, as some give a 30-day guarantee, which is full of holes!

I have offered on many occasions to these groups if they are prepared to send me their products so I could test drive or hand them out to other EHS sufferers to test drive for a professional review from experts and not paid testimonies, but all have declined.”