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“Wired Health Now 2016” Battles “Wi-Fi Now 2016”

13 April 2016 – “www.odwyerpr.com”, by 

Wi-Fi Now 2016Advocates for healthy practices for cellphones, computers and other devices have organized “Wired Health Now 2016” April 19-21 to offset “Wi-Fi Now 2016” in Tysons Corner, Va., on the same dates.

“Wired Health” will be a cyber conference with dozens of participants not only from the U.S. but Canada, U.K., France, Germany and other countries.

An agenda is being drawn up to compete with the agenda of “Wi-Fi Now 2016” which has 60+ speakers.

BULLETIN: After accepting a press reservation for O’Dwyer’s, Heidi Jepsen, chief administrator of Wi-Fi Now 2016, today said no O’Dwyer reporter will be allowed to cover the conference, cancelling the reservation.

Attempts to place health advocate speakers on the Wi-Fi conference have been rebuffed by the organizers.

Claus Hetting
Claus Hetting

Claus Hetting, CEO and chairman of Wi-Fi Now and CEO of Hetting Consulting, Arhus, Denmark, told this website that the conference “is not a forum for discussing health issues of any kind.”

Health Concerns Cited by EHS Victim

An immediate response went to Hetting from Norm Ryder of Canada, who has electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Ryder wrote:

“I understand you think health concerns about Wi-Fi are groundless and not founded in science.  There are literally thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers on the subject and the overwhelming weight of evidence supports the contention that low levels of radiation are harmful.

“The level of radiation is many orders of magnitude higher than historic natural levels and the radiation is different today than the natural radiation. Most man made radiation today is digital, pulsed and modulated, historically it has been none of these.

”In addition the radiation is polarized today, naturally it is not, and we are also frequently within the near and intermediate field zones of radiation where there can be spectacular peaks of radiation. Man made radiation is an entirely different beast from the minuscule  natural radiation mankind has evolved with.

“As a person with EHS, I am well aware of the various illnesses and poor health experiences I and many others feel when subjected to electromagnetic radiation. The two videos below cover some of the issues of electromagnetic radiation to a greater depth

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: What it is like to live with it.

The highly dangerous and unpredictable zones around Cell Towers, Cell Phones other radiating devices

Cordially, Norm Ryder

FCC Commissioner, Porn on Program

Speakers on the Wi-Fi Now program include Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcellwho will provide a “Fireside Chat.”

Jessica RosenworcelOrganizers of Wired Health Now 2016 say they will seek to have an FCC commissioner speak at their conference.

Another session will explore “Why porn free Wi-Fi in America is possible and profitable.” Speaking will be Donna Rice Hughes of Enough is Enough and Friendly Wi-Fi.

She has been advocating an internet that would be safer for children and families since 1994 and has appeared on more than 4,000 outlets as an expert on internet safety, child sexual exploitation, prevention, digital technology, public policy, family issues and cyber-parenting. She has testified to committees of the Senate and House orf Representatives.

Other speakers include executives of Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Core Networks for Carrier Wi-Fi Everywhere, Time Warner Cable, Oracle and WiFiForward.

Oregon Candidate Focuses on Wi-Fi and Children

David Morrison, candidate for the Portland City Council, is basing his campaign on his effort to curb use of Wi-Fi in schools. His website says the following:

“Microwave radiation from wireless devices is a serious public health issue that should be investigated by the City Council who should then inform the public of their findings.

“The health and genetic integrity of our children should not be compromised by industry pressure and financial kickbacks. School officials may be personally liable in eventual lawsuits for physical damage caused by chronic Wi-Fi radiation exposure in schools. Telecommunications industries are no longer eligible for liability insurance.

“Oregon House Bill 3350 introduced in 2015 would require that parents, teachers and school employees be advised that the World Health Organization has determined microwave radiation from Wi-Fi and cell towers in schools is a Class 2B carcinogen.”

Zonya Marcenaro Townsend, a candidate for the Board of Education in Orange County, Calif., has said she supports removal of Wi-Fi from schools and replacement with hard wiring. She has received support from the National Assn. for Children and Safe Technology.