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Children rap Wi-Fi…594,309 cell towers blast neighborhoods…wireless burglar alarms are dangerous…

[Le fonti di inquinamento elettromagnetico sono sempre più numerose e cresce la preoccupazione a livello internazionale per la salute dei cittadini.
Il pericolo è ormai non solo per le strade e nei luoghi pubblici, ma anche dove la sicurezza dovrebbe essere garantita: scuole, ospedali e soprattutto abitazioni.

La causa di tutto questo è l’uso inappropriato ed incontrollato delle tecnologie Wireless: apparati Wi-Fi, telefoni DECT, ripetitori di telefonia mobile e di segnali radio-televisivi digitali posizionati in prossimità delle abitazioni, allarmi satellitari ed apparati di videosorveglianza Wireless, ecc.

Le persone sono sempre più stanche e si ammalano con maggiore facilità, invecchiano anzi tempo e manifestano sempre più precocemente le malattie un tempo tipiche dell’età avanzata.

La domanda è sempre la stessa: quando verranno prese precauzioni?]

1 March 2016 – “www.odwyerpr.com”, by 

Students, among the biggest victims of excess Wi-Fi radiation, are starting to speak up. Kill Zone USA notes there are now 594,309 cell towers emitting pulsed radiation. Wireless burglar alarms are a no-no.

A high school student asked the Montgomery County Board Feb. 9 how it could allow virtually every classroom to have Wi-Fi connected computers at each desk “turning the school into a giant microwave” when the wired option makes this “simply unnecessary.”

“I feel extremely uncomfortable going to school every day, supposedly a safe haven, and seeing my friends sitting directly under the transmitters,” she said. “Renowned scientists all over the world have shown the possible side effects of radiation including brain cancer, tumors, blood/brain barrier deterioration and other effects,” she added.

“It is a violation of the rights of students and teachers,” she said.

Also on the same posting of Safe Tech for Schools Maryland are videos of mothers and fathers asking for the schools to switch to wired equipment.

Ontario H.S. Students Rap Wi-Fi

Students at a high school in Ottawa have petitioned the government to remove Wi-Fi from schools. They have the support of Frank Clegg, president of Microsoft Canada for 14 years who is now CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology.

“The Parliamentary Health Committee has already heard evidence and unanimously agreed that more caution is required particularly in schools, so I agree with the students it’s time the Prime Minister makes the health of every student in Canada a higher priority,” he said.

Cell tower near house

“I did not consent to this level of risk,” said Apurva Dixit, a high school student in Mississauga. “The school board has been informed that our Wi-Fi system puts us at risk of infertility and breast cancer but it’s choosing not to protect us,” she said, noting the World Health Organization classifies radiation from Wi-Fi and cellphones as a “Class 2B Possible Carcinogen.”

Kill Zone USA Counts 594,309 Cell Towers

Kill Zone USA, using stats of antennasearch.com, says there are 594,309 cellphone towers equipped with 1,805,623 antennas “delivering relentless wave carcinogens to 321 million Americans.

Not included are millions of Wi-Fi antennas nor the “huge number of military and other radar installations.”

Wi-Fi signals bombarding this reporter’s NYC apartment.

New York City is one of the most heavily radiated cities, says Kill Zone. Within one square mile of City Hall in New York, there are 1,248 wireless antennas. Times Square has 178 cell towers and 2,510 antennas.

Kill Zone quotes New Networks Institute as saying, “This is only a fraction of the antennas and cell sites in Time Square since neither Verizon or the Federal Communications Commission has any complete data or documentation about the number of lines or even wireless cell sites.

ABC-TV Aired “Wi-Fried” Feb. 16

ABC-TV’s science program Catalyst presented a half-hour special Sept. 16 hosted by Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D., Australian science reporter, raising the question of whether wireless devices are harmful to health.

“Australia’s safety agency says there’s no evidence of harm, but that’s not the same as saying it’s safe,” says ABC-TV description of the program’s position.

Among those quoted is Devra Davis, Ph.D., an epidemiologist who has called on schools to switch from wireless to wired web access.

Dr. Darren Saunders, of the faculty of Medicine at University of New South Wales, called the program “scaremongering and pseudoscience” and a “train wreck.”

“In terms of the way the story was reported, there was very selective reporting of existing data, sensationalist headlines, and experts with potential conflicts of interest,” he said.

Wireless Burglar Alarms a Danger

Electricsense.com says that wireless burglar alarms are dangerous because they use the same type of radiation emitted by cordless telephones. Such devices give out electromagnetic radiation 24/7, says Lloyd Burrell, who operates the site.

Bellringer, alarm systems, Long Island, said about 65% of its 9,000 customers use wireless. Some use both wired and wireless, it said.




44 Reasons To Believe Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer

[Cos’altro serve per convincere che i telefoni cellulari (e la tecnologia Wireless in generale) fanno male alla salute?

Dobbiamo aspettare di arrivare a tragiche ed irreparabili conseguenze sanitarie per intervenire contro l’uso selvaggio della telefonia mobile?]

Global Research, 27 February 2016

Electric Sense, 10 November 2014

by Lloyd Burrell


Cell phones emit microwave radio-frequency radiation. Fact.

This radiation has the ability to penetrate our bodies. Fact.

Our governments do virtually nothing to protect us from these dangers. Fact.

And yet there is strong evidence, multiple peer reviewed studies, to indicate that cell phones cause cancer and other diseases.

Take a look for yourself at these facts.

But first let’s just consider what cancer is.

Cancer And DNA

The National Cancer Institute  says,

“Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues…..all cancers begin in cells……cells grow and divide in a controlled way to produce more cells as they are needed to keep the body healthy. When cells become old or damaged, they die and are replaced with new cells. However, sometimes this orderly process goes wrong. The genetic material (DNA) of a cell can become damaged or changed, producing mutations that affect normal cell growth and division. When this happens, cells do not die when they should and new cells form when the body does not need them.”

So cancer typically involves abnormal cell division and DNA damage and in some cases cells may form a mass of tissue called a tumor.

Types Of Brain Tumor

In the studies done to date cell phone radiation exposures are principally linked to two types of brain tumor, gliomas and acoustic neuromas.

Gliomas, a type of tumor that starts in the brain or spine are typically malignant. Gliomas are particularly deadly. Most people survive only 1 to 3 years after diagnosis.

Acoustic neuromas though non-malignant (low-grade cancer), are in many cases life threatening given that they are an intracranial tumor.

The 44 Reasons

1. Cellular Damage: Telecoms giant T-Mobile in Germany commissioned an independent study to review all relevant research on the health risks from wireless telecommunications. It was concluded that,

On the cellular level, a multitude of studies found the type of damage from high frequency electromagnetic fields which is important for cancer initiation and cancer promotion.

Brain Tumors And Brain Cancers

2. Significantly Increased Risk of Glioma:  Gliomas are becoming increasingly common. The $25 million Interphone Study found that:

“regular use of a cell phone by adults can significantly increase the risk of gliomas by 40% with 1640 hours or more of use (this is about one half hour per day over ten years).”


Source: Table 2 INTERPHONE Study Group. Brain tumour risk in relation to mobile telephone use: results of the INTERPHONE international case-control study. Int J Epidemiol (2010); 39(3):675-694.

3. Tumor Risk on Cell Phone Side of Head: Again from the Interphone Study – currently the big daddy of cell phone radiation studies it being the largest and longest study on the link between cell phones and brain tumors – it also found, “tumors were more likely to occur on the side of the head most used for calling”.

4. Harmful Association Between Cell Phone Radiation and Tumors: A review of 23 epidemiological studies by 7 scientists on the link between cell phones and cancer concluded, “harmful association“. One of the reports authors commenting the study results said, “although as a whole the data varied, among the 10 higher quality studies, we found a harmful association between phone use and tumor risk. The lower quality studies, which failed to meet scientific best practices, were primarily industry funded.”

5. Increased Risk For Glioma and Acoustic Neuroma: the studies performed by the Hardell Research Group are widely regarded as being amongst the best. This recent study finds, “A consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma associated with use of wireless phones.” These findings are consistent with their earlier studies.

6. Temporal Lobe & Glioma Risk: A recent French study found evidence of an increased risk of glioma and temporal lobe tumors. The study found that, “risks were higher for gliomas, temporal tumours, occupational and urban mobile phone use. “. According to EMF watchdog Powerwatch this is an important paper, “that confirms existing studies and which should help move the IARC RF evaluation strongly towards a Group 2A – ‘probable human carcinogen’“.

7. Increased Risk of Acoustic Neuroma in Long-Term Users of Cell Phones: A recent study on 790,000 middle aged women in the UK found that, “women who used cell phones for ten or more years were two-and- a-half times more likely to develop an acoustic neuroma. Their risk of acoustic neuroma increased with the number of years they used cell phones.

8. Increased Risk of Acoustic Neuroma: Research conducted by Lonn suggests, “an increased risk of acoustic neuroma associated with mobile phone use of at least 10 years’ duration.”

9. Brain Tumor Risk is Higher on ‘Cell Phone’ Side of Head:  A research paper that reviewed 11 studies found, “a link between prolonged cell phone usage and the development of an ipsilateral [same side of head as cell phone] brain tumor”.

10. Meningioma: This Swedish study looked at adult brain tumor cases diagnosed over a two year period. Although the study concluded that, “no conclusive evidence of an association between use of mobile and cordless phones and meningioma was found“. The studies authors did say, “an indication of increased risk was seen in the group with highest cumulative use“.

11. Malignant Brain Tumors: Recent work by Hardell looked at long-term use of mobile and cordless phones. In conclusion it was found that, “this study confirmed previous results of an association between mobile and cordless phone use and malignant brain tumours. These findings provide support for the hypothesis that RF-EMFs play a role both in the initiation and promotion stages of carcinogenesis“.


Other Cancers And Tumors

12. Cancer of the Pituitary Gland: The pituitary gland, considered by many to be the “master gland” of the body, is a pea sized organ located in the middle of the base of the brain that produces hormones that play a major role in regulating vital body functions and general well-being. This study (already referenced above) also found that,

the risk of cancer of the pituitary gland more was more than twice as high among women who used a cell phone for less than five years as compared to never users“.

13. Thyroid Cancer: The thyroid gland is situated in the neck. Using a cell phone against your ear exposes your thyroid to cell phone radiation. A recent Israeli study observing that, “the incidence of thyroid cancer has been on the rise in Israel for more than a decade which matches the rise in the use of cellphones” collected human thyroid cells from healthy patients and subjected them to radiation. The study found, “evidence of changes in thyroid cells in response to electromagnetic radiation”.

14. Melanoma Risk: Melanoma is a cancer that starts in a certain type of skin cell. A Swedish study found “a very clear association between increasing use of mobile phones and increasing rates of head melanoma [ ] in Nordic countries“.

Image: Örjan Hallberg

15. Stem Cell Cancer: In a controversial US study on 29 cases of neuroepithelial tumors, cell phone users accounted for 11 of them. These initial results indicated a near tripling in the risk of neuroepithelial tumors through cell phone use. The published results were revised to reflect a doubling of risk and then reported as not ‘statistically significant’.

16. Oral Cancer: An Israeli study on 460 cases of parotid gland tumors found, “based on the largest number of benign PGT patients reported to date, our results suggest an association between cellular phone use and PGTs [parotid gland tumors].” The parotid is the salivary gland near the cheek where many users hold their cell phone.

17. Parotid Malignant Tumors: Another Israeli study analyzed deaths as recorded on the National Cancer Registry over a 36 year period found, “the total number of parotid gland cancers in Israel increased 4-fold from 1970 to 2006 , whereas other major salivary gland cancers remained stable“.

18. Leukaemia: A comprehensive review of over a dozen studies including studies on exposures from cell tower radiation, TV and Radio broadcast towers concluded, “cancer, especially brain tumour and leukaemia, but all other cancers also“.

19. Lymph Node Cancer: In an Australian study one hundred mice were exposed to RF radiation for two 30-minute periods per day for up to 18 months. The authors called the increased incidence of lymphoma “highly significant”. They added that “it is very unlikely that the faster onset of cancer was due to chance“.

20. Multifocal Breast Cancer: American researchers studied four young women with breast cancer. They found that, “all patients regularly carried their smartphones directly against their breasts in their brassieres for up to 10 hours a day, for several years, and developed tumors in areas of their breasts immediately underlying the phones“.

21. Eye Cancer: A German Study has established a link between uveal melanoma and cell phone radiation and similar exposures. The study “found an elevated risk for exposure to radiofrequency-transmitting devices“.  Another study found ocular symptoms and sensations in long term users of mobile phones.

22. Diverse Cancerous Tumors: A Brazilian Study established a direct link between various cancer deaths such as tumors in the prostate, breast, lung, kidneys and liver in Brazil’s third largest city, and cell phone tower radiation exposures. The study found that, “more than 81 percent of people who die in Belo Horizonte by specific types of cancer live less than 500 meters away from the 300 identified cell phone antennas in the city“.

This same study also lists more than a dozen other research papers that have found a link between different cancers and cell phone/cell tower radiation exposures.

Cell Phone Subscriptions And Brain Tumors

23. Cell Phone Subscription Link to Brain Tumors: A U.S. study analyzed the number of cell phone subscriptions and brain tumors in nineteen US states, they concluded,

the very linear relationship between cell phone usage and brain tumor incidence is disturbing and certainly needs further epidemiological evaluation.

24. Brain Cancer Incidence Increases Over Time (U.S): another U.S. study of brain cancer incidence trends in relation to cell phone use in the United States found, “there was a statistically significant increasing trend between 1992 and 2006 among females but not among males.The recent trend in 20–29-year-old women was driven by a rising incidence of frontal lobe cancers“.

25. Brain Cancer Incidence Increases Over Time (Europe): Studies carried out in Norway, Finland and the U.K. have identified a similar trend of an increase in the incidence of brain cancer over time. In the UK study the incidence of malignant brain tumors close to where you hold your phone was highlighted.

Source: Mobile Phone Use and Cancer Risk – Research on a Group 2B Carcinogen. Joel M. Moskowitz Ph.D.

Other Effects On the Brain

26. Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Permeability: The BBB is a membrane which prevents toxic materials from the blood from entering the brain. It was first discovered in 1975 that RF radiation causes the BBB to leak, since then at least a dozen laboratories around the world have corroborated this effect. There’s no consensus on the link between BBB damage and cancer but some studies elude to this.

27. Brain Cell Loss: A Turkish study on adult female rats that were exposed to a 900 MHz electromagnetic field found that, “EMF exposure caused a significant decrease of the…….cell number…… additionally, cell loss can be seen……“. In their conclusions the researchers drew parallels between these exposures and teenagers’ brains that are exposed to cell phone radiation.

28. Brain Activity: Researchers in China exposed 18 participants to RF radiation (LTE) for 30 minutes which was well within international (ICNIRP) cell phone legal limits. They concluded that, “30min LTE RF-EMF exposure modulated the spontaneous low frequency fluctuations in some brain regions.

29. Brain Blood Flow Affected: This Finnish brain imaging study found that “that the EMF emitted by a commercial mobile phone affects rCBF  [regional cerebral blood flow]  in humans“. This suggests that cell phone radiation affects neuronal activity.

30. Texting Affects Memory:  An Australian study on young adolescents found “students who reported making or receiving more voice or SMS calls per week, and in particular more of both, demonstrated shorter response times on learning tasks, but less accurate working memory”.

DNA Damage

One way cancer and other diseases are believed to develop is when the DNA (genetic information) in a cell becomes damaged. This damage mutates the DNA.  There are many studies linking cell phone radiation exposures to different types of DNA damage.

31. Single and Double-Strand DNA Breaks: In pioneering work a University of Washington team found DNA single strand breaks from RF radiation exposures on rats in an initial study. A subsequent study found single and double-strand DNA breaks.

32. Various Genetic Effects: An Austrian study analyzed the results of 101 different published articles on the effects of radio frequency EMFs on DNA. The study concluded that, “there is ample evidence that RF-EMF can alter the genetic material of exposed cells“.

33. Increased Rates of Micronuclei: Micronuclei proliferation indicates a type of DNA damage strongly associated with cancer.A Brazilian study found that, “electromagnetic field irradiation [low level cell phone type exposures] during pregnancy leads to an increase in erythrocytes micronuclei incidence in rat offspring“.  Several studies have found increased rates of micronuclei in the body following exposures to RF radiation.

34. Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) Production Decreased: A U.S. study exposed chick embryo’s to RF radiation. They concluded that, “this EMF-induced decrease in HSP70 levels and resulting decline in cytoprotection suggests a mechanism by which daily exposure (such as might be experienced by mobile phone users) could enhance the probability of cancer and other diseases“.

35. Oxidative DNA Damage: the Guler study in Turkey exposed female and male infant rabbits to 1800 MHz radio frequency radiation and found, “GSM-like RF radiation may induce biochemical changes by increasing free radical attacks to structural biomolecules.”  Free radical damage is associated with the development of cancer.

36. DNA Strand Breaks: this Austrian study exposed human and rat cells to mobile phone radiation and found, “DNA single- and double-strand breaks”.

37. Changes in Gene Expression: the Belyaev study found that, exposing the “rat brain to 915 MHz GSM microwaves induces changes in gene expression”. Other studies suggest that, “subtle changes of gene expression associated with [disease]”.

38. Genotoxic Effects: the Schwarz study exposed human cells to 1,950 MHz UMTS. It concluded that “UMTS exposure may cause genetic alterations in some but not in all human cells in vitro.”

39. Neurotransmitters Impacted: this Bavarian study followed 60 people over one and a half years following the installation of a new cell phone base station in their village. The study concluded that, “the effects showed a dose-response relationship“, that it had “occurred well below current limits for technical RF radiation exposures” and that these effects have “great relevance for health and [are] well known to damage human health in the long run“. In other words the more people were exposed to cell phone type radiation the bigger the impact on their health.

40. Chromosome Damage: a Belgian study reviewed 16 expert gene monitoring studies from around the world. In 13 of the 16 independent studies performed worldwide it was found that, “RF-exposed individuals have increased frequencies of genetic damage (e.g., chromosomal aberrations)“.

41. Central Nervous System: US based researcher Dr. Henry Lai comments that there are several studies which show that repeated RF exposure at relatively low power caused morphological changes in the central nervous system, “changes in morphology, especially cell death, could have an important implication on health. Injury-induced cell proliferation has been hypothesized as a cause of cancer.

Reading Between The Lines

The studies don’t tell all of the story. Here are some other things you need to know.

42. Latency Period Before Diagnosis: To put this in the words of researcher Dr. Martin Blank “cancers do not form overnight”. In almost all cases cancerous tumors take many years to form and metastasize” Dr. Martin Blank: Overpowered. This would suggest that we might be sitting on a cell phone radiation cancer time bomb.

43. Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Time Bomb: To give a sense to what this latency period could mean in terms of the incidence of brain tumors in the years to come, researcher Lloyd Morgan produced this alarming graphic showing that brain tumor cases could reach epidemic proportions within the next decade:

44. Flawed Research: Not all of the research points to a link between cell phone radiation and cancer. But then that’s hardly surprising given the lengths some researchers go to, to skew the results. This research paper also lays bare the phenomenon of study bias. This can take many different shapes and forms; insufficient latency time, incorrect definition of “regular” cellphone user, cell phones radiating higher power levels in rural areas not investigated, exposure to other transmitting sources not considered, exclusion of brain tumor cases due to death or illness, etc.

The Tip Of The Iceberg

There is lot of interest surrounding the link between cell phone radiation and cancer. But cancer is only the tip of the iceberg.

Microwave radio-frequency radiation exposures of the type emitted by cell phones are also linked to many other diseases and potentially life threatening illnesses, including:

  • sperm damage & male infertility
  • miscarriages
  • vaginal discharge
  • vascular system disease
  • tinnitus
  • childhood cancer
  • sleep problems
  • depression
  • irritability
  • memory loss
  • concentration difficulties
  • headaches
  • dizziness and fatigue
  • suicidal tendencies
  • arrhythmia
  • heart attacks
  • bone marrow interference
  • altered calcium level in cells
  • ADHD
  • reduction in night-time melatonin
  • suppression of the immune system
  • arthritis
  • rheumatism
  • skin symptoms
  • lymphatic diseases
  • autism
  • hearing problems



24 febbraio 2016 – “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno – Lecce”



DOPO I CONTROLLI DELL’ARPA: Fabia Del Giudice, di “Lecce via cavo”, si appella al rispetto del Principio di Precauzione invocato dall’Unione europea.

“In mancanza di certezze sui danni indotti dall’elettrosmog si deve applicare intensamente quel principio di precauzione fortemente invocato dall’Unione europea”.
Fabia Del Giudice, del Comitato “Lecce via cavo”, interviene dopo le rassicurazioni di Arpa Puglia, in seguito ai monitoraggi effettuati in città.

Nessuno sforamento dei limiti di legge, ha fatto sapere Arpa. “Anche se – commenta ora Del Giudice – quei limiti non tutelano la salute dei cittadini”.

E chiarisce perché. “L’esposizione alle radiofrequenze cui siamo quotidianamente esposti – spiega – può causare danni al Dna e indurre l’insorgenza di tumori. Un nuovo fattore di rischio anche per altre patologie, perché interferiscono con il corretto funzionamento del sistema immunitario, endocrino, cardiocircolatorio e nervoso”.

A giudizio della portavoce del comitato, dunque, anche in presenza di campi elettromagnetici entro i limiti va rispettato quel principio generale di precauzione sancito dall’Ue, secondo cui “la mancanza di certezza scientifica non può costituire il pretesto per rinviare l’adozione di misure efficaci per la prevenzione”.

Del Giudice cita in proposito alcune norme già adottate in Italia in ossequio a quel principio.
Tra queste, il decreto 381 del 1998 sulle radiofrequenze e microonde, la legge quadro 36 del 2001 sui campi elettromagnetici, inoltre le leggi regionali (che fissavano valori cautelativi a 0,5 V/m) abrogate dal decreto del presidente del Consiglio dell’8 luglio 2003.

Con tale decreto, spiega l’esperta, sono stati fissati i limiti a 6 V/m, calcolati come media in 6 minuti nei picchi giornalieri alle 13 ed alle 20.

“Ma con la legge 221 del 2012 – aggiunge Fabia Del Giudice – approvata nonostante il parere contrario del Ministero della Salute e del sistema delle Agenzie ambientali, i limiti di esposizione della popolazione ai campi elettromagnetici sono ulteriormente aumentati, perché il valore di 6 V/m viene calcolato come media delle emissioni nell’arco delle 24 ore. I picchi massimi – sottolinea – sono di fatto compensati dai valori minimi delle ore notturne”.

E comunque, “tali valori non forniscono alcun tipo di protezione per esposizioni prolungate né alcuna tutela per i soggetti più a rischio, come i bambini, le donne incinte, gli anziani”.

Del Giudice insiste, ricordando quanto detto da Renzo Tomatis, primo direttore dell’Agenzia europea per la ricerca sul cancro: “Bisogna dare priorità alla salute, al di sopra degli interessi economici”.

Elettrosmog: i cellulari possono danneggiare la salute. Perché non dirlo?

4 febbraio 2016 – “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, di Fabio Balocco

[Solo attraverso l’informazione è possibile fare scelte consapevoli, ma la popolazione non viene informata dei risultati di migliaia di studi i quali hanno chiaramente dimostrato la pericolosità della tecnologia Wireless, così da mantenere i lauti guadagni derivanti da questo tipo di business…]

cellulari_interna nuova

Insieme a Internet, ha rivoluzionato le nostre vite. Parlo del telefono cellulare. Avevo appena compiuto vent’anni, quando nel 1973 Martin Cooper fece la prima telefonata con un cellulare che pesava 1,5 chilogrammi. Da allora, appunto, le nostre vite sono cambiate. E oggi cellulare e internet si fondono addirittura in un unico strumento, senza il quale ci sentiamo “nudi”.

Peccato però che non si dica che l’utilizzo del cellulare possa anche avere effetti negativi. Non parlo qui dei ragazzini che socializzano (si fa per dire) tutto il giorno solo tramite whatsapp, che non è il mio campo, bensì degli effetti sulla salute.
Già, perché non tutti sanno che la Corte di Cassazione – sezione Lavoro – con sentenza 17438 del 2012 abbia respinto il ricorso con il quale l’Inail contestava il diritto alla rendita per malattia professionale, con invalidità dell’80%, riconosciuto dalla Corte di appello di Brescia a favore di un manager che per dodici anni, per cinque-sei ore al giorno, aveva usato – per motivi di lavoro – il telefonino sviluppando una grave patologia tumorale all’orecchio sinistro, dove appoggiava il cellulare.

Ma la sentenza della Corte non è che la conferma nel campo del diritto di ciò che seri studi epidemiologici vanno dicendo da tempo. In un’intervista del 2013 proprio su ilfattoquotidiano.it, il ricercatore del Cnr Fiorenzo Marinelli aveva modo di affermare: “Non ci sono dubbi del profondo impatto biologico delle radiazioni di radiofrequenza. Il telefonino è uno strumento molto inquinante e dannoso per la salute. La I.A.R.C. (Agenzia Internazionale per la ricerca sul cancro) nel maggio 2011 ha classificato le radiofrequenze nella classe 2B cioè ‘possibili cancerogeni per l’uomo’ sulla base degli studi epidemiologici fatti dal prof. Lennart Hardell che ha riscontrato un maggior rischio di tumori cerebrali negli utilizzatori di telefono cellulare. Rischio che arriva a quattro volte se si tiene conto della lateralità dell’uso”.

Insomma, la ricerca è al corrente del possibile collegamento tra patologie gravi ed errato uso prolungato del cellulare, ma l’opinione pubblica non ne è al corrente. Costerebbe molto colmare la lacuna?Francia, Belgio ed Irlanda informano gli acquirenti dei cellulari di tale possibilità. L’Italia no.

Nasce da questa considerazione la recente interpellanza presentata in Senato dal M5S in cui si chiede che il governo riferisca in merito a tale latitanza. Nel contempo, lo stesso Movimento sta lavorando con l’avvocato Stefano Bertone di Torino – che da tempo segue la problematica – a un disegno di Legge in materia.

Tra l’altro, in merito alla latitanza del governo, pende un ricorso al TAR Lazio presentato dalla A.P.P.L.E. (Associazione per la Prevenzione e Lotta all’Elettrosmog) affinché l’esecutivo effettui una immediata campagna di informazione pubblica circa i rischi di insorgenza di tumori in merito all’errato utilizzo dei cellulari.
In conclusione, la strada già seguita per il tabacco (“nuoce gravemente alla salute”) è aperta.



Study Proves Electromagnetic Fields From Cell Towers Can Amplify Pain

[Evidenziamo quanto segue:

“Now that we have evidence that cell tower signals can amplify pain, is it that unreasonable to consider that cell tower radiation may be causing other health problems that we simply have yet to identify?”]

12 February 2016 – “www.activistpost.com”, by 


By Alex Pietrowski

If you’ve ever wondered if the thousands of cell phone towers and electromagnetic signals permeating society nowadays could be potentially harmful to your body, mind and to the natural environment, you’re not alone. A small minority of people are so sensitive to electromagnetic radiation they’ve even been forced to move into cave-like domiciles designed to insulate them from such signals. We are, after all, energetic beings, as are all lifeforms, and although something may lie outside of our ordinary perception does not imply that it is harmless.

It turns out that electromagnetic signals from cell phone towers do in fact directly affect the human body in physical ways, and surprisingly, for amputees, common cellular signals can amplify sensations of pain in the body, when in the presence of such emissions.

A recently completed study led by members The University of Texas at Dallas gives concrete evidence that these types of now ubiquitous signals can actually amplify pain in some amputees by immediately stimulating nerve tissue that had suffered traumatic damage.

Prior to this study, the bulk of research into cell tower radiation focused on people without any pre-existing conditions or serious health issues, however, when a disabled veteran who lost limbs in the Iraq war alerted his physicians to the fact that his sense of pain seemed to increase dramatically whenever his cell phone went into roaming mode, a study was launched to test this hypothesis on lab rats.

“Our study provides evidence, for the first time, that subjects exposed to cellphone towers at low, regular levels can actually perceive pain,” said Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega, senior author of the study and an associate professor of bioengineering in the University’s Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. “Our study also points to a specific nerve pathway that may contribute to our main finding.” [1]

This is the first study of its kind that has found a direct link to immediate physical changes in the human body when absorbing cell tower radiation.

Until a recent study led by researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas was published online last month in PLOS ONE, there was no scientific evidence to back up the anecdotal stories of people, such as Underwood, who reported aberrant sensations and neuropathic pain around cellphone towers and other technology that produce radio-frequency electromagnetic fields. [1]

To validate the wounded soldier’s claim that pain was amplified by cell tower signals researchers crafted a simulation using lab rats who were subjected to the types and levels of electromagnetic radiation that many of us are exposed to every day.

To test this, the team randomly assigned 20 rats into two groups — one receiving a nerve injury that simulated amputation, and the other group receiving a sham treatment. Researchers then exposed the subjects to a radiofrequency electromagnetic antenna for 10 minutes, once per week for eight weeks. The antenna delivered a power density equal to that measured at 39 meters from a local cellphone tower — a power density that a person might encounter outside of occupational settings.

Researchers found that by the fourth week, 88 percent of subjects in the nerve-injured group demonstrated a behavioral pain response, while only one subject in the sham group exhibited pain at a single time point, and that was during the first week. [1]

These towers are being installed across the world right now, right amongst densely populated areas and even on public school grounds. Cell phones have already been proven to cause brain cancer, yet the both the cell industry and the general public refuse to consider this sufficient reason to re-think the use and widespread proliferation of this technology.

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Now that we have evidence that cell tower signals can amplify pain, is it that unreasonable to consider that cell tower radiation may be causing other health problems that we simply have yet to identify?

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Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and Offgrid Outpost, a provider of storable foodand emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.


[1] http://www.utdallas.edu/news/2016/2/3-31891_Study-Uncovers-How-Electromagnetic-Fields-Amplify-_story-wide.html

This article (Study Proves Electromagnetic Fields from Cell Towers Can Amplify Pain) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Pietrowski and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.



Study Uncovers How Electromagnetic Fields Amplify Pain in Amputees

3 February 2016 – “www.utdallas.edu”, The University of Texas at Dallas News Center

Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega

For years, retired Maj. David Underwood has noticed that whenever he drove under power lines and around other electromagnetic fields, he would feel a buzz in what remained of his arm. When traveling by car through Texas’ open spaces, the buzz often became more powerful.

“When roaming on a cellphone in the car kicked in, the pain almost felt like having my arm blown off again,” said Underwood, an Iraq War veteran who was injured by an improvised explosive device (IED). His injuries have resulted in 35 surgeries and the amputation of his left arm. Shrapnel from the IED also tore part of his leg and left him with more than 100 smaller wounds. “I didn’t notice the power lines, cellphones on roam or other electromagnetic fields until I first felt them in my arm.”

Until a recent study led by researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas was published online last month in PLOS ONE, there was no scientific evidence to back up the anecdotal stories of people, such as Underwood, who reported aberrant sensations and neuropathic pain around cellphone towers and other technology that produce radio-frequency electromagnetic fields.

“Our study provides evidence, for the first time, that subjects exposed to cellphone towers at low, regular levels can actually perceive pain,” said Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega, senior author of the study and an associate professor of bioengineering in the University’s Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. “Our study also points to a specific nerve pathway that may contribute to our main finding.”

Most of the research into the possible effects of cellphone towers on humans has been conducted on individuals with no diagnosed, pre-existing conditions. This is one of the first studies to look at the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in a nerve-injury model, said Romero-Ortega, who researches nerve regeneration and builds neural interfaces — technology that connects bionic or robotic devices to the peripheral nerve. There are nearly 2 million amputees in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many suffer from chronic pain.

After interacting with Underwood, Romero-Ortega decided to study the phenomena that Underwood described.

Retired Maj. David Underwood

The team hypothesized that the formation of neuromas — inflamed peripheral nerve bundles that often form due to injury — created an environment that may be sensitive to EMF-tissue interactions. To test this, the team randomly assigned 20 rats into two groups — one receiving a nerve injury that simulated amputation, and the other group receiving a sham treatment. Researchers then exposed the subjects to a radiofrequency electromagnetic antenna for 10 minutes, once per week for eight weeks. The antenna delivered a power density equal to that measured at 39 meters from a local cellphone tower — a power density that a person might encounter outside of occupational settings.

Researchers found that by the fourth week, 88 percent of subjects in the nerve-injured group demonstrated a behavioral pain response, while only one subject in the sham group exhibited pain at a single time point, and that was during the first week. After growth of neuroma and resection — the typical treatment in humans with neuromas who are experiencing pain — the pain responses persisted.

“Many believe that a neuroma has to be present in order to evoke pain. Our model found that electromagnetic fields evoked pain that is perceived before neuroma formation; subjects felt pain almost immediately,” Romero-Ortega said. “My hope is that this study will highlight the importance of developing clinical options to prevent neuromas, instead of the current partially effective surgery alternatives for neuroma resection to treat pain.”

Researchers also performed experiments at the cellular level to explain the behavioral response. That led researchers to explore the protein TRPV4, which is known to be a factor in heat sensitivity and the development of allodynia, which some subjects displayed.

“It is highly likely that TRPV4 is a mediator in the pain response for these subjects,” Romero-Ortega said. “Our calcium imaging experiments were a good indicator that TRPV4 is worth further exploration.”

Our study provides evidence, for the first time, that subjects exposed to cellphone towers at low, regular levels can actually perceive pain. Our study also points to a specific nerve pathway that may contribute to our main finding.

Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega,
associate professor
of bioengineering

Romero-Ortega said since the research produced pain responses similar to those in anecdotal reports and a specific human case, the results “are very likely” generalizable to humans.

“There are commercially available products to block radio frequency electromagnetic energy. There are people who live in caves because they report to be hypersensitive to radiomagnetism, yet the rest of the world uses cellphones and does not have a problem. The polarization may allow people to disregard the complaints of the few as psychosomatic,” he said. “In our study, the subjects with nerve injury were not capable of complex psychosomatic behavior. Their pain was a direct response to man-made radiofrequency electromagnetic energy.”

At one point in the study, members of the research group showed Underwood video of subjects in the experiment and their response to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.

“It was exactly the same type of movements I would have around cellphones on roam, power lines and other electromagnetic fields,” said Underwood, who has served on congressional medical committees and been exposed to some of the best doctors in the world. “It is pretty amazing that a few short conversations with this team led to validation of what I, and many others, experience.”

Researchers said that the next step is to develop devices that block neuropathic pain from radiofrequency electromagnetic energy.

Dr. Bryan Black, a research associate in the Department of Bioengineering in the Jonsson School; Dr. Rafael Granja-Vazquez, a postdoctoral fellow at UT Dallas; Dr. Benjamin Johnston of Brown University; and Dr. Erick Jones Sr., a professor of industrial, manufacturing and systems engineering at UT Arlington, also contributed to the work.



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11 fév 2016 – “www.michele-rivasi.eu”


à l’occasion du colloque du 11 Février 2016 à l’Assemblée nationale

« Pour mieux comprendre et reconnaitre l’électro-hypersensibilité »

Nous, médecins, scientifiques et professionnels de santé,

Considérant l’appel de Fribourg lancé en 2002 par des médecins, nous constatons ces dernières années au cours de nos consultations, une augmentation dramatique de maladies graves et chroniques chez nos patients, telles que:

Les symptômes généralement constatés à l’utilisation du téléphone portable :

–          douleur et/ou une chaleur dans l’oreille

–          troubles de la sensibilité superficielle à type de dysesthésies(fourmillements, picotements, brûlures, voire prurit) au niveau du visage, du cuir chevelu ou du bras

Puis peu à peu, et de façon permanente :

maux de tête, associés de façon caractéristique à une raideur et douleur de la nuque.

–          acouphènes, hyperacousie,

–           troubles visuels à type de vision floue,

–          anomalies de la sensibilité profonde (faux vertiges), malaises

–          lésions cutanées avec sensation de brulures (causalgies) et/ou un prurit,

–          troubles musculaires (myalgies, spasmes, fasciculations) et/ou articulaires (arthralgies, raideurs)

–          troubles cognitifs.

En deuxième phase :

–          apparition de troubles cognitifs sévères  (déficit de l’attention et de la concentration, perte de la mémoire immédiate)

–          symptômes végétatifs sympathicomimétiques (oppression thoracique, tachycardie)

–          troubles digestifs ou urinaires,

–           insomnie, fatigue chronique et éventuellement tendance dépressive.

Et enfin, en l’absence de traitement et de mesure de protection, l’évolution est marquée par la constitution progressive de lésions anatomopathologiques, totalement irréversibles : syndrome confusionnel,absences, désorientation temporo spatiale ou état de démence s’apparentant à une maladie d’Alzheimer y compris chez les sujets jeunes.

Chez l’enfant : maux de tête et troubles du sommeil, dyslexie, troubles de l’attention et de la concentration, perte de  mémoire de fixation, parfois troubles du comportement (enfant refusant d’aller à l’école sans raison),
Considérant que nous connaissons l’environnement résidentiel et les habitudes de nos patients, nous constatons souvent une corrélation dans le temps et dans l’espace, entre l’apparition de ces troubles et le début de l’extension de l’irradiation par des ondes électromagnétiques, dans des cas comme:

– l’installation d’une antenne relais de téléphonie mobile dans les environs du domicile ou du lieu de travail du patient,
– l’utilisation intensive d’un téléphone portable,
– l’utilisation d’un téléphone sans fil de type DECT à domicile ou au travail.

Les champs  électromagnétiques semblent donc  pour partie expliquer l’apparition de ces troubles.

Comme l’indique la Déclaration scientifique Internationale sur l’Electrohypersensibilité et la sensibilité aux produits chimiques multiples signée par des scientifiques et médecins du monde entier réunis à l’Académie Royale de Médecine à Bruxelles en mai  2015, à l’initiative de l’ECERI  des marqueurs biologiques ont été identifiés chez les malades électrohypersensibles qui permettent d’établir l’existence de véritables pathologies invalidantes. A tel point que certaines personnes doivent s’isoler des endroits pollués par les champs électromagnétiques (wifi, téléphonie mobile…) afin de continuer à vivre dans les conditions les plus normales possibles. Pour autant, cette pathologie n’est toujours pas reconnue par les autorités sanitaires françaises.

Dans le contexte de la reconnaissance, par le Tribunal du contentieux de l’incapacité de Toulouse, du handicap à 80% subi par un malade atteint d’électro-hypersensibilité, nous pensons qu’il est temps d’évoquer enfin de ce sujet majeur de santé publique.

Cette pathologie étant complexe et multifactorielle, nous sommes démunis face à ces personnes, dont la souffrance physique est réelle et les symptômes avérés. Même si une controverse scientifique demeure à certains égards sur le sujet, ces patients existent et des réponses doivent leur être apportées médicalement pour atténuer leur souffrance.

Nous avons besoin d’être mieux informés sur les impacts sanitaires des champs électromagnétiques et d’être dotés d’outils pour mieux aider ces patients.

Nous appelons ainsi solennellement l’État français et plus particulièrement la Ministre de la santé à faire de l’impact sanitaire des champs électromagnétiques une priorité sanitaire et de considérer ces patients, de plus en plus nombreux, qui sont pour la plupart en grande difficulté et précarité sociale.

Il nous semble indispensable, par précaution, d’abaisser l’exposition générale de la population aux champs électromagnétiques ; notamment pour ce qui est des enfants, de réduire leur exposition à la wifi et aux tablettes dans les établissements scolaires.

Une recherche indépendante et approfondie doit être menée sur le sujet et les personnes électro hypersensibles doivent pouvoir se réfugier dans des « zones blanches »

Enfin, les décisions de certaines Maisons Départementales des Personnes Handicapés de reconnaître l’électro-hypersensibilité comme handicap doivent être définitivement validées et appliquées par toutes les MDPH  pour que les personnes EHS soient toutes prises en charge.

Liste des 50 premiers signataires de l’Appel, avant le Colloque :

Pr Dominique BELPOMME (75)

Pr Pierre LE RUZ (72)

Catherine  NEYRAND  – masseur kinésithérapeute (26)

Christian BORDES, osthéopathe (31)

Dr Gérard DIEUZAIDE (31)

Dr Nathalie BOSCH  chirurgien dentiste (83)

Dr. Valérie BOURIN-KLEIN, généraliste (38)

Dr Jeanine ISRAEL, retraitée (38)

Anne Marie CHARRIER, orthophoniste Nantes

Sandy RONDIN – Infirmier Puériculteur en Unité de Protection Maternelle et Infantile (44)

Colette PRALUS, kinésithérapeute (83)

Dr Patricia LOPEZ (69)

Dr Michaël RAMAIN (94)

Dr Marie HANOTTE (69)

Dr Alain LACHARD (83)

Dr Sylvie GOURLET, vétérinaire (89)

Dr Antoine ROPHE (83)

Dr JENNESSEN Ralph (Var)

Francis GLEMET, pharmacien industriel (34)

Dr Didier TARTE,  retraité (27)

Dr. Jean-Claude ALBARET (10)

Dr Dominique ERAUD (75)

Dr Vinciane VERLY (Bruxelles)

Jean-Pierre MARGUARITTE, osthéopathe (92)

Dr Bernard COADOU, retraité (33)

Dr TOURRE 26120 Chabeuil médecine générale et sportive

Dr Eric MENAT Médecin Généraliste  libéral 31

Dr Michel ANGLES 12

Danielle PERSICO, Pédiatre (26)

Sylvie RINAUDO, docteur en chimie (75)

Philippe Masson, dentiste (75)

Dr Yvon GUIBERT (84)

Nathalie BUISSON infirmière libérale (26)

Dr Véronique RIGAULT, Centre hospitalier de Lannemezan (65)

Véronique CHAVANAT, Orthophoniste (78)

Katia TAMISIER, infirmière en retraite (79)

Dr André MERGUI (30), stomatologue

Adeline BARROIS, Infirmière (59)

Dr Lionel FABRE (83)

Dr Paul GUILLON (41)

Dr Sophie LIBERT (75)

Dr Maryline LE ROULIER (91)

Françoise de SAINT-PAUL, infirmière anesthésiste (47)

Dr Nicole SICARD (12)

Dr Pierre LENTHERIC (30)

Dr Jean-François PAILLE (74)

Dr Catherine BILLOD, généraliste, homéopathe et ostéopathe (01)

Dr Martine VONDERSCHER, retraitée (38)

Dr Elise DONVAL, retraitée (92)

Véronique RIVE, intervenante en domobiologie (29)





CALL for doctors and health professionals – «to better understand and recognize electrohypersensitivity» 11 Feb 2016 (auto translation, via Michèle Rivasi)


At the occasion of the symposium at the National Assembly on 11th February 2016, “To better understand and recognize electro-hypersensitivity”
We, doctors, scientists and health professionals,
Considering the appeal of Fribourg launched in 2002 by physicians, we find in recent years during our consultations, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients, such as:

Symptoms usually found in mobile phone use:

– Pain and / or heat in the ear

– Disorders of the surface sensitivity type dysesthesia (tingling, tingling, burning or itching) on the face, scalp or arm

Then gradually, and permanently:

– Headache, associated typically with stiffness and pain in the neck.

– Tinnitus, hyperacusis,

– Visual disturbances type of blurred vision,

– Anomalies of deep sensitivity (false vertigo), malaise

– Skin lesions with sensation of burns (causalgia) and / or itching,

– Muscle disorders (myalgia, spasms, twitching) and / or joints (arthralgia, stiffness)

– Cognitive disorders.

Second stage:

– Onset of severe cognitive disorders (attention deficit and concentration, loss of short term memory)

– Vegetative symptoms sympathomimetic (chest tightness, tachycardia)

– Digestive or urinary disorders,

– Insomnia, chronic fatigue and possibly depressive tendency.

And finally, in the absence of treatment and protection measure, evolution is marked by progressive constitution of pathological lesions, totally irreversible: delirium, absences, spatial disorientation or temporal state of dementia resembling a disease Alzheimer including young subjects.

In children headache and sleep disorders, dyslexia, attention disorders and concentration, loss of memory attachment, sometimes behavioral problems (child refusing to go to school without reason)

Considering that we know the residential environment and habits of our patients, we often see a correlation in time and space, between the occurrence of these disorders and the beginning of the extension of the radiation waves electromagnetic, in cases such as:

– The installation of a mobile phone mast in the vicinity of the home or the patient’s workplace

– the intensive use of a mobile phone

– using a DECT-type wireless phone home or at work.

Electromagnetic fields thus appear to partly explain the appearance of these disorders.

As indicated in the Declaration on International Scientific electrohypersensitivity and sensitivity to multiple chemicals signed by scientists and doctors around the world gathered at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Brussels in May 2015, on the initiative of the ECERI biomarkers have been identified in the EHS sufferers that establish the existence of true debilitating conditions.

So much so that some people must isolate polluted places by electromagnetic fields (WiFi, mobile phone …) to continue to live under the most normal conditions possible.

However, this disease is still not recognized by the French health authorities.

In the context of the recognition by the Dispute Tribunal of the inability of Toulouse, 80% of disability suffered by a patient with electro-hypersensitivity, we believe it is finally time to discuss this major issue public health.

This pathology is complex and multifactorial, we are clueless about these people, whose physical suffering is real and symptoms found. Although scientific controversy remains in some respects on the subject, these patients exist and their responses must be made medically to alleviate their suffering.

We need to be better informed on health impacts of electromagnetic fields and to be equipped with tools to better help these patients.

We call solemnly as the French government and particularly the Minister of Health to the health impact of electromagnetic fields a health priority and take these patients, more and more, which are mostly in big trouble and social insecurity.

It seems essential, as a precaution, lower the general population exposure to electromagnetic fields; especially in terms of children, reduce their exposure to wifi and tablets in schools.

An independent and thorough research should be conducted on the subject and electro hypersensitive persons should be able to take refuge in “white areas”

Finally, decisions of some houses Departmental Disabled Persons recognize electro-hypersensitivity as a disability must be definitively validated and applied by all MDPH for people to EHS are all supported

List of top 50 signatories of the Appeal before the Conference:

Pr Dominique BELPOMME (75)

Pr Pierre LE RUZ (72)

Catherine NEYRAND – physiotherapist (26)

Christian Bordes, osteopath (31)

Dr. Gerard DIEUZAIDE (31)

Dr Nathalie BOSCH dentist (83)

Dr. Valerie BOURIN-KLEIN, general (38)

Dr. Jeanine ISRAEL retired (38)

Anne Marie Charrier, speech Nantes

Sandy LOG – Nurse puériculteur Protection Unit in Mother and Child (44)

Colette PRALUS, physiotherapist (83)

Dr. Patricia LOPEZ (69)

Dr. Michael RAMAIN (94)

Dr Marie HANOTTE (69)

Dr. Alain LACHARD (83)

Dr. Sylvie GOURLET, veterinary (89)

Dr. Antoine Rophé (83)

Dr. Ralph JENNESSEN (Var)

Francis GLEMET, industrial pharmacist (34)

Dr Didier PIE, retired (27)

Dr. Jean-Claude ALBARET (10)

Dr Dominique ERAUD (75)

Dr Vinciane VERLY (Brussels)

Jean-Pierre MARGUARITTE, osteopath (92)

Dr Bernard COADOU, retired (33)

Dr TOURRE 26120 Chabeuil general medicine and sports

Dr. Eric MENAT Liberal General Practitioner 31

Dr. Michel ANGLES 12

Danielle Persico, Pediatrician (26)

Sylvie RINAUDO, PhD in chemistry (75)

Philippe Masson, dentist (75)

Dr Yvon Guibert (84)

Nathalie Buisson liberal nurse (26)

Dr Véronique RIGAULT, Hospital of Lannemezan (65)

Véronique CHAVANAT, Speech Therapist (78)

Katia TAMISIER nurse in retirement (79)

Dr. André MERGUI (30), dentist

Adeline BARROIS, Nurse (59)

Dr Lionel Fabre (83)

Dr. Paul GUILLON (41)

Dr Sophie LIBERT (75)

Dr Maryline THE ROULIER (91)

Françoise de SAINT-PAUL, nurse anesthetist (47)

Dr. Nicole SICARD (12)

Dr. Pierre Lenthéric (30)

Dr. Jean-François STRAW (74)

Dr Catherine BILLOD, general practitioner, homeopath, and osteopath (01)

Dr Martine Vonderscher, retired (38)

Dr Elise DONVAL, retired (92)

Véronique SHORE, intervener in domobiologie (29)


Inquinamento Elettromagnetico: Effetti biologico sanitari a breve e lungo termine – Borgomanero, 6 febbraio 2016

Elettrosensibili“I SABATI DELLA SALUTE”, organizzati dalla “Associazione Mimosa Amici del DH Oncologico di Borgomanero”, hanno avuto inizio sabato 6 febbraio 2016 con una conferenza tenuta dal nostro Vicepresidente dr. Paolo Orio sul tema “Inquinamento elettromagnetico: effetti biologico sanitari a breve e lungo termine”.

ElettrosensibiliDurante l’incontro si è cercato come sempre di fornire informazioni accurate sull’Inquinamento Elettromagnetico, attualmente una delle più grandi minacce per la salute umana e per l’ambiente, soprattutto per quanto riguarda quello in Alta Frequenza generato dall’uso di tecnologie e dispositivi Wireless.

ElettrosensibiliProprio la scarsa conoscenza del pericolo da parte della popolazione sta portando sempre più persone ad adottare connessioni Wireless in sostituzione di quelle cablate, e questo sta già avendo pesanti ripercussioni di tipo sanitario, destinate ad aggravarsi ulteriormente nel tempo.

Per questo motivo sono state fornite anche nozioni di igiene elettrica, spiegando quali comportamenti tenere e quali accorgimenti adottare per minimizzare l’esposizione ai Campi Elettromagnetici in Alta (ma anche in Bassa) Frequenza.

ElettrosensibiliIl pubblico era numeroso e, come spesso accade durante questi incontri, nuovi Elettrosensibili si sono presentati ai nostri rappresentanti a testimonianza del fatto che la Elettrosensibilità è in aumento e, fortunatamente, sta crescendo anche la consapevolezza del problema.


“I SABATI DELLA SALUTE” continueranno nei mesi successivi con interventi di altri esperti e si terranno sempre  presso l’Aula Magna dell’Ospedale di Borgomanero (NO), dalle ore 16:00 alle ore 18:00.

Per maggiori dettagli, potete cliccare sulla immagine della locandina qui a destra per ingrandirla.

IMG-20160213-WA0007 (2)
12 febbraio 2016



Talk too long on cellphone? Your sperm may be at risk, Israel researchers find

2 February 2016 – “www.jpost.com” Health & Science, by JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH

mobile phone

Men who speak on their cellphone for more than one hour a day or keep their phone close to their groin risk significant damage to the quality of their sperm and their ability to father a child, according to researchers at Haifa’s Technion- Israel Institute of Technology and Carmel Medical Center.

Dr. Yulia Sheinfeld and colleagues in the division of fertility and in-vitro fertilization of the obstetrics/gynecology department at Carmel published their findings in Reproductive BioMedicine Online.

Between 30 percent and 40% of all infertility cases involve male fertility problems. Some studies have shown a continuous decline in semen quality in recent decades. One postulated contributing factor is radio frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from cellphones.

For the current study, questionnaires assessing demographic data and characteristics of cell phone usage were completed by 106 men referred for semen analysis.

The researchers found that talking on cellphones for an hour a day or more and talking on the devices while they are charging are behaviors that are associated with higher rates of abnormal semen concentration. Among men who reported holding their phones within 50 centimeters of the groin, a higher rate of abnormal sperm concentration was found. Semen concentration was abnormal among 47% of those who stored their phone in their pants pockets, while it was abnormal in only 11% of the general male population.

Other factors in reducing fertility included smoking.

The authors said the study was small and urged that large-scale studies be carried out. However, in the meantime, they recommended male users to speak less on cellphones, as well as to avoid sleeping next to them, carrying them near the groin area, or speaking on the devices while they are charging.

Instead, the researchers suggest using earphones or a speaker phone.



Electromagnetic Radiation : ‘Wake-Up Call’ For Everyone

Mobile phones have been called “The Cigarettes of 21st Century”. It took more than 150 years to prove that smoking tobacco is injurious to health. Are we waiting for more conclusive data than we already have on the harmful effects of radiation ?

04 January 2016 – “health.economictimes.indiatimes.com”

The year 2015 saw the launch of one of the most important flagship programmes by the Government of India – The Digital India initiative. In order to support this, the Indian telecom and mobile industry is making huge investments and innovations in order to cater to the growing mobile ecosystem. While these efforts are sure to transform the way we communicate and lead to ease of doing business, we also need to wake up to the adverse impact technology can have on our health. The alarming truth is that with the use of more and more wireless technology and devices, our exposure to harmful Electromagnetic Radiation is going to continuously increase.

On May 11, 2015, 190 scientists from 39 countries submitted an “International EMF Scientist Appeal” to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations. These scientists have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological and health effects of radiations. “We are scientists and engineers, and I am here to tell you – we have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control! Putting it bluntly, they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely” says Dr. Martin Blank, heading the committee of Scientists and from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University, USA.

The New National Legislation and agency for health in France has passed a law this year, banning the use of Wi-Fiand all wireless devices in nursery schools. The Federal Public Health Regulations in Belgium has put a total advertising ban on cell phones aimed at children younger than 14. The Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health of the House of Commons issued a report titled “Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Health of Canadians” in June 2015 making recommendations including an awareness campaign on reducing exposure and improved policy measures regarding the marketing of radiation emitting devices to children under the age of 14. On May 12, 2015 Berkley adopted the cell phone “Right to Know” ordinance on a unanimous vote. It is the first city in USA to require cell phone retailers to provide those who purchase a new phone an informational fact sheet which informs buyers to read the user manual to learn the cell phone’s minimum separation distance from the body.

In March 2015, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) started conducting a multi-disciplinary study to find out adverse effects of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR). These efforts are definitely appreciable, but can we afford to wait till they publish their findings in a few years from now to take preventive action, when WHO has already classified the radio frequency electromagnetic radiations emitted from mobile devices as ‘possibly carcinogenic’?

Mobile phones have been called “The Cigarettes of 21st Century”. It took more than 150 years to prove that smoking tobacco is injurious to health and for governments to take legislative steps to force cigarette manufacturers to issue a warning to consumers. Are we ready to wait for even 15 years to get any more conclusive data than we already have on the harmful effects of radiation and legislation from the governments to issue warnings? Radiations from mobile devices have the potential to cause more serious damage than smoking because people are starting to use wireless technologies and devices at a much younger age!

Organizations are also oblivious to the fact that ‘Geopathic Stress’ (Earth’s natural sources of Radiation) is a major reason for the phenomenon of ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ (SBS). These natural forms of radiation affect our health and productivity. A study carried out on 600 office workers in the USA showed that 20% of the employees experience symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) – suffering from frequent headaches, high stress levels, loss of concentration, depression and fatigue. Other estimates reported that up to 30% of new and refurbished buildings across the globe may be affected by this syndrome (WHO, 1983 and 1986). These radiations are also found to have an adverse impact on industrial machinery and equipment, leading to frequent breakdowns and therefore huge losses.

The awareness about the effects from Geopathic stress is gaining momentum. One of the BJP offices in Hyderabad was recently relocated due to the presence of Geopathic stress at the earlier location. Companies all across the globe are making every effort to make their organizational health robust on all accounts.

Radiation management is a new field of work which has emerged globally and in India over the last few years. Various solutions gave emerged to mitigate the risks posed by the different forms of Radiation present all around us, without having to relocate or change the way we live or work. These solutions are being implemented not only by individuals, but by large organizations in the private as well as public sector.

Organizations have seen a great improvement in the productivity of their employees, lower level of attrition rates, enhanced interpersonal relationships at the workplace and decreased machinery breakdown in plants by implementing these radiation management solutions. In India, more than 200 organizations and 1,800 establishments have experienced positive change by implementing these solutions which take care of the natural (Geopathic Stress) radiations in buildings, as well as the man-made sources of Radiation from Wi-Fi enabled devices and other gadgets. All the oil refineries owned by Indian Oil, HPCL & BPCL have got the correction of Geopathic Stresses done to improve their efficiency. The newly opened Terminal 2 at Mumbai Airport is the world’s first ‘Radiation Friendly’ terminal building. Mumbai International Airport Ltd. (MIAL) has got all types of natural as well as man-made radiations corrected at this Terminal as part of their Sustainability initiative.

Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Limited, a Radiation Management and Solutions Company