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Good News from Israel – City Removed Wi-Fi from Schools for Health Reasons

20 April 2016 – Letter from Dafna Tachover

Hi All

It has been an exciting week in Israel on the fighting the wireless front, with 2 main developments that are likely related:

1) TV Documentary about Electro-Sensitivity and wireless – “HOW WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES –  WIRELESS RADIATION”

2)The City of Haifa ordered to disconnect Wi-Fi in all schools and planing to install wired Internet instead



It started with a 30 minutes TV documentary about the epidemic of Electro-Sensitivity that was aired last Tuesday at 9pm on prime time TV and which got the highest rating of the day.

The name chosen for the documentary: “HOW WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES –  WIRELESS RADIATION”  leaves no doubt about the message of the movie. Press here for the movie (it is in Hebrew but some interviews are in English)

The tv channel run constant very effective and alarming promo to the movie that created a lot of buzz and to my opinion was even better than the movie itself:-) You can see the promo on my Facebook page.

The director planned to do 10 minutes on ES as part of a film about the diseases of the 21st century, but eventually, after working with us intensely on it, they understood the extent of the problem and the lie and how important it is to give an uncompromising warning to the public and decided to do a 30 minutes documentary mainly on ES and the Wi-Fi in schools.

The host was a leading TV media person and his tone was uncompromising – no maybes, precautionary etc, the tone was – there is an epidemic out there. Wireless harms an it is time for us to wake up as it is late already. He started by saying that at least 800,000 people in Israel, i.e. 10% of the population already suffer from different levels of ES and twice aired parts of my interview in which I was saying that the rates are already higher and will continue to increase.

The two government “experts” who lied to the Israeli Supreme Court admitted on the show that the thermal safety standard is irrelevant (opposite to what they told the Supreme Court). I intend to take action now that we have them on camera admitting the opposite to what they told the Supreme Court and left no doubt that they committed perjury.

Most importantly, the movie created a lot of buzz, undoubted ES and sent a very alarming message and was another strong warning that radiation harms are not potential but existing, an in a scale of epidemic. There was no “other side”. It is ridiculous to me how anyone who does a program/article on this topic insists on bringing the “other side” – why? Journalism is about exposing the truth. If the truth is clear as it is in the wireless issue, once a journalist understand what the truth is he does not and should not let the “other side” to continue and propagate its lie!

Many participated from Israel (Amir Borenstein, Yael Levin and her daughter Noa gave testimony about what it is like to be electro-sensitive, a few parents who fight the Wi-Fi in schools, I was intervied as an expert and activist, on the medical side we had Prof. Richter and Dr. Yael Stein, and the technical side was  presented by engineer Liran Raz who did a fantastic work)and from the US : Jennifer Wood whose testimony is very powerful and Prof. David Carpenter. They also mentioned the tragic story of Jenny Fry, the 15 Y/O from England who committed suicide because of the Wi-Fi in school.

City of Haifa announced it ordered to DISCONNECT Wi-Fi from schools

This is truly a Breakthrough  – The City of Haifa in Israel announced that it is removing Wi-Fi from schools. This was announced by the mayor, Yona Yahav, who said that “When there is a doubt, when it comes to our children, there is no doubt”. He ordered to have all the Wi-Fi disconnected immediately and to start and put wired Internet instead! I guess the definite tone of the tv documentary that aired this week and the buzz it created helped the city to make the final decision. I believe that now that one city decided to stop WI-Fi the trend will continue and will reverse the pro wi-fi trend. Hope other cities will join. Haifa is the 3rd largest city in Israel.

All of this is really exciting. It seems that the hard work we put in the past few years – the supreme court case, the work on and with the media and the uncompromising message I made sure to send are finally paying off. Please everyone out there – the message should be strong. Electro-Sensitivity is an epidemic it is NOT a 3% of “sensitive population” we are now in the double digits in terms of ES – it is an epidemic and the public must be told and warned. Wi-Fi in schools is a disaster and as a person who spends every day 2-4 hours on the phone with people and children who got sick and many contemplate committing suicide I urge you all to be uncompromising. The truth, and all of it must be told.

Continued good luck to us all and thanks to anyone out there who stands up to evil and stupidity.



Dafna Tachover
Attorney (NY, Israel), MBA
US Number: (845) 251 1217
Israeli Number: 03-763 9673
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Stories From Parents About Their Children


“Headaches, insomnia, memory and concentration problems, anxiety, allergies, rashes are commonly reported.

  Read these stories from parents. (Keep scrolling down for more)


Effect the Cell Towers Have Had on My Son

From A California Mother in the USA received July 2015

My son developed anxiety, OCD, insomnia, irrational fears, various neurological problems, personality changes immediately after the upgrade of an AT&T cell tower next to his school to 4G LTE technology, which was completed in June 2013.  I didn’t even know there were cell towers next to his school until March 2015 because these cell towers were camouflaged as ball field light poles. (One was 300 ft away from the school, the other was 600 ft away)

His symptoms suddenly began when he started 4th grade in August 2013.  He suddenly became fearful of fire drills, and they gave him anxiety attacks to the point where he had to be called out of class and into the principal’s office prior to the drills.  He developed severe anxiety and a low threshold for stress.  He couldn’t concentrate on his homework.  He would stare at the instructions and not understand what he was supposed to do – I had to explain instructions to him and I had to help him.  He could only work on homework for 20 minutes at a time before he became extremely frustrated and stressed.  He became extremely forgetful, often forgetting his books and other materials needed for homework.  He suddenly developed OCD and became paranoid about germs.  He developed insomnia and could only sleep for 7-8 hours a night, whereas before he used to sleep at least 10.  He cried daily over trivial matters, daily life became overwhelming for him, he often asked why he became sick suddenly and why he felt so stressed all the time, and he even began to say life would be better in Heaven because then he would no longer feel so stressed and sick.  I was devastated to hear my son say these things.

He suddenly had behavioral problems, which his teachers never said he had before the 4th grade.  When I had him undergo a psychological evaluation, it determined he had OCD, Anxiety, and ADD – he did not have any of these problems prior to the cell tower upgrade, except possibly for mild ADD that did not present as a problem.  He also suddenly developed constipation, where he used to be regular.  He developed unexplained rashes on the backs of his hands.  His allergies went from mild to severe.  His personality changed.  He changed from being a sweet and thoughtful child to being angry and stressed most of the time who had a hard time functioning in school.  Simple tasks took him twice as long to do – getting ready in the morning took him 1.5 hrs where it used to take him 45 min. He became a different person and I was terrified I was losing him to some mysterious illness.  Fourth grade was a terrible year for him and for us as a family – it took a tremendous amount of effort just to get through each day one day at a time.

His pediatrician ran extensive tests on him and could not find anything wrong physiologically and ruled out any diseases.  We began all kinds of treatments to try to get him back to normal, including neurofeedback, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine.  He began to see many new medical practitioners that he didn’t have before, including pediatric GI specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists, acupuncturists, allergists, and a neurofeedback specialist.  He had at least 2 medical appointments a week!  In March 2014, after 6 months of hard work and thousands of dollars spent on these various therapies, he began to return to normal and he was able to function normally again.  It was also during this time that we instituted a 504 (special ed) for him for the first time.  No one knew what was wrong, and I didn’t make the connection that it was due to the cell towers next to the school until I discovered them in March 2015.

By June 2014 (after 10 months of therapy) he was almost back to himself, and he was functioning normally throughout the 5th grade until April 2015. His OCD was gone, his anxiety levels were down to a manageable level, and his ADD was mild and manageable.  He became a happy, normal child again, and I was grateful to have him back to himself, even though he still needed to continue with his various therapies to keep his symptoms under control.

Then in March 2015 I saw workers working on the ball field light poles – the covers were off, and I saw cell antennas – that’s when I discovered there were cell towers next to the school.  I asked them what they were doing, and they said they were upgrading the T-Mobile tower to 4G LTE.  I was shocked there was a cell tower so close to school (300ft).  So I went to City Hall to investigate, and that’s when I discovered the presence of a second cell tower (AT&T) next to the school at 600 ft, and that it had been upgraded to LTE in June 2013!  That’s when I realized what triggered my son’s sudden anxiety and severe allergy problems in August 2013.

So I bought an RF meter to measure the RF power densities around the school, and I found that they were at a maximum of 0.3uW/cm2 outside.  So I researched to see what kinds of symptoms could be expected at these levels. That’s when I found the 2012 Bioinitiative Report.  At the RF levels measured, it was high enough to increase the risk of leukemia by a factor of 2, increase headaches, insomnia, memory and concentration problems, stress hormones and anxiety, behavioral issues, and rashes according to the 2012 Bioinitiative Report.  When I saw that the symptoms my son had matched what was in the 2012 Bioinitiative Report for the RF power densities measured at his school, that was further confirmation of what triggered my son’s anxiety and severe allergy problems.  That’s when I started taking action.

Within a few days that the second cell tower (T-Mobile) was upgraded to 4G LTE in April 2015, he began showing the same signs again – extreme allergies to he point that he’s developed asthma now (1st time), OCD reappearing, anxiety escalating.  His younger brother who is 6 years old has started to show some similar symptoms that he had not before. His younger brother has been having GI problems, allergies (never had allergies before), and changes in mood (emotions).  As a parent, having seen him go through these changes twice immediately after the cell tower upgrades, I have to do something.  This could not have been a coincidence.  These are just the effects I am seeing on the outside.  What is going on inside of him?  This must be affecting other kids too.  That’s when I started working on setting safer cell tower setbacks from schools – 1500ft, which is the usual recommended standard based on scientific studies.

That’s my story.  Like most people, I had no idea that cell towers could have such a profound effect on one’s health and well-being.  I have a B.S. degree in Chemical and Bio Engineering, and it was hard for me to accept initially that RF radiation could have been the cause of my son’s illness.  However after doing much research on the subject (including Andrew Goldsworthy’s papers) and experiencing what I did firsthand, it was the only rational conclusion.

I hope you will share your stories too if you or a family member has been affected by cell tower radiation.  By publicizing our stories we will bring awareness to this issue and force our government (FCC) to change its outdated regulations on safe levels of RF exposure from 1996.


Headaches From A New Phone?

US parent, Summer 2015

I can hardly believe what I am about to tell you.
It’s about me, my daughter and a phone.

I remember the day that we ordered the new cordless DECT phone  in the spring of 2012.  I plugged it in  and  placed it on the desk  next to our family computer.
Soon afterwords  my daughter started complaining of headaches.

I loved that phone.  I could take the handset and go to my neighbor’s pool and the phone still works great.  I thought it was awesome that I could be lounging outside in the trees,  watching my children play in the pool and still be able to receive phone calls even when I was not at my house.  What I didn’t know is that the fact that the phone worked hundreds of feet away  was an example of just how strong the radiation was from  the phone base to the handset.

I myself started to feel sick and I could not understand what was going on.  I felt extremely tired, had headaches  and basically felt like not doing the things I usually did.  brain fog.  I spent hours working on the computer every day right next to that phone base. (FYI  the computer was fully wired).   Before that phone  came into my life  I was one of those high-powered moms who never got sick,  volunteered for everything, baked muffins  did 300 things at night after the kids went to sleep.  A few weeks after we got that phone I would sit in front of the computer like a zombie every night “too tired” to do anything.

If you were sitting at the computer your head would be 5 to 8 inches away from the dect cordless phone base.  According to the manual of the phone  a person’s body should be 8 inches or 20 CM away from the base so you do not get radiation exposures  at thermal levels.  I, of course, did not know this  at the time.
As a busy working mother I  never made the time to go see a doctor that Spring although  to be honest I actually thought that I might have cancer or chronic fatigue syndrome,  I just felt terrible but in a weird way. I am not the type to complain so I never spoke of it. Yet my daughter did.

I  decided to take my daughter to see the pediatrician because her complaints were so unusual and started all of sudden that Spring.
“Do I have to go to school?”
” I’m so tired mom”
“I have a headache mom’
“I can’t do that mom”
” I just don’t feel well mom”

She was learning to type and would come home from school and immediately go to the computer and play typing games.  Her head was inches away from the phone base. She complained at nighttime. She would complain in the morning and she would complain when I picked her up at school.   Previously  she would not complain about much unless she  was coming down with a fever. I knew something was wrong.

The pediatrician spent a significant amount of time asking my daughter questions trying to  see if my daughter was anxious or had any mental problems.   The Dr. did a full physical exam but held off on blood tests stating that “perhaps  my daughter had an issue with school.” “Maybe this will resolve in the summer,  perhaps something is going on at school that we don’t know about”  she said, ” it  also sounds like she needs more sleep and you should get her to sleep earlier.”

” We have a 7:30 bedtime and always have, ”  I said.  I knew that  going to sleep earlier was not going to solve this problem because we already went to bed early enough.   I also knew that my daughter loved school, her friends and  I did not think this was a psychological issue.

Lo and be-hold  summer came and the headaches stopped.  Immediately after the last day of classes our family went camping and then had back-to-back summer trips.  We were only at home but for a few days that summer to pack and unpack for the next trip. The headaches and tiredness went away. ” Maybe it was stress about school?” I thought. “Maybe she was just tired?”

It was over that summer that I learned that wireless devices emitted radiation.  I walked in the house with a radiation meter and saw extremely high radiation levels coming out of that phone base.  I threw out the phone and got a corded plug in  phone and we have not had headaches like that since.  My daughter does not have the intense complaints that she used to have.

I cannot be sure that that phone cause these symptoms but it sure seems to me that there is an association.  Yes we are exposed to wireless everywhere  but to the levels that we were exposed to from that cordless phone were extremely high.  I would often get headaches from my cell phone if I used it for too long and in response I used it minimumly. (I never had an iPhone and I hear they cause worse headaches.)

I had no idea that the cordless phone base  was emitting radiation all the time.  Even when I was not talking on the phone- the base was putting out a high rate of radiation.  I am not only concerned about the biological effects from low levels of this radiation,  but I am also concerned that me and my children were exposed to  thermal (heating) levels  that surpass our US government guidelines.   Why didn’t we know that it stated in the manual that if we were to close to the phone base we could ” exceed FCC regulations”.

Why was I not informed? 

I wish I had known  this when my children were younger.  I am so thankful that I did not keep this phone base by my bed because I know  a family who keep the cordless phone base on the night stand by their bed.  These are the same friends that also take sleeping pills to sleep and are always complaining that they cannot get sleep.  Could it be the phone base?

Here is how I see the situation now.  Yes, me and my children are exposed to wireless everywhere but  when we got that  phone  we were exposed to constant daily intents radiation levels that we had not been exposed to before.  It was the tipping point. It must have overloaded our system. It was constant radiation.

We have since removed all wireless devices from our home.   Yes, we have a phone and yes, we have a computer but they are all wired (no Wi-Fi) and we are perfectly happy.  There is no lack of technology in our home.  (In fact I still think we look at screens too much). With my radiation meter  I can see that the RF levels are at 0 in my home. ZERO. (Not in the thousands as they were before from that phone)

However,  it is becoming increasingly hard  to find fun family places to go where we are not being bombarded by this radiation at levels that many scientists state are completely unacceptable.   When I go outside  to the local rec center or the library my radiation meter shows levels that are far above levels that have shown harm in research studies. Schools are upgrading their wireless networks and using very powerful systems  which is similar  to having that DECT cordless phone base  right near your head.

When I talk to other parents they (just as I was a few years ago) are usually completely unaware that there are any health risks related to wireless.   Yet so very many people have told me ” I get headaches from my cell phone.”  Perhaps a headache is not the end of the world -but the real question that we should be asking is…”Why are we getting these headaches?”  “What else is going on in our brains ?” “How is this radiation impacting our children’s brains?”

The scientific research that I have read shows that this radiation kills brain cells and very specifically damages young brains and interferes with proper brain development.   I do not want my children to have damaged brains because I simply wanted the convenience of a home cordless phone or laptop.

It is hard to believe that I just wrote a story about my family and a phone.   I am so thankful that I learned about this issue and I hope that every person reading it will take some time to look at this issue.   There is a lot of industry spin out there just like there was in the 50s concerning tobacco and of course –lead in paint.  The wireless industry is far more powerful than the tobacco and paint companies.

Just remember, there was no pre-market testing on these devices.  
Nobody checked to be sure that this radiation was safe for our kids. There is no proof of safety and a lot of red flags. If you are skeptical just try reducing the wifi in your home for two weeks and see how you feel. Try it. My and my husband were  shocked at how much better we slept and how we simply felt so much better physically. My energy is back !

My child’s health is nonnegotiable.  I don’t jump off cliffs and I make sure the kids have seatbelts on.

Exposing children to constant daily levels of an untested questionable radiation just makes no sense.

As a parent it is very hard to find time to do anything other then work and take care of my kids.  Howeverthis wireless business just takes the cake.  We have to do something.  I urge every parent and citizen reading this to take one step outside of your comfort zone . We must raise this issue in our community,  with our friends,  at our  schools,  at our local city Council meeting  and with all our elected officials.
Parents need to be informed about wireless radiation.  We have a right to know. 


My Children Are Not Guinea Pigs

Letter from a US Mother July 2015

I am basically a mother who uses common sense with her children. When I learned that wireless radiation was not necessarily safe I took the time to read. The more I read the more concerned I became. I began to wonder about how this radiation might be affecting my child who was being exposed every day at school.
There is no question that this radiation permeates bodies. The scientific question of the day seems to be -to what degree it could harm people.

I frankly don’t care. I don’t care if it is proven or not. There is enough research out there to be concerned. It took decades for cigarettes to be proven harmful and they are still legal. I simply do not think my children’s health should be risked. If this radiation is so safe, then why don’t they do a large research study involving children? Oops. They cannot to do such a research study because that would be unethical. Then why are we exposing our children to it in real life when we cannot expose them to this radiation in an experiment?

I do not need to wait for a scientific consensus. I certainly am not going to wait for the government to take action.

I believe that I have a right as a parent to decide what sort of risks I am comfortable taking with my children.
Does this makes sense?

I am working hard to raise this issue in my local school. Please share this with other parents.


We are calling for more stories from parents about how the wireless issue has effected their families.

Please send us your story to share by emailing parentsforsafetechnology@gmail.com.

Read more stories at these excellent websites:

Tyler Hoffmann, 8 Years old,  Colwood, BC at Refugium’s EHS Stories. 

Listen to People’s Stories at Damiens Radiation Diaries at Sweet Corn Media 




Letter to School Officials About the Threat of Wi-Fi in Schools

17 Aprile 2016 – “Omega News”

Hi Janis

MANY thanks for sending us your outstanding letter to School Officials. I’m translating it in French and have posted your Engish version at http://www.cqlpe.ca/pdf/LetterToSchoolOfficials.pdf and it is now linked at


Please note that while checking the source of the following quote (which I could not find in the Convention on the Rights of the Child) …

United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), asserts:that every child should have the opportunity to grow and develop free from preventable illness or injury.”

… I’ve discovered that it comes in fact from the American Academy of Pediatrics. So I’ve amended your letter accordingly to…

The American Academy of Pediatrics asserts:that every child should have the opportunity to grow and develop free from preventable illness or injury.”


According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989):

Article 3


Best regards


PS Un mot à Stephanye: Je vais réviser ta lettre ce soir et te revenir là-dessus sans faute. Merci beaucoup de l’avoir préparée. Et bonne idée de laisser faire le sondage détaillé vu que l’arrivée du Wi-Fi est récente.

Hi all

Sorry I don’t speak french but I have a letter that I haven’t sent out yet and thought if you needed to use any of this information you are welcome to


Dear School Officials,
Parents have sent School Officials 1,000’s of peer reviewed studies by scientists and medical experts showing the harmful effects of wireless technology associated with long term exposure to microwave radiation such as increased infertility, neurodegenerative disease and cancer. Experts both nationally and internationally continue to call on the Canadian government to implement much stricter exposure standards for radio frequency radiation to mitigate risk, especially for infants and children who are most vulnerable.

Why have School Officials refused to heed the recommendations from the highest level of public health? The World Health Organization (WHO), declared that parents should reduce children’s chronic exposure to RF/MWR where ever possible to mitigate risk for harmful effects, pointing out that any reasonable measure to limit or reduce exposure would be benefit children, fetuses and those with EHS.

According to a report delivered June 18th 2015, by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) the microwave radiation from wireless devices is now a “serious public health issue”.  The Canadian Parliamentary Committee discussed possible links between RF exposure and cancer, reproductive issues and autism. Concerns were raised about RF exposure in schools due to use of Wi-Fi; the need for RF exposure limits to protect vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, infants and children, and persons with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)


The International EMF Scientist Appeal, signed by over 200 EMF research scientists, university professors and medical doctors from 40 countries, called upon the United Nations, the WHO, and the UN Member States to address the emerging public health crisis


Health Canada has disregarded or minimized certain recent studies, such as cancer, DNA damage, protein synthesis, stress response, and detrimental biological health effects in humans that occur at radiation levels far below the existing Safety Code 6 Guideline. During the hearings four international experts testified that Health Canada is “either unwilling or not competent” to judge current scientific evidence that wireless radiation is harmful to our health. Health Canada is not protecting the public.



In February 20, 2013, in the Superior Court of Quebec, James McNamee, Health Canada scientist admitted that the Safety Code 6 guidelines for microwave radiation(which includes radiation from devices such as mobile phones, cell phone antennas, Wi-Fi, wireless toys and baby monitors, smart meters etc. is based ONLY on preventing a heating effect!  That is burning of the skin within 6 minutes.

The statement in the Preface of Safety Code 6 (2009) is the following (page 3):

The purpose of this code is to establish safety limits for human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy in the frequency range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. The safety limits in this code apply to all individuals working at, or visiting, federally regulated sites. These guidelines may also be adopted by the provinces, industry or other interested parties.

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 does NOT apply to provinces, industry, or other interested parties.  The provinces have the authority to establish levels far more restrictive than Safety Code 6.

Dr. McNamee finally admitted that the guidelines in question regarding cell towers are based ONLY on preventing a thermal effect and it is now accurate to say that Canada does not have a guideline to protect Canadians from long-term exposure to “non-thermal” levels of microwave radiation! (Dr. Magda Havas)

In February 2015, Lloyds of London officially reiterated its long-held policy to exclude any liability coverage for injuries, “Directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from, or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, radio waves or noise.”  (Exclusion 32)  This would include microwave wireless radiation emitted from the commercial grade Wi-Fi transmitters and the multiple wireless devices.


The Ministry of Education has put the onus on the individual School Boards to approve the installation of this wireless technology thus relieving themselves of any liability. It is made very clear in a letter to the BCCPAC dated November 19, 2012, from the Ministry of Education, the Board of Education has the authority to develop policies addressing the use of wireless technology in schools and to implement the appropriate technology where it is deemed necessary to support the education needs of students.

When parents requested ONE peer reviewed study proving ‘wifi was safe for children and the unborn,’ Health Officers were unable to present one.  The Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Kendall has stated in a letter in March 2015, “Nor, as others have suggested do I make statements that such radiation is ‘safe’ “.

Vancouver Island School Medical Officer Dr. Stanwick has stated: Upon review of the evidence, the prevailing position in this province from experts at the federal, provincial and regional levels is that the evidence reveals that “Wi-Fi exposure in schools does not pose a level of risk that is unacceptable.” The other chief medical health officers in the province, Provincial Health Officer, Ministry of Health and other federal and provincial agencies hold this position.

Stating there is in fact a risk.

Why are School Officials refusing Parents, Teachers and Students their RIGHT TO KNOW http://www.c4st.org/PMB about the health risks from this unregulated technology that has never been tested for safety? Safety Manuals and Disclaimers have not been disclosed, for example:

Apple instructs its users: “Read all safety information below and operating instructions before using iPad to avoid injury.”

to be sure that human exposure to RF energy does not exceed the FCC, IC, and European Union guidelines, always follow these instructions and precautions: Orient the device in portrait mode with the Home button at the bottom of the display, or in landscape mode with the cellular antenna (located under the black edge at the top of the device) away from your body or other objects”

A child cannot hold an iPad without being exposed to microwave radiation pulsating every 4 seconds. That’s 900 bursts of radiation in one hour!

The user manual also recommends users (many children): “you can further limit your exposure by limiting the amount of time using iPad Wi-Fi+3G in wireless mode, since time is a factor in how much exposure a person receives, and by placing more distance between your body and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, since exposure level drops off dramatically with distance.”

Samsung 3G Laptop: “Usage precautions during 3G connection:  Keep safe distance from pregnant woman’s stomach or from lower stomach of teenagers.  Body work operation:  Important safety information regarding radiofrequency radiation (RF) exposure.  To ensure compliance with RF exposure guidelines the Notebook PC must be used with a minimum of 20.8 cm (8 Inches) antenna separation from the body.”

Apple “iPhone’s SAR measurement may exceed the FCC exposure guidelines for body-worn operation if positioned less than 15 mm (5/8th inch) from the body. When using iPhone near your body for voice calls or for wireless data transmission over a cellular network, keep iPhone at least 15 mm (5/8th inch) away from the body, and only use carrying cases, belt clips or holsters that do not have metal parts and that maintain at least 15 mm (5/8th inch) separation between iPhone and the body

Why are teachers being forced to claim disability or early retirement, parents having to take their children out of school for home schooling and others forced in frustration to give up their parental right to protect their children?  Why is it no amount of evidence, peer reviewed studies, presentations by scientists and medical experts fail to make School Officials understand this mandatory exposure to microwave radiation causes permanent and irreversible damage?

Parents want to know why are School Officials willfully turning a deaf ear to the voices of our children who are suffering from this RF exposure?

Janis Hoffmann

Victoria BC

United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), asserts:that every child should have the opportunity to grow and develop free from preventable illness or injury.”

Article 3

1. In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.

2. States Parties undertake to ensure the child such protection and care as is necessary for his or her well-being, taking into account the rights and duties of his or her parents, legal guardians, or other individuals legally responsible for him or her, and, to this end, shall take all appropriate legislative and administrative measures.

3.   States Parties shall ensure that the institutions, services and facilities responsible for the care or protection of children shall conform with the standards established by competent authorities, particularly in the areas of safety, health, in the number and suitability of their staff, as well as competent supervision.





NO WI-FI DAYS – 29 e 30 Aprile 2016


La Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili prenderà parte a questa importante iniziativa, della quale condividiamo informazioni come diramate dalle fonti ufficiali:

In concomitanza con l’INTERNET DAY annunciato dal Presidente del Consiglio Matteo Renzi per le celebrazioni del 30° anniversario dello sbarco del web in Italia, abbiamo pensato che fosse necessaria una mobilitazione efficace ed energica.

Abbiamo deciso di creare il Comitato Promotore del NO WI FI DAYS indicendo per il 29 e 30 Aprile 20016 due giornate di mobilitazione ispirate al Principio di Precauzione, in cui invitiamo a spegnere il segnale Wi-Fi per sensibilizzare la collettività sui rischi e i pericoli per la salute pubblica legati all’annosa presenza ubiquitaria dell’irradiazione delle onde elettromagnetiche prodotte dal segnale Wi-Fi.

Vi invitiamo a partecipare al Comitato Promotore del NO WI FI DAYS per indire una contromanifestazione simbolica nelle giornate del 29 e 30 Aprile 2016, attraverso un’azione tesa ad incoraggiare la popolazione italiana a spegnere per quelle giornate il segnale Wi-Fi, per diffondere una maggiore consapevolezza e una presa di coscienza collettiva sul problema, creando una rete di dialogo sui social network, ponendo poi la questione all’attenzione degli organi di informazione e mass media, nonché alla classe politica parlamentare, regionale e locale, alla quale si chiederà di adottare misure di trasparenza e più restrittive sui valori di emissione elettromagnetica.

Pertanto è gradita la partecipazione della Vostra Associazione/Comitato/Fondazione che, in caso di adesione, verrà inserita nella lista dei costituenti il comitato (nel caso in cui si disponesse di un logo-marchio, lo si può inviare per l’inserimento). Sinora è stato predisposto un testo di base di presentazione del progetto che alleghiamo per una vostra condivisione.

Comitato Promotore no wi fi days


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Per un uso capillare sul territorio di vostra competenza, per una maggiore diffusione a mezzo stampa per mezzo delle Vs associzioni, si allega

Comunicato Stampa N° 1 – 26 Aprile 2016


In concomitanza con la festa del Web di Renzi, il Comitato Nazionale No Wi-Fi Days lancia due giorni di simbolica contro manifestazione per sensibilizzare Governo e opinione pubblica sui rischi e pericoli per la salute umana e il Pianeta derivanti delle connessioni Wireless. Richiamata l’adozione di politiche più cautelative.

Sabato 29 e Domenica 30 Aprile 2016 sarà ‘No Wi-Fi Days’, in concomitanza con l’Internet Day per la presentazione del Piano Banda Ultra Larga e con i festeggiamenti promossi dal Presidente del Consiglio Matteo Renzi nel 30° anniversario dello sbarco del Web in Italia.


Per la parte RIFERIMENTI UTILI, ci si è serviti dell’aggronamento redatto dalla Dott.ssa Fabia Del Giudice del COMITATO LECCE VIA CAVO.

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Per un uso capillare sul territorio di vostra competenza, per una maggiore diffusione a mezzo stampa per mezzo delle Vs associzioni, si allega

Comunicato Stampa N° 2 – 29 Aprile 2016

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Excessive Radiation Is Emergency Situation

16 April 2016 – “www.odwyerpr.com”, by 

Hospital emergency entranceThe electromagnetic radiation bombarding adults and children has reached excessive levels. But governments, media and even hospitals are deaf to this emergency, afraid to take on giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, etc. EMR health advocates will have their ownthree-day conference April 19-21.

Wired Health Now 2016Latest examples of pig-headedness on this are Children’s hospital of Alabama, which has plenty of advice about snake bites, bike riding and lightning, but nothing on EMR, and the Federal Communications Commission, which is allowing Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel to speak at a the Wi-Fi Now 2016 conference April 19-21 in Tysons Corner, Va., which haswithdrawn a press pass to the O’Dwyer Co.

No one from the hospital or the FCC is responding to phone calls or emails. They are in lockdown. A more apt description with the hospital is that it is choking on its own bad policy related to the dangers of EMR, which particularly impact children.

Rosenworcel Likes 5G

Project CensoredCommissioner Rosenworcel is a big fan of spreading the new and more dangerous 5G (fifth generation) of Wi-Fi as far as possible to as many children as possible.

What must be done immediately is to warn children and others to keep cellphones at least three feet away from head and body; never carry one in a pocket; switch cordless phones for landlines; turn off Bluetooth, and don’t use a cellphone in a car or other vehicle and especially a moving vehicle.

Powerful, industrial-level routers must be removed from classrooms, libraries and any public place like airline terminals, doctors’ offices and reception areas of any type.

Office workers in New York and elsewhere often work near powerful Wi-Fi transmitters and wonder why they have muddled thinking, fatigue, ringing in their ears, strange sensations in their heads and many other symptoms. A technician should be retained to measure the radiation levels.

High Apts. Are Most at Risk

Especially at risk are New Yorkers and others who live in apartment buildings. The highest apartments are most at risk because, if occupants of such apartments will look out the window, they will see white posts atop the buildings around them that are transmitting cellphone messages of occupants.

A technician who came to our apartment on the 21st floor in midtown found 10,000 microwatts per square meter of radiation pouring into the apartment through our windows. Bioscience and other EMF “police” recommend 100 microwatts.

The technician, using a Gigahertz Solutions HFE59B Radio Frequency Analyzer, found this dipped to 1,150 in the bathroom. The bedroom was only 3,370 but that is still very high.

Best place for us to sleep is in the bathtub!

We then purchased an Acoustimeter for $350 which measures volts per meter as well as microwatts per meter. Our measurements tracked with those reported by the technician, who was using a more sophisticated device costing around $1,000

A casualty of the Wi-Fi blitz is the PR industry, whose functionaries have become wind-up dolls, heavily programmed to spout the industry line. Either that or they don’t talk at all. Virtually all contact between PR and press is recorded and monitored by lawyers. Corporate people don’t respond because they are inarticulate.

But highly articulate are the foes to EMR and they will have three days to speak next week at the “Wired Health Now 2016” being hosted on the O’Dwyer website.




13 April 2016 – from a post of Dafna Tachover on her Facebook page


An excellent 30 minutes documentary from Israel about the epidemic of Electro-Sensitivity. It was aired last night in prime time with 22% rating! It was supposed to be 10 minutes on ES as part of another film but eventually as they understood the extent of the problem and how important it is to warn the public, they decided to do a 30 minutes documentary only on ES. They explained that at least 800,000 people in Israel, i.e. 10% already suffer from different levels of ES and likely the rates are higher. The gov rep, the 2 clowns who lied to the Israeli Supreme Court admitted that the thermal safety standard is irrelevant…opposite to what they told the Supreme Court. Most importantly, this movie created a lot of buzz, undoubted ES and was another strong warning that radiation harms are not potential but exsting, an in a scale of epidemic. Many participated from Israel and from the US including Jennifer Wood whose testimony is very powerful and Prof. David Carpenter. They also mentioned the tragic story of Jenny Fry, the 15 Y/O from England who committed suicide because of the Wi-Fi in school. Hope to be able to get their permission to put subtitles.

=== Scroll down to watch the video ===



13 Aprile 2016 – da un post di Dafna Tachover sulla sua pagina Facebook


Un ottimo documentario di 30 minuti da Israele riguardo all’epidemia di Elettrosensibilità (ES). E ‘stato mandato in onda ieri sera in prima serata con uno share del 22%! La parte sulla ES doveva durare 10 minuti come parte di un altro filmato, ma alla fine, poiché è stata capita l’entità del problema e quanto sia importante mettere in guardia l’opinione pubblica, hanno deciso di fare un documentario di 30 minuti solo sulla ES. Hanno spiegato che almeno 800.000 persone in Israele, vale a dire il 10%, già soffrono a diversi livelli di ES e probabilmente i tassi sono anche più alti. I rappresentanti governativi, i 2 clown che avevano mentito alla Corte Suprema israeliana, hanno ammesso che gli standard di sicurezza basati su criteri termici sono inappropriati… l’opposto di quello che avevano detto alla Corte Suprema. Ancora più importante, questo filmato ha creato un sacco di brusio, ha fatto uscire dal dubbio la ES ed è stato un altro forte avvertimento che i danni da radiazioni non sono potenziali, ma esistenti, e in una scala di epidemia. Molti hanno partecipato da Israele e dagli Stati Uniti tra cui Jennifer Wood, la cui testimonianza è molto potente, e il Prof. David Carpenter. Hanno inoltre menzionato la tragica storia di Jenny Fry, la quindicenne dall’Inghilterra che si è suicidata a causa del Wi-Fi a scuola. Spero di essere in grado di ottenere il loro permesso di mettere i sottotitoli.

Click on the image below to watch the video/ Cliccare sulla immagine sottostante per vedere il filmato:




1 May 2016

Amir Borenstein added English subtitles to the YouTube video of Israel CH2 Documentary – “How do we kill our self – Radiation”.

For English subtitles press the “cc” logo on the video control bar.


1 maggio 2016

Amir Borenstein ha aggiunto i sottotitoli in Inglese nel video YouTube della trasmissione di cui sopra.

Per leggere i sottotitoli, premere il logo “cc” nella barra di controllo del video.

Questioning Wi-Fi in schools

13 April 2016 – “catholicherald.com”

I am writing to express my concern over the use of Wi-Fi in Catholic schools. There have been no long-term safety studies done with children. The World Health Organization has classified all radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation as a Class 2B possible carcinogen. Many countries are urging precautions.

Why should our children be subject to a toxic environment while they are at school when wired connections provide internet access without the radiation? Children should not pay the price for schools wanting to be on “the leading edge.” The new leading edge will be providing wired connections and hence, a safe environment.

Many people are not aware of basic information such as not placing the cell phone against the head and not placing an iPad on the lap. The owner’s manuals for these devices states a certain distance away from the body must be kept to meet the current safety standard. I hope more people can become informed of how these devices operate and how they can minimize their exposure to microwave radiation. (Please see http://goop.com/devra-davis-on-the-risks-of-using-wifi-in-schools/ and safeinschool.org)

Angela Weber




“Wired Health Now 2016” Battles “Wi-Fi Now 2016”

13 April 2016 – “www.odwyerpr.com”, by 

Wi-Fi Now 2016Advocates for healthy practices for cellphones, computers and other devices have organized “Wired Health Now 2016” April 19-21 to offset “Wi-Fi Now 2016” in Tysons Corner, Va., on the same dates.

“Wired Health” will be a cyber conference with dozens of participants not only from the U.S. but Canada, U.K., France, Germany and other countries.

An agenda is being drawn up to compete with the agenda of “Wi-Fi Now 2016” which has 60+ speakers.

BULLETIN: After accepting a press reservation for O’Dwyer’s, Heidi Jepsen, chief administrator of Wi-Fi Now 2016, today said no O’Dwyer reporter will be allowed to cover the conference, cancelling the reservation.

Attempts to place health advocate speakers on the Wi-Fi conference have been rebuffed by the organizers.

Claus Hetting
Claus Hetting

Claus Hetting, CEO and chairman of Wi-Fi Now and CEO of Hetting Consulting, Arhus, Denmark, told this website that the conference “is not a forum for discussing health issues of any kind.”

Health Concerns Cited by EHS Victim

An immediate response went to Hetting from Norm Ryder of Canada, who has electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Ryder wrote:

“I understand you think health concerns about Wi-Fi are groundless and not founded in science.  There are literally thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers on the subject and the overwhelming weight of evidence supports the contention that low levels of radiation are harmful.

“The level of radiation is many orders of magnitude higher than historic natural levels and the radiation is different today than the natural radiation. Most man made radiation today is digital, pulsed and modulated, historically it has been none of these.

”In addition the radiation is polarized today, naturally it is not, and we are also frequently within the near and intermediate field zones of radiation where there can be spectacular peaks of radiation. Man made radiation is an entirely different beast from the minuscule  natural radiation mankind has evolved with.

“As a person with EHS, I am well aware of the various illnesses and poor health experiences I and many others feel when subjected to electromagnetic radiation. The two videos below cover some of the issues of electromagnetic radiation to a greater depth

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: What it is like to live with it.

The highly dangerous and unpredictable zones around Cell Towers, Cell Phones other radiating devices

Cordially, Norm Ryder

FCC Commissioner, Porn on Program

Speakers on the Wi-Fi Now program include Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcellwho will provide a “Fireside Chat.”

Jessica RosenworcelOrganizers of Wired Health Now 2016 say they will seek to have an FCC commissioner speak at their conference.

Another session will explore “Why porn free Wi-Fi in America is possible and profitable.” Speaking will be Donna Rice Hughes of Enough is Enough and Friendly Wi-Fi.

She has been advocating an internet that would be safer for children and families since 1994 and has appeared on more than 4,000 outlets as an expert on internet safety, child sexual exploitation, prevention, digital technology, public policy, family issues and cyber-parenting. She has testified to committees of the Senate and House orf Representatives.

Other speakers include executives of Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Core Networks for Carrier Wi-Fi Everywhere, Time Warner Cable, Oracle and WiFiForward.

Oregon Candidate Focuses on Wi-Fi and Children

David Morrison, candidate for the Portland City Council, is basing his campaign on his effort to curb use of Wi-Fi in schools. His website says the following:

“Microwave radiation from wireless devices is a serious public health issue that should be investigated by the City Council who should then inform the public of their findings.

“The health and genetic integrity of our children should not be compromised by industry pressure and financial kickbacks. School officials may be personally liable in eventual lawsuits for physical damage caused by chronic Wi-Fi radiation exposure in schools. Telecommunications industries are no longer eligible for liability insurance.

“Oregon House Bill 3350 introduced in 2015 would require that parents, teachers and school employees be advised that the World Health Organization has determined microwave radiation from Wi-Fi and cell towers in schools is a Class 2B carcinogen.”

Zonya Marcenaro Townsend, a candidate for the Board of Education in Orange County, Calif., has said she supports removal of Wi-Fi from schools and replacement with hard wiring. She has received support from the National Assn. for Children and Safe Technology.



La protesta: “Lecce via cavo” segnala pericolo di malattie degenerative

11 aprile 2016 – “www.lecceprima.it”

„Il comitato spontaneo già da tempo ha chiesto al Comune di dotare gli istituti scolastici solo di reti cablate, eliminando il sistema wi-fi“

Uno dei cartelli esibiti durante la conferenza.

LECCE – Una protesta pacifica per denunciare il rischio di possibili conseguenze sulla salute dovute all’esposizione continuata alle radiofrequenze e campi elettromagnetici è andata in scena oggi durante la conferenza stampa di presentazione dell’accordo tra Comune di Lecce e Hewlett Packard, che prevede l’installazione di hot spot wi-fi sui tetti delle scuole pubbliche cittadine.

Ad animarla attivisti del comitato “Lecce via cavo”, che hanno partecipato all’incontro esibendo cartelloni. La convinzione è che debba essere applicato rispetto a questa tecnologia, in rapida diffusione da pochi anni a questa parte, del principio di precauzione basato sulle conclusioni scientifiche alle quali si può pervenire solo dopo un adeguato lasso di tempo: in altre parole, bisogna dimostrare che le radiofrequenze e campi elettromagnetici non facciano male.

I manifestanti hanno citato orientamenti maturati in ambito medico e legislazioni restrittive in altri paesi a sostegno del loro timore e già in passato hanno richiesto formalmente al Comune di Lecce di escludere le scuole dalla dotazione di dispositivi wi-fi: per i più piccoli, preferendo le reti cablate: ci sarebbe infatti la possibilità di disturbi nell’apprendimento oltre che una serie di sintomi più comuni come mal di testa e vomito.

A margine dell’incontro, l’assessore Alessandro Delli Noci ha precisato quanto segue: “Le attrezzature che abbiamo istallato sui tetti delle scuole della città sono tutte dichiarate ed approvate dal ministero delle Comunicazioni, hanno emissioni ridotte (100mw) rientranti in tutte le indicazioni degli organi ambientali, tipo Arpa e affini. Il loro posizionamento all’esterno dell’edificio rende del tutto trascurabile, se non assente, l’impatto delle onde elettromagnetiche all’interno dell’edificio stesso; e in ogni modo l’emissione di ciascun apparato è infinitesimale rispetto a quelle emesse dai telefoni cellulari che ognuno di noi ha abitualment in tasca. Poste quindi le questioni puramente tecniche, confermo che come amministrazione riteniamo il wi-fi una opportunità strategica per una città che guarda al futuro con ambizione, quale è la città di Lecce, e ringraziamo Hpe per aver investito per l’infrastrutturazione delle scuole leccesi”.



Experts and doctors warn: Pregnant women and children should not be exposed to wireless radiation

[Articolo datato, ma utile da leggere.]

23 October 2014 – “takebackyourpower.net”

…But we humans are mostly just standing around talking about this, whereas ants and bees are fleeing the field!
by Dr. Olle Johansson, Associate Professor, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm | translated from original article on newsvoice.se

DEBATE: On  July 3, 2014, an international team of doctors, scientific experts, and non-profit organizations called for pregnant women tolimit exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones and other devices, by taking simple steps to protect themselves and their unborn children, writes Associate Professor Olle Johansson — whose article SvD (Svenska Dagbladet) and DN (Dagens Nyheter) refused to publish.

TProf. Olle Johanssonhe information campaign entitled The Babysafe Project is coordinated by The Grassroots Environmental Education and Environmental Health Trust, and is based on independent, scientific research which links exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones during pregnancy to neurological problems and behavioral disorders similar to ADHD/ADD in children.

Already in 2010, after a consensus meeting 2009 in Seletun, Norway, myself and a group of scientists voiced strong warnings and recommendations about wireless dangers in the Seletun report, which subsequently became the basis for the Council of Europe’s resolution No. 1815 in 2011.

A team of researchers in California conducted a major study of cell phone use among pregnant women. For one year the team looked at all the kids who were born in Denmark, and interviewed the mothers about their cell phone use during pregnancy, as well as the child’s later cell phone usage and behavior pattern. As it turned out, to the scientists’ surprise, the mothers who had the most frequent cell phone use during their pregnancy consequently had the greatest risk of having children with behavioral difficulties.

This included both autism and ADHD/ADD-like behaviors. The greater risk was statistically significant and increased with further cell phone use by the child. [Divan H A, Kheifets L, Obel C, Olsen J (2008)“Prenatal and postnatal exposure to cell phone use and behavioral problems in children”, Epidemiology 2008; 19: 523-529.]

Fetuses are affected

Make no mistake, this is not limited to just children: even fetuses are significantly affected. A team of researchers, lead by Mr. Jing, of the Department of Public Health, Shandong University in China, has studied the effects of cell phone radiation on pregnant, rat’s fetuses. [Jing J, Yuhua Z, Xiao-Qian Y, Rongping J, Dong-Mei G, Xi C, “The influence of microwave radiation from cellular phone on fetal rat brain”, Biol Electromagn by 2012; Jan 23.].

The researchers measured changes in neuronal signal substances and effects on antioxidant enzyme which will protect our cells from oxidative stress. The conclusion was that cell phone radiation during pregnancy gave rise to damage in the fetus’ brains! The rat babies were already born with brain injuries. What parent would want that for its offspring?

Insects and animals are adversely affected: placebo effect is excluded

A survey carried out in 2011 in Lausanne, Switzerland, has shown that the signal from the cell phones may not only confuse bees, but also cause their death. When researchers exposed beehives to cell phone radiation, the bees occupying the hive simply choose to move away and never return. This is exactly the behavior that beekeepers worldwide call CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon that involves an abrupt disappearance of bees from their hives. We do not know why this is happening, but the authorities have chosen to ignore the above research findings — as cell phones and wireless iPads surely cannot be called into question.

In order to achieve pollination, there are now on the market handheld electric pollinators which via high-frequency sound mimic the bee’s wing vibrations. Pollen is caught in a plastic cup and transferred to other flowers. Other companies are selling robotic bees, that is real “drones”, and little robot birds. In China, workers have been forced out in the fields with brushes in their hands to do the job that former natural pollinators have done for millennia. Is this the development that we want??

A Belgian-Swedish study on ants [Cammaerts M-C, Johansson O, “Ants can be used as bio-indicators to reveal biological effects of electromagnetic waves from some wireless apparatus”, Electromag Biol 2013; early online: 1-7. DOI: 10.3109/15368378.2013.817336] who were made unable to leave their artificial laboratory home, revealed that when exposed to cell phone radiation, they chose to move themselves and their eggs away from the radiation source.

When a cell phone was place beneath the part of the ant home where the ant eggs were stored, the eggs were immediately moved diagonally as far away as possible — and the ants established their toilet areaover where the cell phone was placed. The adult ants displayed obvious behavioral disorders, with more disruption in their daily activities and increasingly scanning of their local environment. It was clear that something concerned them.

French researchers, under the direction of Alain Vian at the Equipe de Recherche Transduction et Autosurveillance Cellulaire, Universite Blaise Pascal in Aubière, have shown that tomato plants react to the damage from the relatively weak 900 MHz radiation from cell towers. The scientists believe they found an environmental factor that instantly impacts the genetic material in the tomato cells, which in turn resulted in the tomato plant cells reacting with a chemical damage sequence, involving the molecule calmodulin. The effect was described as “exactly as if we had crushed them with a hammer,” by the scientists.”

It was enough to expose a few leaves of the plant for the entire plant to react. The damage was lessened however, on the parts of the plant that were shielded from the radiation [Roux D, Vian A, Girard S, Bonnet P, Paladian F, Davies E, G Ledoigt, “High frequency (900 MHz) low amplitude (5 V/m) electromagnetic field: a genuine environmental stimulus that affects transcription, translation, calcium and energy charge in tomato”, Planta 2008; 227: 883-891].

The interesting thing about tomatoes is that they cannot cheat or be swayed by emotions or expectations

  • They have no conscience.
  • They cannot move.
  • They do not cheat the insurance company for money.
  • They are not imagining things.
  • The don’t blame their workplace problems on alleged “electrical over-sensitivity”.
  • They don’t read newspapers (they can’t fall victim for media psychosis).
  • They are instead very sensitive to their surrounding environment and are fussy when it comes to conditions for their survival.

Had the French tomato plants been able to escape, they obviously would have done so.

Gadgets, not essentials

What I discuss are basically toys — not life essentials such as clean water, clean air, food that you can eat without risk, nursing, care, love and respect. Children who do not receive these essentials will not make it. Children who do not receive wireless tablets and mobile phones will still grow up to become responsible and loving citizens – this you do not have to be worried about.

Today, various wireless devices are literally flooding our homes, schools and workplaces. And there is a lot to be concerned about. Common people are not at all sure that this radiation is harmless; they are not at all sure that wireless technology is without risk. To this we can add a massive number of studies and reports, expert opinions and statements which in summary say there is a “strong suspicion of possible damage”.

The Precautionary Principle and market-matched guidelines

sar plastic head
Our “safety” agencies ignore thousands of published studies – and use this instead

These texts also point out the urgent need to use the “Precautionary Principle” — and even more so since 2011 when the WHO has classified “radiofrequency electromagnetic fields” as a possible carcinogen (2B). So, we can immediately exclude that all of this technology is safe, since the WHO does not believe so either. (There is a classification for such exposures; “Class 4 – proven non-human-carcinogen”.) The question is: just how big is the risk, and what do we believe this risk may cost us in the form of medical care, disability and premature death.

In biomedical research, we could very quickly find that the current limits do not meet the requirements for protection of the population. The current “limits” are solely based on “acute thermal effects” and conducted in laboratories with “phantom heads”, i.e. fluid-filled plastic dummy heads.

At a meeting in London in 2008 at the venerable Royal Society (the world’s premier scientific society) professor Paolo Vecchia, head of the ICNIRP, the body that launched these recommended “limits”, said that they were never intended as medical or health safety limits.

He said what the “exposure guidelines” are not, and I quote:

“They are not mandatory prescriptions for safety”…
“They are not the last word on the issue”…
“They are not defensive walls for industry or others.”

It is a shame that the world’s radiation protection authorities, health authorities, parliaments and governments do not understand this simple and clear answer, but persist to refer to the ICNIRP technical recommendations when alleging “safety”.

Biologically adapted regulation codes are non-existent

We scientists have — since long ago — demanded biological-based regulatory codes and regulations, and I also demanded an investigation into the safe exposure limitations (i.e. actual safety guidelines). One could equally early say that “low-intensity (non-thermal) bio-effects and adverse health effects do occur at levels significantly below the existing safety limits“. And that “the current recommendations for the general population are inadequate and obsolete with respect to prolonged low-intensity exposures.”

We also demanded that the Precautionary Principle must be adopted to protect life, this foremost for our children. Should it, on the other hand, have appeared that this principle had been abundantly applied, no harm would have been made. (On the contrary, one dare not even think of the opposite scenario.) And please note, I do not suggest that food is taken from the children, nor their drinking wateror the air they breathe — only that we should be cautious in dealing with strong radiation sources.

Both the European Parliament and the Council of Europe have listened to this. In 2011, the European Council, in its Resolution No. 1815: The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment, noted the following:

“The precautionary principle should be applied when scientific evaluation does not allow the risk to be determined with sufficient certainty. Given the context of growing exposure of the population, in particular that of vulnerable groups such as young people and children, there could be extremely high human and economic costs if early warnings are neglected.”

The resolution goes on to say:

“…for children in general, and particularly in schools and classrooms, give preference to the wired Internet connections, and strictly regulate the use of mobile phones by school children on school premises.”

Various so-called “official expert reports” have been presented. These conclude that there is no cause for concern. It makes me very worried. This would mean that all the thousands of papers published on very serious side-effects of electromagnetic radiation fields — in fully accredited scientific journals — must then all be wrong. Can this be true?

Unlikely that all cautionary scientists are wrong

That 10 separate research results are wrong has a probability factor of less than 1/10,000,000,000.  That everyone is wrong has such a small probability range that we even lack an everyday math term for it — but the different “expert groups” do not pay attention to this fact. They have instead rejectedall of the science produced by all of these publishers, reviewers, and hard-working scientists.

I would welcome a public examination where each rejected publication is accounted for and explained, bit-by-bit, line-by-line, where the risk deniers show us all exactly where and in what way the scientist teams have made a mistake. (A few years ago, I asked the then respective Swedish ministers responsible to send me such a briefing, paper-by-paper. However, I received no information back, whatsoever.)

I am extremely concerned by the fact that critically-examining research rarely receives grants anymore. Since the so-called “experts” claim there is zero risk, it is reasonable to expect this claim to withstand scrutiny. In research, all roads leads to Rome – so in that case, will eventually all researchers then, including the so-called ‘ whistleblowers ‘, conclude that it is safe to live your entire life with a 24-hours-per-day, full-body radiation exposure wherever you are?

Until the scientific community comes to truth, we must be aware and vigilant. We are exposed to radiation a million billion (1,000,000,000,000,000) times (or more!) stronger than our natural background radiation. And the results published in the biomedical literature are, in many cases, extremely scary. It is obvious that bees and ants understand this and therefore flee when exposed. But why do not us humans do the same? Why do we just stay put, talking about it?

Children are the most important resource to every generation. We all have a shared responsibility to protect children. We also have an equal responsibility for all ants, bees and tomato plants — now and in the future. No one can renounce his or her personal responsibility. One cannot refer to various official reports or set up so-called “defensive walls”, and believe that this would protect from present or future moral-ethical responsibility. Never!

Every man and woman must stand up for life. If we do not, the consequences can be dire. Things are moving quickly, for it seems that bees and ants have already given up. It is serious. We need them. And we need to protect all life.

Source article: http://newsvoice.se/2014/10/14/experter-och-lakare-varnar-gravida-kvinnor-och-barn-bor-ej-utsattas-for-mobiltelefoni-och-wifi/
Text: Dr. Olle Johansson, Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
Translation: Dr. Olle Johansson, Sven-Albert: Olofsson and Josh del Sol