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A.I.E. in english

A.I.E. is the Italian Electrosensitive Association, a “social promotion association” (NGO) registered on 3/30/2005, registered in the Veneto Region on 3/31/2005. Registered office: Via Canaletto 17A – Zelarino (VE) with Operational headquarters: Via Pio La Torre 5, Gallarate (VA)
The Board consists of President (presidente@elettrosensibili.it) , Vice-President (vicepresidente@elettrosensibili.it) and 3 Directors: he remains in charge for 3 years.
The meetings are usually monthly and are usually held via conference call or web meeting. We are also increasing the meetings on the territory with comparisons with citizenship and in civic assemblies.
Mission of A.I.E.:

We have some tools available that allow us to pursue these purposes: