A.I.E. in english

A.I.E. is the Italian Electrosensitive Association, (NGO) registered on 3/30/2005. Registered office: Via Canaletto 17A – Zelarino (VE) with Operational headquarters: Via Pio La Torre 5, Gallarate (VA)
The Board consists of President (presidente@elettrosensibili.it) , Vice-President (vicepresidente@elettrosensibili.it) and 3 Board members:  all have been elected and remain in charge for 3 years.
The meetings of the Board are usually monthly and are usually held via conference call or web meeting. We are also increasing the meetings, workshops, webconferences on the territory to meet citizens.


The mission of A.I.E.:

  • To train members to face the problem and to implement health education interventions towards the healthy population to prevent the development of the syndrome, electrosensitivity.
  • To Promote the study of Electrosensitivity in the scientific health and engineering, institutional, legal, political and economic world, in order to find solutions.
  • To Promote the search for presidia to deal with the handicap caused by electrosensitivity.
  • to  Promote studies on the instrumental and residential techniques necessary to research and minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • To Cooperate with Institutions (AULSS, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Municipalities, Provinces, Regions) in the search for methods of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, social security, and more appropriate individual and public measures.
  • To Design and implement scientific studies on Electrosensitivity, its manifestations and possible treatments.
  • To Collect and update the bibliography on Electromagnetic Field Hypersensitivity Syndrome.
  • To Maintain relations with other Italian and foreign associations with which there is a communion of intent.
  • To Promote and participate in conferences on the subject in Italy and abroad.

We have some tools available that allow us to pursue these purposes:

  • A website.
  • A periodic bulletin.
  • A listening center, a sort of ‘First Aid’ thanks to the professionality of two medical doctors (both electrosensibile)
  • A book on the experience of some Electrosensitive and on current scientific knowledge.
  • Periodic meetings
  • Sponsorship to film (docu-film and short-film) developed to report to citizens real life experiences of electrosensible persons.