Facebook tribute site picture (TAKEN WITHOUT FAMILY PERMISSION) of Jenny Fry. A 15-year-old schoolgirl died after her life was made a misery when she developed a bizarre allergy to WIFI, an inquest heard. See NTI story NTIWIFI. The parents of tragic Jenny Fry claim she suffered from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) which caused her to suffer tiredness, headaches and bladder problems. Her mum Debra said her symptoms were caused because she was allergic to wireless internet connections at her school. Jenny’s body was found hanging from a tree at Brooke Woods, near her home in Chadlington, Oxon., at 4.20pm on June 11. Earlier in the day she had texted a friend telling her she was not going to school that day. Her mum Debra and dad Charles Newman told the inquest they believed their daughter was made ill because of WiFi. Although they had taken the WiFi out of their own home, it was still used in Chipping Norton School, Oxon., where she was a pupil. Mrs Fry told Oxfordshire Coroners’ Court Jenny had started showing signs of EHS in November 2012.